Chapter 410: The Capital’s Unbeatable Young Master Duo

Elegance was referring to those who were refined inside and out. As for those like Ye Ying, who were not truthful to their feelings … Ye Jian looked at Ye Ying, who returned intentionally, coming up with the excuse that she had forgotten something. With a smirk on her face, she had seen through Ye Ying’s thought process with just that little glance.

She was scared that Ye Jian would bad mouth her. That was why she returned, and coincidentally, she heard Wang Rui’s exclamations. No wonder she was acting so delighted.

Ye Ying was too presumptuous … The person whom she was always on guard against was the person who, with his own hands, managed to send his daughter into the embrace of the Gao family and become their young mistress; the person who only had a high school diploma, Ye Zifan!

This person was the person that she was truly on the lookout for!

Glancing at the time, a small meeting like this had taken up half an hour’s time … Xia Jinyuan had probably stopped waiting outside, right?

Unsure of whether he was waiting or not, Ye Jian, who had pondered for a few seconds, still decided to run toward the school entrance in the end.

After the sun has retracted the last of its rays, the sky started to show a hazy whiteness. Ye Jian, who stood at the school’s steel entrance, grabbed onto the railings. She scanned her surroundings numerous times. Only after confirming that there wasn’t a familiar figure in sight did she return to her dorm.

She left casually. Young Master Xia was even looking at the distancing school grounds from his rearview mirror while driving. Only when he saw the steel gates closing gradually did he step on the pedal and drive away.

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Returning to his hotel and parking his car, just as he was about to enter the hotel’s lobby, a car started honking around his vicinity.

After two beeps, Xia Jinyuan, who realized they were honking at him, turned around and looked in the direction of the car.

“And here I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so it really was Major Xia.” Principal Cao was getting off a black sedan that was preparing to drive out of the hotel. After opening the car door, he did not close it immediately. Under the remaining light in the sky and the dim light from the hotel’s street lights, Xia Jinyuan managed to see a very refreshing silhouette. Out of habit, he elegantly and coldly sat in the other seat.

He also had a decent memory, mostly because he was a soldier in the special forces. As long as it was people or things he had paid a little attention to, he would memorize them. Although the person in the car did not alight, Xia Jinyuan had already recognized who that person was.

Qin Xiu, the influential family of diplomats, the Qin family’s most brilliant young master.

Xia Jinyuan got to know Qin Xiu during a diplomatic conference between two countries. He was in charge of the safety of the nation’s leadership, so he was among the soldiers who mixed in with the staff members, while Qin Xiu acted as the translator for their leaders.

Counting yesterday, he had seen his face twice.

“Good evening, Principal Cao.” Xia Jinyuan lightly nodded in his head without losing his poise although he was in casual wear. He asked with a smile, “I’ve troubled Principal Cao with last night’s events. I didn’t expect that once we started working, Ye Jian would also be working till midnight. Because it wasn’t convenient to return to school, we could only spend the night in a hotel.” 

Qin Xiu, who was in the car, moved slightly. Ye Jian … Qin Xiu’s gaze focused slightly. So she was the one who had managed to assist the criminal police unit in finding the ‘needle’ in the ocean of people.

Not only did she have mesmerizing looks, but she also had quite an outstanding skillset.

His slender, artist-like fingers gently flicked his knees. The girl’s face that seemed to be filled with sunshine, the face that took his breath away, which he had seen yesterday morning behind a wall of glass, flashed through his mind … Hmm, this student has quite a lot of patience.

Remembering that she hadn’t acted out of place after accompanying him for more than forty minutes yesterday afternoon, Qin Xiu’s thin lips gently curved upwards. She really was a sincere little girl.

Qin Xiu didn’t really know much about Xia Jinyuan. In his memories, he had never met Xia Jinyuan. He didn’t easily form relationships with others and calmly sat inside the car, waiting for the small talk outside to end soon while being blasted by the air conditioning.

“Perhaps not tonight, I still have some things I need to take care of on my end. I’ll definitely buy Principal Cao a meal next time we meet to express my gratitude.” Xia Jinyuan didn’t have any motives involving becoming acquainted with young master Qin. After a few polite and elegant sentences, he sent Principal Cao off in the car.

… Tonight, when he went to find his little fox, he would not speak of anything else other than the mission.

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