Chapter 958 – Where Is Little Yan?

“Little Yan is pregnant, yet you still did such a perverse thing! Ji Mo Ya, just let Little Yan go if you really care for her. I or Bai Chen Feng, or even Shang Qiu Meng Qian, will be more suitable for Little Yan than you.”

Along the way, Nan Gong Bei Chen has blamed Ji Mo Ya for at least three times.

Each time a lead they were chasing was cut short, Nan Gong Bei Chen would give Ji Mo Ya a scolding.

Before, due to his lack of qualifications, he was unable to match Ji Mo Ya’s. Now, he was both a God Chosen and his clan’s bloodline had awakened, allowing him to compete with Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya ignored Nan Gong Bei Chen, treating him as air.

Ever since he saw the projection stone on the Holy City gate and confirmed the direction taken by Little Yan and Bai Chen Feng.

“Say something! Ji Mo Ya, how could you treat Little Yan like that? Little Yan saved you during the Heaven Tribulation, later she went to the Desolate Great Forest alone because you developed an inner devil and she encountered demon men. She carried your child while having to bear the ill rumors outside, yet you… went to fool around with Bai Li Zi Xi!”

They have currently stopped and been confirming the direction, Nan Gong Bei Chen believed that he was not better than Ji Mo Ya in this aspect. Therefore, he focused on doing the thing he wanted to do the most, scolding!

Ji Mo Ya’s starry eyes were calm, “Done scolding? Leave if you are done. The matters between my woman and I are none of your concern.”

“You did not treasure your woman, she will not be yours eventually! It is good that she left with Bai Chen Feng, better than staying by your side to suffer grievances.”

Nan Gong Bei Chen’s feelings for Huan Qing Yan belonged to the complicated type.

Like a youthful dream, Huan Qing Yan represented his time when he ignored everything and did as he pleases.

He could accept not being able to be together with Huan Qing Yan, but he hoped that she could be safe and happy.

He would also feel assured as well.

“Shut up if you do not want to leave!”

“I am not shutting up, what are you going to do about it? Touch your heart and ask yourself, did you let down Little Yan, she did the right thing to leave with Bai Chen Feng! Also, just because you felt that Little Yan was not worthy of you, you can trample her and…”

At that time, a rushing figure flew by.

Wearing black clothes and a strong body, with a cold yet anxious face… it’s Bai Chen Feng!

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Nan Gong Bei Chen immediately shouted, “Where is Little Yan?”

“She went missing. Based on my investigations, she had likely kidnapped been by someone!”

Ji Mo Ya’s brows lifted up, his eyes sank as a bad feeling welled up in his head.

Nan Gong Bei Chen was also greatly shocked.


After Huan Qing Yan was caught again, her mental condition got worse and she constantly felt sleepy.

The middle-aged cultivator was hiding in the dark, using hypnotism on her every day.

She felt sleepy whenever she finished eating a meal, after sleeping she would wake up and eat again; the cycle repeating. She spent her days in a muddlehead condition.

During one of her dreamy trances, she heard voices fill with contempt from the two aunties.

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“She wants to play tricks and escape? Humph, the amount of salt we ate is more than the rice she had, how could be tricked?”

“Just that we let Old Third hypnotize her every day, will it affect the child?”

“It won’t happen, she ate and slept well as needed, the baby might even develop better. We only want the Little Master, who cares about her…”

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