Chapter 888 – I Did Not…

Huan Qing Yan rubbed her eyes, finding it hard to believe what she was seeing.

How come Ji Mo Ya is here?

Isn’t he supposed to be unconscious?

“Ji Mo Ya, why are you here?”

The next moment, Ji Mo Ya flickered and entered the cave, hugging Huan Qing Yan. His force was great, as though wanting to meld her into his chest.

His body was emitting a cold and sharp feeling, and underneath the cold murderous intent was a trace of devilish madness.

“Little Yan, everything is fine now. I am here, no need to be afraid. I do not mind, we will get married immediately.” Ji Mo Ya spoke profoundly and with a suppressed gentleness as he consoled.

Huan Qing Yan felt something was wrong when she heard his words.

Ji Mo Ya seem to be reacting too strongly? That was very strange.

After pondering, maybe Ji Mo Ya thought those demon men did ‘that’ to her?

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Huan Qing Yan said, “Ji Mo Ya, I am have not been… I hid inside the dimension and am pure…” 

Ji Mo Ya did not let her continue as he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, as though trying to eliminate all other scents except for his.

This place was filled with Love Fragrance while Huan Qing Yan’s clothes were in tatters. Moreover, he relied on the divine sense he left on Mo Liu and heard the sounds that came from the cave…

He still arrived too late!

When Ji Mo Ya thought of this, his kiss became even more vigorous and painful.

The Love Fragrance within the cave plus Ji Mo Ya’s burning actions caused Huan Qing Yan to feel dizzy.

Her body started to turn soft, plus she was already injured; thus, she decided to just lean on him.

Ji Mo Ya strip her of her tattered clothes and as his hot fingers touched her body, it felt so hot that it might scald her. Huan Qing Yan thought he wanted to take her on the spot…

She instinctively reacted, “No, Ji Mo Ya, not here.”

This place still possessed the smell of Love Fragrance and the wolf demon men, causing her to feel disgusted.

Who knew that Ji Mo Ya only stipped her clothes and started casting Cleansing Spells on her.

After a dozen Cleansing Spells was cast, he lowered his head and kissed every inch of her injured skin, “Little One, it is all my fault for not being able to protect you. I will not look into this matter this time. Forget everything that happened today, let us forget it together!”

There was no lust or love, Huan Qing Yan only felt self-reproach and madness.

Huan Qing Yan felt uneasy.

Hearing Ji Mo Ya getting more and more misunderstood, she spoke with worry, “Ji Mo Ya, nothing happened, please believe me…”

Ji Mo Ya fervently showered her with more of his kisses as his hands roamed through her entire body, as though wanting to remove all foreign traces away from her.

Huan Qing Yan was feeling anxious, the current Ji Mo Ya was frightening her, “Pain. Ji Mo Ya, the injuries are painful. Trust me, I did not…”

Finally, Ji Mo Ya released a long sigh and stopped his blindly roaming hands.

“Okay. You are not, I believe you. Little Yan, let us return to the Holy City, never leave my side again, okay?”

He sounded as though he was asking for her opinion, but the tone he used had a finality to it.

As though if Huan Qing Yan opposed, he would eat her up!

Huan Qing Yan was feeling slightly fearful towards Ji Mo Ya’s strange state, “Okay.”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression slightly relaxed, “Sorry. Let me apply some medicine for you.”


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Due to the Love Fragrance within the cave, Huan Qing Yan felt her body heating up. Also, the act of Ji Mo Ya applying medicine on her naked body was causing her to shudder randomly due to the stimulation.

Therefore, she retrieved some Spirit Springwater from the dimension and by drinking it,  she could neutralize the effects of the Love Fragrance, “Drink some as well. It can neutralize the poison…”

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