Chapter 216 – Delivered 

“It was much stronger than usual flames, no wonder Devil Fruit users needed to develop their abilities, it was for this reason!”

Yang Tian finally understood why the Devil Fruit Ability was closely related to its users. The stronger the user, the stronger the skills they could develop, and the stronger the Devil Fruit Ability.


Cross Fire exploded on Four-Legged Wall Worm and created a massive explosion.

The corrosive attribute of the Bone Bugfire was also applied, causing the chunks of Four-Legged Wall Worm to turn cleanly into dust due to it.

Fortunately, Yang Tian acted quickly and saved the head of the Four-Legged Wall Worm, allowing him to extract its crystal and give what was leftover to Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

The battle over at the Wu Family Head’s side also soon ended, the only ones who were in bad shape were the Wu Family Metahumans. The magic attacks of the Bluerock Bug has created many casualties.

After the Wu Family Head dealt with the Redrock Bug, he immediately went to support his subordinates after extracting the Redrock Bug’s energy crystal.

The Bluerock Bug was not a match for the Wu Family Head and was soon killed by the Wu Family Head with the support of the Wu Family Metahumans.

The sudden insect attack this time caught the organizations by surprise; there was no large scale insect wave, only powerful insects appeared.

The Wu Family had Yang Tian to assist and could be said to have suffered the least casualties. The most miserable would be the Liu Family and the Central District, the former at least has the Peak Rank 3 Liu Family Head, but the Central District did not have a single one. Moreover, a total of three Peak Rank 3 insects invaded the Central District this time.

After this attack, four of the Peak Monster Hunting Groups within the Central District has been wiped out, only the remaining three groups and some stragglers escaped. Their only choice now was to rely on a large organization, and all of them decided to join the Wang Family in the end; amongst them was also the Warblade Monster Hunting Group. The other two were the Spectral Leopard Monster Hunting Group and the Great Lion Monster Hunting Group.

The Peak Rank 3 insects massacred the rest within Central District due to the lack of a high rank metahumans to protect them.

When the situation of the Central District was known, the Central District had also turned into insect territory. Large amounts of insects started to appear in the Central District and roam the streets, killing and feeding on any humans they encounter.

The Radiant Pope also single-handedly fought seven Peak Rank 3 insects in this insect raid and killed all of them.

While the Wang Family fought against four Peak Rank 3 insects as well, just that the Wang Family Head’s situation was not very good. Metahumans that were below Peak Rank 3 were unable to provide any critical impact in the fight. They could at most harass the Peak Rank 3 insects until the Wang Family Head came to kill the insect personally.

The Liu Family’s situation was similar; although they only faced two insects, they suffered severe casualties.

The Wu Family Head felt deeply moved after hearing the reports of the other organizations. It was fortunate that Yang Tian was around, else the Wu Family might suffer even higher losses than the Liu Family.

Just that with the three Peak Monster Hunting Groups joining the Wang Family, even if the Wang Family had suffered heavy casualties, the addition of the monster-hunting groups have alleviated the situation.

“Family Head, someone came to visit.”

“Oh? Who will visit me at this point in time?”

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Wu Family Head displayed a curious expression, the insect raid had just ended, he had not even place things in order properly, yet someone was free enough to pay a visit.

“Family Head, you will understand when you meet that person.” The reporting metahuman was wearing a strange expression.

“Okay, let’s take a look.”

Wu Family Head waved his hand and headed to the entrance of the estate.

So it is him!

Wu Family Head recognized the visitor, the captain of the Warblade Monster Hunters. No wonder his subordinate displayed a strange expression. That person had feinted his death before has appeared in the flesh in front of him now.

“Di Yunqiu, you underling said that you have died under the jaws of the insects. Why did you appear in front of my door, please do not scare me!”

Wu Family Head chuckled and said with unrestrained mockery within his eyes.

Di Yunqiu was already prepared to be mocked when he decided to come here; but when it happened, he could not help but feel anger. However, he must push his feelings down.

“Wu Family Head, we have offended you.”

Di Yunqiu suppressed his anger and replied calmly.

“Where have you offended me? Do tell.” Wu Family Head was adamant about making things difficult for Di Yunqiu.

The Wu Family Head was furious when he heard what happened from Wu Ying Xue. Since the Warblade Monster Hunting Group had tried to cause trouble when he was severely injured, he would not let them off so easily now that they have delivered themselves to him.

“Wu Family Head, since my subordinates have been killed by you, can we let bygones be bygones?”

“Di Yunqiu, you should not speak without proof. We have never killed your people, are you here to cause trouble again?”

Hearing Di Yunqiu’s words, the Wu Family Head soon understood what had happened; Yang Tian must have eliminated the problem by its roots. However, the Wu Family Head would not admit to such a thing.

“Wu Tian, don’t take things too far!”

Di Yunqiu did not have a good temper and could not hold it in any longer when the Wu Family Head kept making things difficult. However, he had underestimated the Wu Family Head.

“So what if I want to take things far!”

After the Wu Family Head spoke, he turned into Fire Dragon form.

A High Rank 3 metahuman like you dare to talk things on equal terms with me?

Fire of Dragon

The volatile heat made Di Yunqiu understand that the Wu Family Head was not joking with him, but how could his High Rank 3 ability handle a prepared attack of the Wu Family Head.


The flames shot out like a jet and struck the chest of Di Yunqiu, sending him flying ten meters away. The fire has burned away his clothes to reveal a charred chest and a small portion of white ribs.

“This strike is to teach you that my Wu Family is not to be trifled with! Get lost!”


Do Yunqiu vomited a large mouthful of blood. He did not expect to experience such a great insult today. He had initially planned to negotiate with the Wu Family Head about how to deal with the Wang Family, Di Yunqiu was resenting the Wang Family for pushing his messenger away. The reason he joined the Wang Family was, in fact, to deal with them from within.

From Di Yunqiu’s perspective, if he coordinated with the Wu Family from the outside, they would have no problems causing considerable damage to the Wang Family. However, he did not expect that the Wu Family Head would beat him up for what happened previously.

“I will certainly get my revenge for what happened today!”

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He did not dare to shout out those words, he was only silently swearing it in his heart.

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