Chapter 880 – A Girl Should Be Warier

Some words were carved on a large weathered stone of unknown years, “True Spirit Masters and below, do not enter, danger!”

The flow of traffic in this place was complicated and all sorts of people could be found here.

All of them were cultivators and they were walking around, they wanted to enter the Desolate Great Forest, hoping to take some risk to obtain a killing.

This is the boundary between the territories of humans and demons; it was a dangerous chaotic place and it was also a place filled with resources and opportunities.

Many adventurous individuals, people who wanted to look for treasures for the sake of survival or individuals who wanted to seek opportunities to breakthrough their cultivation bottlenecks; they have all gathered here.

Huan Qing Yan rode on Phoenix Feather Bell and rushed to the Desolate Great Forest from Holy City but even at its fastest, the journey still took her half a month.

She silently left Holy City, putting on a simple disguise and headed for Desolate Great Forest without informing anyone.

Upon reaching the entrance of the forest, several individuals greeted her.

“Hey, lady! Why are you entering the Desolate Great Forest alone, do you need a guide? This guide here is for hire, a hundred spirit stones a day, but only limited to a range of a hundred miles of the forest…”

These people were all covered in leather armor, their faces all looked extremely weathered as though it was a very common trend. 

Huan Qing Yan rejected him.

Another hulking man stood out and said, “This young lady looks pretty good, her body is also quite hot. A young lady like you will instantly be captured if you encountered demons and might be used as a training cauldron! Brother Bear here is a professional bodyguard working in the Desolate Great Forest, I possess Mid True Spirit Master cultivation. For five hundred spirit stones, I can guarantee your personal safety and also act as a guide, how about it?”

Huan Qing Yan might have disguised her looks, but she was unable to change her body so her exquisite figure was still noticeable even after putting on a loose robe.

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She has yet to consume her Beauty Pearls, and if she had done so, it was likely her looks would have reached a new height.

After coming out of Blood Moon Hidden Realm, Ji Mo Ya encountered the Heaven Tribulation, she did not have the mood to do so.

She would consider it again in the future.

“No need, thank you, Brother Bear.” Huan Qing Yan rejected the offer before asking, “I wonder if Brother Bear has a map of the Desolate Great Forest, can I buy a copy from you?”

Instead of guides, the dimension will be enough to assist her to look for the Devil Expelling Grass. These guides might not even know where to look for Devil Expelling Grass.

Brother Bear immediately took out a rolled map and said happily, “Yes! Brother Bear Brand map, one for one thousand spirit stones, I guarantee its usefulness.”

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Huan Qing Yan did not haggle for a discount and bought it.

When Brother Bear saw Huan Qing Yan being so frank and straightforward, he added, “Seeing how magnanimous you are with your purchase, I believe young lady is here for the Devil Expelling Grass?”

Huan Qing Yan jumped in shock, “How did you know?”

Brother Bear continued, “Young Lady, you should be warier, the Ji Mo Clan had announced to the world a heavenly sum for the Devil Expelling Grass. There are currently several mercenary groups inside the Desolate Great Forest in search of the Devil Expelling Grass, as well as many other individuals who work alone like you as well. However, it is very dangerous inside, not suitable for a young lady like you to enter alone…”

So that was the reason, Huan Qing Yan had been startled because she thought her whereabouts was exposed.

“Thank you, I am going.”

Brother Bear watched as Huan Qing Yan disappeared into the forest and said in pity, “This young lady, it is obvious she had put on a disguise. With that nice body and voice, she is certainly a great beauty. Entering the Desolate Great Forest, it is likely disastrous for her. Such a pity, such a pity!”

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