Chapter 881 – Awakened

At the same time, a small team of six people who were armed to the teeth arrived.

From a glance, one would know that they were planning to enter the Desolate Great Forest.

Some guides approached to offer their services but were ignored by these ferocious and stern-looking individuals. Without even looking at the rest, they entered.

“This group seems very ferocious, there is also a trace of evil coming from them. They entered without asking around as well, this gives me a weird feeling!” the guides at the entrance casually conversed with Brother Bear.

“Don’t you know them? Someone spoke in a suppressed voice, “They are not good men, more like bandits. That group of cultivators has pillaged, committed arson and raped, doing any evil acts possible. The one leading them is even a Mystic Spirit Master…”

“Sssh, it is best to not be involved with such people.”


Holy City.

Bai Li Zi Xi remained beside Ji Mo Ya every day, using her Luan Spirit Treasure to placate the Dragon Spirit Treasure.

While staring at Ji Mo Ya…

Even though unconscious, he looked extremely graceful, as though he was only sleeping.

Bai Li Zi Xi could not help but stretch her hand to caress Ji Mo Ya’s face and whispered, “No wonder so many women fell head over heels for you, a good bag of skin like you is even causing me to feel attracted after looking for some time. To be able to be a celestial couple with you will also be a beautiful thing.”

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya’s eyes opened!

He looked at Bai Li Zi Xi with an extremely bland gaze but one filled with chilling murderous intent.

Ji Mo Ya stood up and pushed away Bai Li Zi Xi’s hand, speaking in a cold voice, “What are you doing here?”

Ji Mo Ya’s last thoughts were the overbearing Dragon Spirit Treasure transmitting some Devil Energy to him, causing him to lose his control and consciousness.

He was unable to inform Little Yan about it in advance due to that.

Now that Dragon Spirit Treasure’s vicious behavior has reduced significantly, he was able to wake up.

Bai Li Zi Xi did not expect Ji Mo Ya to awake suddenly and he even slapped her hand away without giving her face, she blushed slightly, “Your spirit treasure went berserk, my spirit treasure helped to placate it… I…”

Ji Mo Ya glanced at the mini Rainbow Luan on his wrist, causing the latter to fearfully fly away.

Ji Mo Ya checked his surroundings, he saw the Feather Guards stationed not far from him, but he did not see Huan Qing Yan.

He sent his divine sense out and checked the entire estate, but she was not to be found.

His face turned dark.

When the Feather Guards saw that Ji Mo Ya had awakened, they quickly went to report the news to Madam Ru and the Ji Mo Clan elders in delight.

Ji Mo Ya solemnly said, “Mo Si, where is Little Yan?”

Mo Si, who has hidden his presence, suddenly walked out from a dark corner causing Bai Li Zi Xi to jumped in shock, she had only detected the presence of the Feather Guards all this time.

Mo Si glanced at Bai Li Zi Xi and the Feather Guards nearby before replying Ji Mo Ya using a mental message, “Young Master, Young Mistress seem to have headed to the Desolate Great Forest.”

Ji Mo Ya raised his brow and asked using mental message, “Why did she go there?”

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“It should be for the Devil Expelling Grass.”

Mo Si explained everything that had transpired after Ji Mo Ya fell unconscious.

Ji Mo Ya had a bad feeling welling up in his heart; this lass, why did you listen to rumors and took such a risk personally.

Only the people who have entered the Desolate Great Forest would truly understand how dangerous it was.

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And Ji Mo Ya had been in there, once, in the past.

“Is Mo Liu still following her?”

 “Yes, Young Master.”

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