Chapter 924 – Intimate

“Okay! This Young Master shall think about it. It feels much better to speak with the Saintess in such a frank manner, feel free to speak your thoughts in the future, this Young Master will certainly think about it.”

Bai Li Zi Xi’s allure became even stronger as she seductively smiled with confidence and, “I will make sure to meet Young Master Ya’s request…”

“Let us start, what must be done to expel the devil energy?” Ji Mo Ya did not want to continue their idle talk anymore.

The spirit treasures were expelling the devil energy, the devil energy within his body needs to be expelled as well.

Bai Li Zi Xi leisurely walked over and sat in front of Ji Mo Ya, the palms of both people connected, “Do not resist, I will help you draw out and destroy the devil energy, but the process will be slow and takes a long time…”

“Okay. Thank you, Saintess.”

The two of them entered a meditative state.


Before Huan Qing Yan could get close, she noticed that many people were surrounding Yun Ya Estate.

The Feather Guards have formed neat rows and were preventing any unrelated people from approaching the area.

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Madam Ru was walking out with Wine Sage at that moment, the latter was carrying a massive gourd on his back. It was very eye-catching, anyone who saw it would recognize its owner. There was also Mu Rong Xin Nuo, following the two from behind them.

The expressions on them were not good, their conversations were soon heard.

“Lord Sage, Little Ya was unconscious for a longer time than before, will there be any unforeseen changes?”

“There won’t be since he is now awake. That kid has a good foundation, it will be fine…”


They left the place urgently, Huan Qing Yan and Little Feather came out from their hiding spot.

“Ji Mo Ya did not come and find me over the past few days was because he was unconscious? Little Feather, did you know about this? Why did you not tell me?”

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“The Young Master has instructed before, to let Young Madam peacefully nurture her pregnancy. Anything else, especially anything that would cause Young Madam to worry, should not be brought up.”

Huan Qing Yan glared at Little Feather. Since the situation had reached this point, there was no point in blaming him as well.

Just when she wanted to enter Yun Ya Estate and take a look at Ji Mo Ya’s condition personally.

The Feather Guards at the entrance stopped her, “This is within the area of Yun Ya Estate, no one is to enter.”

Huan Qing Yan did not listen and did not bother to talk to them as well, she shifted her body and took up a stance to charge in.

The Feather Guards wanted to stop her but did not dare to do so at the same time. Anyone could notice that Huan Qing Yan was pregnant, although bad rumors were floating around saying that the child is a bastard, what if it is not real?

What if it is really the scion of the Ji Mo Clan, the child of Young Master Ya?

What if they tried to forcefully stop her and something happened that caused that little life to be lost?

“Centurion He, please do not make it difficult for us.”

They could only seek He Lian Yuan for assistance, but the latter also knew that he could not stop her, he waved his hand, “Let Young Madam enter, I will take responsibility.”

The Feather Guards immediately opened up the path.

“Okay, please enter Young Madam! However, you can only watch from outside the formation because Young Master Ya is expelling the devil energy within it and cannot be disturbed.”

Huan Qing Yan still understood what was important no matter how worried she was, so she agreed.

After entering Yun Ya Estate, there was indeed an invisible light barrier separating the living room into two areas. The first half was where Huan Qing Yan was standing, the other half was where Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi was located.

She only saw Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi sitting face to face with their palms in contact with each other, waves of spirit energy was circling around them…

From afar, they looked incredibly intimate.

She looked at the two spirit treasures in the sky, they were also in an intertwined state. The dragon spirit treasure looked less spirited than the Rainbow Luan and it was evident that Rainbow Luan was taking the lead.

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