Chapter 920 – Oh My Gosh!

Yun Ya Estate.

“Not good! The Young Master has fainted again.”

“Quickly inform Madam and the Elders to go over and take a look…”

Two patrolling Feather Guards came out of Yun Ya Estate and ordered.

The people outside were shocked and quickly went to make their reports.

Mo Si was breaking out a sweat in the shadows; the Young Master has really gone all out to fulfill the Wine Sage’s orders, daring to drink the wine offered by the latter and even fainted after one drink….


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Several days passed again, Huan Qing Yan was blanking out and feeling bored.

“Little Feather, let us go visit your Young Master. How is his progress after a few days of expelling devil energy?”

He Lian Yuan was pondering about something before speaking, “The Young Master is doing great, he has instructed us that he will return once the devil energy has been completely expelled. You should focus on taking care of your body and give our Young Master a big fat baby, everyone is looking at you with envy nowadays.”

Huan Qing Yan covered her mouth and laughed, “Of course, but I am still somewhat worried about him.”

“Young Master is currently behind closed-door to expel the devil energy, visiting him would only affect his focus and slow down the progress.”

Huan Qing Yan was genuinely bored, she dared not enter the dimension to work, yet staying in the estate everyday was boring and not in line with her character.

“Why not we take a stroll in Holy City, see if there are any good things to eat…”

Little Feather pondered for a moment, as long as it was not looking for Young Master, everything was fine.

“Okay, Young Madam.”

With that, Huan Qing Yan went to stroll the streets of Holy City under the protection of fifty other Feather Guards.

Holy City was a prosperous place for humanity, its liveness was beyond ordinary. The people who come and go through the streets were basically all cultivators, and their cultivation level was not low as well.

Be it, businessmen, tourists, all of them were as such.

Not only were there distinguished people and country officials, but there were also people from various different organizations gathered.

However, ones like Huan Qing Yan, who have fifty Feather Guards protecting and opening the way were not much.

It thus attracted a lot of attention as they shifted away to make way for her.

“Who is she? Those are the Feather Guards of the Ji Mo Clan, how extravagant!”

“That’s right! Fifty Feather Guards, it is nearly equivalent to a Young Master’s treatment. I have not heard of any young lady in the Ji Mo Clan who got pregnant …”

“You guys take a closer look, isn’t that the young lady that Young Master Ya proposed to during the Saintess Ceremony?”

“Yes! That’s true! She got prettier, and I nearly could not recognize her, she is pregnant! Is Young Master Ya having a descendant? Oh my gosh! Young Master Ya is a Mystic Spirit Master and possessed the Divine Dragon Spirit Treasure, having a child should be very difficult, how could she be pregnant?”


Huan Qing Yan could not be bothered with their idle gossip and focused on eating; Little Feather was following closely behind her, his hands were full from carrying all sorts of various food.

She was also pretty picky about food, those that she disliked after taking a bite were all thrown away.

Unknowingly, they arrived at the entrance of an inn called Phoenix Arrival Inn.

Huan Qing Yan smelled the fragrance of wine coming from this inn, it was very similar to the smell of the Spirit Grain Wine she brewed.

She turned and entered the place, only five of the fifty Feather Guards followed her in as well, the rest were standing outside the entrance neatly, attracting the attention of many people.

The first level was already filled with people so Huan Qing Yan walked towards the stairs, planning to take a look at the second level.

At the corner, several young ladies wearing luxurious clothes were walking down, some of them even looked familiar. Huan Qing Yan might have seen them in Blood Moon Hidden Realm, but she was unable to remember their names.

He Lian You was clearing the way with two other Feather Guards for Huan Qing Yan in front, they stretched out their hands to block the ladies so that Huan Qing Yan could walk first. 

“Audacious! Who dares to block the young ladies of Mu Rong Clan!” a lass standing behind the young ladies shouted out.

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