Chapter 155: Plead From The Public

Qiao Zheng Hong didn’t think that those evidence would actually fall into Xiao Qi Feng’s hands. It was a serious blow to him. Seeing Xiao Qi Feng’s ice-cold expression, Qiao Zheng Hong knew that his consequences wouldn’t be simple this time.

Finally Qiao Zheng Hong lifted his gaze from the ground and stared straight towards Xiao Qi Feng: “Your Highness, are you thinking of expelling my family?”

With a faint smile, Xiao Qi Feng looked at Qiao Zheng Hong, his eyes filled with mockery as he asked: “So how do you think I should let you off?”

He had done such an unforgivable act but he still wanted the emperor to let him off. What a joke.

Qiao Zheng Hong’s eyes flickered with madness as he said: “Since Your Highness has already said so, then I hope Your Highness will not regret the decision made today.”

Xiao Qi Feng was slightly stunned. With anger swelling within his heart, he questioned: “Are you threatening me?”

“I do not dare, Your Highness.” The way Qiao Zheng Hong answered felt as if he did not care at all.

Xiao Qi Feng glared at him deeply then he squinted at the minister. At this moment, the Left Senior Minister, Chen Feng, stepped out: “Your Highness, what General Qiao did was certainly wrong, but he also has indelible merits. I hope Your Highness reconsiders his punishment.”

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“That’s right, Your Highness. Left Senior Minister is right. When the late emperor was still alive, General Qiao had followed the late emperor in expeditions that gave rise to the status you have today. So I hope Your Highness will reconsider it.”

The ministers glanced at each other and finally said in unison: “Your Highness, please reconsider.”

Qi Feng laughed ironically. Looking from his throne, at the people who were pleading him, he asked: “If all of you want me to spare him, then tell me why all of you think that he should be spared?”

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Upon hearing this, everyone suddenly fell into silence. At this moment, Qiao Zheng Hong took out something. It was a gold plate with a Mian (to exempt) word on it.

“How about this gold plate?” Qiao Zheng Hong held the gold plate in his hand, feeling proud.

Looking at the gold plate, Xiao Qi Feng’s eyes flickered, especially when he saw the pride in Qiao Zheng Hong’s eyes.

The gold plate was the royal gold plate from the late emperor. It would exempt him once from death and guilt. Xiao Qi Feng always wanted to get his hands on this gold plate, but he never found a chance. However this time, it was the conclusion he was seeking for. 

Glancing around, Xiao Qi Feng’s guard, Xiao Yi, walked forward and took the gold plate from Qiao Zheng Hong’s hand.

“Qiao Zheng Hong, I will not execute you for now. But if you dare to cause any trouble again, I want to see what else you can do to save yourself from your guilt.” While saying this, the emperor got up and left.

Xiao Yi followed closely behind the emperor, with a satirical smile at the corner of his mouth. He couldn’t believe that there would be such a person daring enough to reckon against the emperor.

In the future, even if Qiao Zheng Hong didn’t do anything, his opinions would not be of value. After all, no one would want to let a dead person make decisions for them.

Before this, the gold plate was an indeterminate factor, but now the gold plate had been used. Next time if Qiao Zheng Hong made another mistake, his punishment would really depend on the emperor’s mood.

Originally, Qiao Zheng Hong was glad that nothing happened to him. However, the expression on his face changed and stared at Xiao Qi Feng’s back.

From the beginning, the emperor’s motive wasn’t to deal with him, but to get the gold plate from him.

Qiao Zheng Hong punched the ground heavily, his expression ugly and sullen.

However, it was too late. There was no point in regretting anymore.

Left Senior Minister Chen Feng walked to Qiao Zheng Hong and look down at him: “Master Qiao you’re on your own now, you better be careful. The gold plate can only help you this much.” Having said that, he turned around and strode away.

Qiao Zheng Hong was stunned by the mockery and his face turned pale with anger.

He had never had any connection with Chen Feng before. Chen Feng used to be Xiao Qi Feng’s military counselor. After Xiao Qi Feng became the emperor, Chen Feng was promoted to Senior Minister and was greatly trusted by the emperor.

The reason why he had spoken up for Qiao Zheng Hong today was most probably because he had been instructed to do so by Xiao Qi Feng.

Qiao Zheng Hong’s face turned gloomy. He stared deeply at the imperial throne as he cursed to himself. How dare they actually plot against him! 

After Xiao Qi Feng returned to his study room, he twirled the gold plate in his hand and smiled mockingly.

He got his hands on the evidence relating to Qiao Zheng Hong’s crimes. There were more corruption but he didn’t take them all out. Today, all he wanted to do was to trick Qiao Zheng Hong into handing him this gold plate. Surely the next thing he would do was focus entirely on Tian Chang, right?

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