Chapter 166 – Releasing You Zi

After Venom was back into his body, Yang Tian’s real body was exposed to the Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat.

“You are crazy.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was unable to understand Yang Tian, even if Venom was unable to maintain its form due to the soundwaves, it was still better than not having it at all. If the Violent Corpse Worm Queen combines its mental power with Yang Tian to protect Venom, they should have no problems with making an escape.

Moreover, Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat was not an ordinary bat monster, its vision was exceptionally sharp.

“No! My goal is that Spirit Grass.”

“But… then you should also not expose your body, how could your level of physique fight against a High Rank 3 Captain-Tier Commander Class Beast?”

“I have no plans of fighting it.”

“Then how are you…”

Yang Tian took out Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, You Zi and the Demon-Face Bats were still fighting inside Dual Illusion Realm.

“It is time you show some worth.”

Yang Tian released You Zi from the mirror.

When that town met, Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat immediately sent a soundwave attack and You Zi instinctively send a fist of wind to counter.

The fist of wind was not able to harm Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat, but it had assumed You Zi was on the same side as Yang Tian.

“It’s you!”

You Zi shouted. His state of thought was stagnant when he was trapped inside the Dual Illusion Realm, but he started to recall his lost memories after seeing Yang Tian, he remembered that he had been caught in Yang Tian’s trap! Everything he had experienced before was fake, it was all an illusion created by Yang Tian.

“I am going to kill you!”

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You Zi released his energy, but Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat thought You Zi’s actions were in preparation to attack itself.


Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat flapped its wings and sent out a large number of wind blades, targeting both Yang Tian and You Zi.


Yang Tian’s current fighting power was not high, he could only rely on circulating Purple Sun Divine Art to increase his fighting ability. He also took out the Ravenous Wolf Set, activating the 20% agility boost.

However, the agility of a Rank 1 Martialist after a 20% boost seems to be useless in front of a High Rank 3 creature.

Dang Dang

The wind blades struck Ravenous Wolf Shield and did not injure Yang Tian, but the force behind the wind blades was causing Yang Tian to suffer. The strength of the wind blades caused Yang Tian to continually step back.

You Zi’s situation was even worse, his soul had experienced constant torture inside the Dual Illusion Realm, the sweeping wind blades caused his body to be in a terrible state and he was on the edge of collapsing.

However, You Zi’s fighting spirit had not disappeared, he quickly adjusted his condition and faced the attack from Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat while looking for an opportunity to counterattack.

“Create an opportunity for him.”

You Zi’s state of mind was obviously still blurry after coming out from the Dual Illusion Realm, but his fighting spirit was still going strong. Although You Zi was unable to clearly determine the situation, he still knew that Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat was an enemy.


Mental Disruption

Mental Pierce

Yang Tian and Violent Corpse Worm Queen launch their mental attacks on Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat at the same time. Two Early Rank 3 mental attacks will not be able to inflict much damage on Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat, but it was better than nothing.


Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat released an ear-piercing soundwave after feeling pain, but You Zi also saw it as an opportunity. Even without his weapons, the physique of a Martialist was not weak.

You Zi appeared in front of Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat in a leap, he smashed both his fists on the face of Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat received an attack from You Zi and it also recognized the mental attack was from Yang Tian.

As both sides engaged in battle, Yang Tian used his mental power to lower his presence as much as possible and slowly approached the spirit plant.

However, when Yang Tian was ten meters from the spirit plant, Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat suddenly gave up on attacking You Zi and had turned around to charge at Yang Tian.

A pale bluish fire gathered in the mouth of Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat. However, the fire was not shockingly hot but has a startling low temperature instead.


The fire shot towards Yang Tian, the surrounding temperature was lowered due to the appearance of the cold energy.

However, Yang Tian was already prepared for such a situation, Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror appeared on Yang Tian’s hand once again.


The bluish fire disappeared upon touching Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, causing Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat to be baffled for a moment as well. However, in the next second, the bluish fire shot out from the mirror and targeted Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat was startled, it was keenly aware of how powerful the bluish fire was, Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat had no choice but to avoid the frigid bluish fire heading towards it.

This also gave Yang Tian an opportunity, he no longer remained hidden and quickly summoned Venom.

Venom significantly increased Yang Tian’s movement speed, allowing him to quickly grab the spirit plant.

And he pulled it out.

The pale bluegrass was now in Yang Tian’s hand, he has achieved his goal, now he has to plan for a retreat.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat saw that the spirit plant it guarded taken by Yang Tian and it was enraged. The next second after avoiding the bluish fire, it charged towards Yang Tian, wanting to tear him into pieces and to take back the spirit plant.

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“Take it.”

Yang Tian suddenly threw a pile of black matter, the black matter landed in front of You Zi. This black matter was also emitting the fragrance of the spirit plant.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat had obviously smelled the fragrance and flew towards You Zi instead.


Yang Tian turned his arms into a drill.


Yang Tian burrowed underground, it was unfortunate that the earth in this region was strangely hard, Yang Tian could only drill three meters before being unable to burrow again.

As for the black matter that Yang Tian threw just now, it was just the soil that grew near the spirit plant, as the spirit plant grew on the soil, some of the fragrance of the spirit plant had naturally been absorbed by the soil.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat soon discovered something was wrong and quickly sent a barrage of wind blades at the hole Yang Tian escaped into.

Yang Tian was only three meters underground, the wind blades would reach Yang Tian. Moreover, Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat could detect Yang Tian’s location and make sure the wind blades reach their target accurately.

Even with Venom, Yang Tian received considerable damage from the attack.

“It is a Mental-Type creature, it is very difficult for us to avoid its attacks.”

“You are currently badly injured, your physique cannot take another round of that attack.”

A large scale injury was on Yang Tian’s back, were those injuries any more extensive, it would be life-threatening to Yang Tian.

“Borrow my strength!”

Yang Tian understood how dire the situation was, but Yang Tian did not think that borrowing the strength of Violent Corpse Worm Queen was ultimately good for him.

“At this rate, your body will not be able to last.”

“I will not accept all your power, just apply it to my arms.”

“No problem.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen immediately agreed to Yang Tian’s request.

Powerful energy welled up from his soul and Yang Tian could sense this powerful energy flowing into both his arms.

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