Chapter 159: No Betrayal

After leaving for several years, Qiao Tian Chang had finally returned today with two shocking news.

One was the power distribution among the countries, to think that it had already reached such a point. Even as the emperor, Xiao Qi Feng didn’t know two-thirds of it. The other news was that the owner of Tong Bao Zhai spread across every country was actually Ning Meng Yao, his good brother’s fiancee.

“What kind of person is she, Tian Chang?” Xiao Qi Feng began to harbor some doubts now. Ning Meng Yao was just a simple woman, so how could she be the owner of such a large-scale  business like Tong Bao Zhai?

With a younger brother who was in the business field, he knew how influential Tong Bao Zhai was. Every year, Tong Bao Zhai received a lot of taxes, more than two-thirds of the money he earned. And this was just in Xiao Country.

It was clear that Ning Meng Yao was basically in control of Xiao Country’s economy. If her heart were to stray…

“Your Highness, rest assured. Yao Yao won’t feel that way. If it wasn’t because of me, she wouldn’t have gotten involved in this.” Qiao Tian Chang understood Xiao Qi Feng’s concerns, which was why he wanted to come in person.

Xiao Qi Feng thought about it. It was true. If Qiao Tian Chang wasn’t her fiancé, he wouldn’t know who the mysterious owner of Tong Bao Zhai was.

Now that Xiao Qi Feng knew about this, he understood that as long as he didn’t do anything to hurt Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang, Xiao Country and Tong Bao Zhai would be at peace with each other.

If war started, she definitely wouldn’t leave Qiao Tian Chang, so even if their state treasury was running dry, he didn’t have to worry about the soldiers not having enough food and water.

No matter how one thought about it, it was obvious that they were at an advantage.

“What do you think about this matter, Tian Chang?” Xiao Qi Feng threw the matter behind his mind, and looked at Qiao Tian Chang seriously.

Qiao Tian Chang squinted his eyes as he stared at Xiao Qi Feng: “I’ll monitor the countries first. I can ask Yao Yao for help with this matter. After all, if you make any movement, you might accidentally end up alerting them.”

“Feasible.” Xiao Qi Feng considered it.

Every country were very prepared to guard against spies from another country, but it would not be the case with Ning Meng Yao. After all, she was just a businesswoman.

“Yao Yao also said that it’s best to send people to keep an eye on Qiao Zheng Hong.”

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“What for?”

“After the punishment, Qiao Zheng Hong might not be taken seriously anymore. So if other countries have any ideas to plot against us, they will look for him first.” Qiao Tian Chang said this as if Qiao Zheng Hong was a stranger to him.

Xiao Qi Feng nodded: “I’ll send someone to keep an eye on him. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Alright” Qiao Tian Chang nodded. “Then I will leave now.”

“Why the hurry?”

“En, it’ll be suspicious of me to stay for too long. And there are still things that I need to help at Yao Yao’s side.” Qiao Tian Chang knew what Xiao Qi Feng meant, but he still refused him.

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Therefore, Xiao Qi Feng had no choice but to let him go.

After Qiao Tian Chang left, Xiao Qi Feng called for Xiao Qi Tian. After learning about Ning Meng Yao’s relationship with Tong Bao Zhai, Xiao Qi Tian was taken aback.

Just how talented was that woman?

“Qi Tian, do you think Ning Meng Yao will pose a threat to us?” Xiao Qi Feng was concerned.

Xiao Qi Tian shook his head: “No, as long as our relationship with Tian Chang remains the same, she will not be a threat to us. Besides, Your Highness, do you think Tian Chang will ever betray you?”

“Of course not.” Xiao Qi Feng said subconsciously.

He could have doubts in anyone else, but he would never doubt Qiao Tian Chang. The two of them could be said to have grown up together since childhood. If it wasn’t for Qiao Tian Chang who saved his life several times, he wouldn’t be here right now.

In addition, if Qiao Tian Chang were any disloyal, he wouldn’t have come personally to Beijing to inform him about this matter. In fact, he must have been afraid that he would misunderstood Ning Meng Yao. If it wasn’t for himself, he would not have gotten Ning Meng Yao involved.

“That’s right, so we don’t have to worry about Ning Meng Yao. However her existence will become a big boost for us.” Xiao Yu Tian analyzed.

Just like this investigation, he knew that with the well-strategized Tong Bao Zhai, he could easily buy information from them as long as he met their requirements. Even secrets that they normally couldn’t get their hands on wouldn’t be able to escape from Tong Bao Zhai’s grasp.

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