Chapter 922 – It Is Little Xi’s Honor

A horse carriage with the Ji Mo Clan insignia unique to Young Master Ya instantly appeared outside the inn.

Little Feather carefully escorted and protected her up the horse carriage.

“Little Feather, you have changed greatly after only a few years. Compared to the past, your style is…”

“I did not manage to protect Young Madam well when we are in Hanging Cloud Empire, causing Young Madam to be kidnapped. That was when I swore that I will do anything necessary to protect Young Madam. I apologize if I frightened Madam.”

Huan Qing Yan gave a bitter smile, “Ji Mo Ya has likely influenced you badly. Too much killing will affect your cultivation; I am a bit tired, bring me to see Ji Mo Ya, I miss him. I will not approach him, just looking at him from afar is enough.”

She was considered pretty calm after hearing those unsavory rumors.

“Young Madam, are you unhappy because of those rumors? Rest assured, once Young Master expelled the devil energy, he will just need to announce to the public and clear this up. The rumors will disappear without effort.” He Lian Yuan consoled.

Huan Qing Yan felt her heart feeling heavy, she was okay if outsiders did not believe her and spoke rumors about her, what she was most worried about was Ji Mo Ya!

Ji Mo Ya might agree to allow her to give birth to the child, but he obviously believed that the child was not his, he would not make an announcement…

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Due to some random incident, her mood was utterly spoiled.


Yun Ya Estate.

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Bai Li Zi Xi was currently using her spirit treasure to reduce Ji Mo Ya’s devil energy, the Rainbow Luan and Ji Mo Ya’s dragon spirit treasure was dancing with each other in the air energetically.

The dragon spirit treasure that was white had turned grey due to the black devil energy affecting it.

The Rainbow Luan was absorbing the greyness of the dragon spirit treasure while dancing with it.

The activity was purely between the two spirit treasures.

While the masters of the spirit treasures were casually drinking tea at one side.

Ji Mo Ya was emitting a glow as he sat in the lotus position, his expression was slightly sickly.

Bai Li Zi was sitting on his right not far away, displaying a cold and beautiful demeanor.

Madam Ru was sitting nearby with great poise and grace while Mu Rong Xin Nuo was affably brewing tea.

The Wine Sage was also with them and he would occasionally drink from the wine gourd that never left the Wine Sage’s hand.

“Brat Ya, how are you feeling nowadays?” Wine Sage smiled.

Ji Mo Ya’s lips slightly curled, “Not bad, the Devil Energy has been reduced now. It is all thanks to the Saintess.”

Bai Li Zi Xi rarely received praise from Ji Mo Ya and was slightly overwhelmed by his favor. She nearly could not maintain her proud demeanor as she replied, “No need for thanks. It is Little Xi’s honor to be able to help Young Master Ya.”

Wine Sage turned and sized up Bai Li Zi Xi with a delighted expression, “Not bad Little Xi! Although you did not obtain many gains during the Blood Moon Hidden Realm this time and even has some negative rumors, this old man believes that you are still a good child. Tell me, how did you help Brat Ya remove the Devil Energy in his body?”

Bai Li Zi Xi seems to have been expecting someone asking this question, she stood up and gave Wine Sage a small bow, “I am overwhelmed to earn the sage’s favor. This is not my effort but my Rainbow Luan’s efforts. The Luan is also a Divine Level spirit treasure and had extremely high computability with the dragon spirit treasure, this happened to allow it to calm down the dragon spirit treasure and reduce its baleful energy. As Young Master Ya’s devil energy came from his dragon spirit treasure, reduce the baleful energy will naturally reduce the devil energy in Young Master Ya…”

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