Chapter 165 – Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat

The tone of the Rank 2 metahuman was obviously flustered. He was stunned that the black monster could speak human.

“We did not attack because we are planning to provide better support, are our words that untrustworthy?

The other five Rank 1 metahumans also spoke out to explain.

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“A bunch of idiots, I have no time to waste words with you people.”

Seeing that the ordinary humans had believed those people again, Yang Tian did not want to bother explaining to them. They were just a group of ordinary humans, he would just kill anyone who dared to block him! At the same time, Yang Tian sighed at his state of heart; he was not as cold-blooded as he was in his previous life.

If it was in his previous life, he would have already fed them to his tamed beasts.

Turning his arms into blades, he launched a whirlwind attack at the people who had dared to surround and attack him. Those people were cut into two by the waist.

When the Rank 2 and Rank 1 metahumans saw how Yang Tian killed all the ordinary humans with a single move, they immediately noticed how powerful the black monster in front of them was.

“I have never given my enemies a chance to escape.”

The six of them wanted to escape, but Yang Tian did not provide them with the opportunity.

Bending his legs, he made an explosive leap and quickly caught up to them.


With a slash of his blade, three Rank 1 metahumans were killed.

“The two of you stop him for me.”

When the Rank 2 metahuman saw the three Rank 1 metahumans killed with one strike, he displayed a crazed expression. He pushed the remaining two Rank 1 metahuman with his palms. 


The two of them did not expect the Rank 2 metahuman to attack them, but they could not stop him. The two of them were pushed towards Yang Tian by the Rank 2 metahuman, hoping to use them to slow down Yang Tian. 

But he still underestimated Yang Tian.

With a slash of his blade, the two metahumans were cut into four pieces.

“…how sharp and how quick!”

Yang Tian was now standing in front of him, the Rank 2 metahuman wanted to use his ability, but it was meaningless at this point.


The blades transformed into a hammer, shattering all forms of defense. The Rank 2 metahuman turned into a pile of mincemeat.

“There are a few rats nearby, spying on you.”

Yang Tian’s fight had created quite a commotion and had attracted the teams nearby, all of them were shocked by Yang Tian’s powerful strength. They were currently hiding in the dark, not daring to make any noise in fear of being discovered by Yang Tian.

“Killing them is just a waste of time, let us continue on our journey.”

Yang Tian’s speed was not something those people could keep up, all they saw was Yang Tian turning into a black light and disappearing from their view. However, they still remained hiding without coming out and only after some time did they finally leave their position cautiously.

Yang Tian has arrived in the area where Nightwalker Bats were, but he was still not able to locate the exact location of their nest.

“We can only wait for night to arrive when the Nightwalker Bats are active.”

There were no traces of Nightwalker Bats during the day, so only at night when they come out to look for food would he be able to locate the cave they were nesting in.

Nightwalker Bats are very territorial which was why there were very few mutated beasts to be found around this area.

When night arrived, Yang Tian had already conditioned himself to be in his most optimal state.

Though Nightwalker Bats were only Rank 1 mutated creatures, when they work as a group, they would still be able to cause significant trouble for Rank 3 creatures.

Swish Swoosh

Over a thousand Nightwalker Bats appeared.

Yang Tian tracked down where they were coming from and quickly headed towards that direction.

After the first batch of Nightwalker Bats has left, the second batch also appeared. This allowed Yang Tian to confirm the direction of the cave the Nightwalker Bats were nesting.

As Yang Tian got closer to the cave, five different groups of Nightwalker Bats had appeared, it was likely not many Nightwalker Bats were left within the cave.

This was an excellent opportunity for Yang Tian to take away any Spirit Plants which could be growing within the cave.

When Yang Tian arrived in front of the cave, a foul stench could be detected, the wastes of Nightwalker Bats have accumulated and formed a thick layer of mud on the cave floor.

“I can only try entering by climbing the cave walls.”

It was fortunate that Venom possessed the ability to climb, there was no need to walk on the ground.

Following the direction of the walls, Yang Tian approached the end of the cave. The foul stench had slowly reduced and a clear refreshing fragrance could be detected.

“This fragrance…”

A glint flashed through Yang Tian’s eyes, the image of a pale blue grass surfaced in his mind.

Yang Tian increased his climbing speed, the fragrance increased in intensity and confirmed Yang Tian’s guess.

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“Not good, there are still Nightwalker Bats?”

“Not Nightwalker Bats, its Demon-Face Bats.”

Rank 2 Creature, Demon-Face Bat, the evolved form of Nightwalker Bat.

A total of three hundred Demon-Face Bats appeared in front of Yang Tian, all of them released an ear-piercing screech, as though they were sending out a warning to the approaching Yang Tian.

“What powerful mental power.”

Just the sound they emitted had caused Violent Corpse Worm Queen to gasped in surprise at their mental power. Should a Rank 2 creature appearing in front of them, just the soundwaves they emitted would cause the Rank 2 creature to lose their ability to fight.

“Not good.”

Soundwaves is the only weakness of Venom. Fortunately, their mental power was weaker than his and his Rank 3 Elite mental power could completely shield Venom from the soundwave attacks of the Demon-Face Bats.

“Be careful.”

Yang Tian was determined to acquire the Spirit Plant inside the cave, Yang Tian protected Venom using his mental power to prevent any situation of his form collapsing from happening.

Ravenous Wolf Blade and Ravenous Wolf Shield were taken out, activating the 20% agility boost.

The increase to movement speed allowed Yang Tian to better avoid the attack of the Demon-Face Bats.

The Demon-Face Bats have other attacking methods other than soundwaves, their claws were evolved and had become extremely sharp.

Demon Shadow Claw

They used their attack skills and turned their sharp claws into elusive black claws of shadow, preventing Yang Tian from deducing where they were attacking from.


As they charged towards Yang Tian, he had no choice but to move away from the walls and stand on the ground. The ground of the area of the Demon-Face Bats did not have any feces and waste, allowing Yang Tian to move well on the ground.

All of them have unleashed Demon Shadow Claw, the threat of one Demon Shadow Claw might not be terrifying, but Yang Tian was facing a combined attack of a few hundred Demon-Face Bats.

Thud Thud

Yang Tian would try to avoid any attack if he could and blocked those that he could not evade with Ravenous Wolf Shield.

Fortunately, they were only Rank 2 creatures and the Mid Rank 3 Ravenous Wolf Shield was enough to block the attacks.

This did not mean that Yang Tian did not counterattack during this period, he would also use the gap between their attacks to attack them.

Each swipe of his blade allowed Yang Tian to kill three to five Demon-Face Bats, but there were simply too many Demon-Face Bats; continuing to be in such a situation was very disadvantageous for Yang Tian.

“Let’s use the Exploding Spider.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen suggested.

Using the Exploding Spider against such a large number of Demon-Face Bats was ideal, the explosive power was enough to kill a hundred Demon-Face Bats.


The Exploding Spider was thrown into the center of the Demon-Face Bats.


A powerful explosion erupted, killing at least a hundred Demon-Face Bats.


This was his last Exploding Spider, Yang Tian hoped that it would produce a decent effect.

Yang Tian once again threw one out, but the Demon-Face Bats were on alert this time and quickly scattered.


The explosion this time was not as effective as the first, only sixty or so Demon-Face Bats were destroyed. Plus the ones he killed using Ravenous Wolf Blade, there were slightly over a hundred Demon-Face Bats left.

It was still an enormous amount.

“I need to take action personally.”

Yang Tian was still cautious against the remaining Demon-Face Bats.

Defend and counterattack, Yang Tian completed these actions perfectly but was still struck by the Demon-Face Bats’ attacks. However, Yang Tian did not receive any serious injuries, thanks to Venom.

After killing over seventy Demon-Face Bats, Yang Tian was starting to feel fatigued, yet the remaining forty-odd Demon-Face Bats were preparing to launch their next attack.

Unlike humans, Demon-Face Bats no longer feel fear. As long as creatures dare to approach their territory, they would attack with no hesitation even if it meant death, they will still fight to the end.


Yang Tian took in a deep breath and kept the Ravenous Wolf Set.

The attacks of the Demon-Face Bats were about to reach Yang Tian.

Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror appeared in Yang Tian’s hands.

Dual Illusion

You Zi was still being tortured inside Dual Illusion Realm when more than forty Demon-Face Bats suddenly appeared in front of him. The appearance of the Demon-Face Bats caught him by surprise, but fighting forty-plus Demon-Face Bats with his fighting power was also not a difficult task.

Yang Tian closed Dual Illusion Realm, just let You Zi fight the bats. While Yang Tian continued to head deeper into the cave.

“Hope there is no Bat King.”

However, it was obviously impossible.

A pale blue grass entered Yang Tian’s vision, but the danger was also present.

A four-meter long bat has appeared.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat

Captain-Class Commander Tier Beast

A pair of two-meter long steel wings with the head of a wolf, the only difference was the glowing eyes in the dark that was different from that of a wolf. 

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat’s presence had undoubtedly brought Yang Tian enormous pressure, but if he wants to obtain the pale bluegrass, he must exterminate the Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat.


A soundwave with powerful piercing ability pierced through Yang Tian;, even with the protection of his mental power, Yang Tian still bled from his nose.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat was a mental-type creature, its mental power might even be stronger than Yang Tian, a Captain-Class Commander Tier while Yang Tian was only Elite-Class mental power.

“Its mental power. Even if we worked together, we might not be able to win it.” 

Violent Corpse Worm was also affected by the soundwave attack, the soundwave had a piercing ability even more terrifying than the Mental Pierce.

Most importantly, soundwaves were very lethal to Venom; Yang Tian was able to defend Venom against the soundwave attacks of Demon-Face Bats but was unable to do that against the Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat’s soundwaves.

The upper half of Venom had scattered apart from the soundwave attack.

“Return for now.”

Yang Tian kept Venom, the latter was not suited to face against Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat for now.

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