Chapter 923 – Wonderful Benefits

Wine Sage took a gulp of wine and swayed his head, “Divine Rank spirit treasures with high affinity are truly astounding, but will it be affected by the devil energy as well? It will be bad if you are affected as well.”

Ji Mo Ya commented at that moment, “Since I am already awake, there is no need to trouble the Saintess, else she might be tainted by the devil energy.”

Bail Li Zi Xi replied shyly, “I won’t. My Rainbow Luan is special, it has the natural ability to influence spirit treasures, it will not be tainted.”

Madam Ru also spoke, “Little Xi’s Luan Spirit Treasure has its own talent, to be able to control and affect other spirit treasures. It should have the ability to filter this bit of devil energy, so there is no need to be worried. Little Xi, we will have to rely on you to expel the remaining devil energy on our Little Ya, do help as much as you can…”

Ji Mo Ya had a rare reaction of not objecting and silently accepting the arrangement.

Wine Sage took another mouthful of wine, he looked at Madam Ru before looking at Little Xi, “Okay, this old man is unable to do anything anyway, truly ashamed! However, this old man has already ordered an announcement to invite any talented individuals in Spirit Treasure Continent, I hope one of them would be able to help Brat Ya.”

Bai Li  Xi Zi and Madam Ru did not express too much delight, only Mu Rong Xin Nuo delightfully murmured her gratitude.

“Thank you, Lord Sage.”

Wine Sage took in the reactions of the three of them before standing up to leave, “Okay, I shall not disturb Brat Ya from resting. He needs to quiet his heart and rest due to the devil energy, people with no business like this old man should make a move first.”

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Madam Ru quickly stood up to accompany him, “Let me accompany you out, let’s leave this place to Little Xi.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo followed behind Madam Ru, and the three of them left Yun Ya Estate.

Only Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi remained in the building.

This was a rare opportunity where both of them were alone with each other, Ji Mo Ya did not speak and gracefully sat in his seat.

The two spirit treasures were still dancing and have fun with each other in mid-air, or to put it more accurately, the Rainbow Luan was dancing around the dragon spirit treasure, but the grey aura was also slowly decreasing.

Bai Li Zi Xi looked at Ji Mo Ya and asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Ji Mo Ya gave her a meaningful look, “This Young Master has never displayed any good intentions towards the Saintess, why do Saintess keep coming to aid me without being bothered by it?”

Bai Li Zi Xi smiled, “Let us just be frank. The reason why I forgave and helped you multiple times was not because I like you! I am not someone like your cousin Mu Rong Xin Nuo, I have never treated love as the most important thing. What I want, is to obtain achievements for my future.”

Ji Mo Ya adopted a comfortable position, looking at her with an interested gaze.


Bai Li Zi Xi sat cross-legged, and the proud look on her face also faded away, replacing it was an unparalleled seductiveness and alluring expression.

“I helped you because our spirit treasures are compatible, we are fated to be together. Helping you also meant helping myself. After we get married and performed dual cultivation, our achievements will undoubtedly be comparable to the ascended sages.”

Ji Mo Ya’s lips slightly curled into a mesmerizing look, “Is the Saintess too naïve? I already have someone in my heart and will not marry another. Won’t Saintess’s efforts be useless?”

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“I believe Young Master Ya is an intelligent person, it is not too late to decide after you personally experience the wonderful benefits of compatible spirit treasures.”

Ji Mo Ya smiled like the spring breeze.

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