Chapter 411: A Mutual Act of Crossing Swords

When he returned to the car, Principal Cao, who was there to fetch his nephew for a meal, was exclaiming, “There are really many talents among your generation in the capital. That person was Major Xia. If I’m not mistaken, he must be the youngest Major of the Xia family. It’s a pity that you two don’t know each other. Otherwise, you could’ve had a nice conversation tonight.”

He then continued, “Both of you stayed at the same hotel, didn’t you bump into each other during the day?

The youngest Major of Xia family?

“Oh, so he’s Xia Jinyuan. I was in my room for the entire day and never went out. It’s a slight pity that we didn’t bump into each other.”

Qin Xiu, who was originally slightly indifferent, turned his head; he was showing slight interest now. Although he said that it was a pity, there were no signs of it that appeared on his handsome and refreshing face. He said blandly, “My mother’s side is quite interested in getting to know him. Each time I return to the capital, they want me to pull some strings to meet him. Regrettably, I’m an office worker while he’s a soldier. Even our social circles are very different. How can we possibly get to know each other better?”

“Your mother has other plans. Hahaha, even your dad doesn’t dare to stick his head into things like these. You should stay further away.”

Principal Cao laughed heartily; he had revealed his sister’s secret plans in a single sentence. “You’re flying off to Germany the day after tomorrow. Your uncle is free tonight, so I’ll bring you to a place that is slightly further away, and let you taste the true specialties of the Yunnan province.”

Qin Xiu smiled, “I’m not picky about what I eat; I’ll leave that for Uncle to decide.”

Not long after the car with the two had left, Xia Yiwei entered the hotel.

She walked in wearing heels. Just as a hotel staff member was about to walk forward to inquire, Xia Yiwei lightly raised her hand. She had conveyed her thoughts very clearly without uttering a word, causing the staff member to stop in his tracks.

It was a peak hour, due to which there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the hotel. Even so, with just a glance, Xia Yiwei spotted her family’s younger cousin, who was the talk of young ladies in the capital from time to time.

She was only twenty-three years of age, but the reserved temperament she carried was comparable to that of her uncle, Chief Commander Xia. Her calm and reserved expression also carried a sword-like chillness. She might seem gentle, and elegant with a graceful carriage, but in reality, she was a person who could become cold and ruthless if the circumstances required it!

As deep as the sea, as tall as the mountain, a person with an unfathomable character; Who knew what she was doing in the provincial city!

Thinking back to the old matriarch’s instructions back at home, Xia Yiwei walked with her full attention and then stood in front of Xia Jinyuan, who was sitting on the lobby’s genuine leather sofa with one of his legs crossed over the other, and was skimming through the newspaper for current events.

“In our family, you’re the only one who is this plain and simple. It’s the holidays, but you don’t even bother to stay in a better hotel with a high ranking and a spa service that relaxes the whole body.”  Xia Yiwei, who wore a black slim-fit short dress that only reached her knees, sat on the opposite sofa. She spoke in a slightly suspicious tone, “However, this place is quite close to First Provincial High.”

He spent all of his scarce holidays in Yunnan province, and he didn’t have any intention to walk around the capital. In their home, even the old patriarch and old matriarch had opinions about it.

Xia Jinyuan put aside the newspaper that he was reading. He glanced at his cousin, who always looked so capable, with his slender brows raised upwards. He said in a slightly suspicious tone, “I’m just learning this from you and staying further away from the capital, in case I get involved. The moment you’ll bring us a brother-in-law back to the capital, the old patriarch and matriarch won’t be so concerned about me anymore.”

“So, you’re trying to encourage me to get a boy sooner?” Xia Yiwei opened a small and exquisite metal box. From inside, she took out a slender women’s cigar, and she spoke with slightly cold tone, “Focus on settling your own business. Don’t interfere with mine.”

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While putting the newspapers aside, Xia Jinyuan extended his long-reaching arms and took away the cigar from her fingers that had yet to be lit. He folded it in half and started tossing it into the ashtray, “I can’t have any unusual smells on me, I’m sorry.”

“I know that you can’t have any smells on you, I just wanted to sniff it.” Xia Yiwei lightly glanced over him with a fluid motion and continued, “The old matriarch has called me, you should at least return to the capital to take a look.”

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