Chapter 412: This Is What’s Called Courting A Girlfriend

Xia Yiwei said this blandly, and the elegantly postured Xia Jinyuan resumed the conversation leisurely, “The old matriarch has instructed me that I must meet you many a times during these few days  that I’m in the provincial city, and keep bringing up topics about marriage and children. The old matriarch also said that she hasn’t married off any of her granddaughters until now, and there’s so much unspeakable regret in her heart. She is hoping for you to be able to fulfill her wish!”

The expression on the face of the woman sitting in front of him grew colder. But he continued without changing his pace, “The old matriarch is the 4th Minister of Culture since the establishment of the nation. Comrade Xia Yiwei, don’t tell me that you have forgotten about it. The culture department is a place that encourages communication. The old matriarch is the best at giving speeches, and can purify anyone’s body and soul with her expertise.”

“I haven’t even brought the old matriarch up, and you dare to bring her up first?”

This meant that both of them had been instructed separately by the old matriarch. But she had also subtly hinted that she was the only communication bridge between the two of them!

“The old matriarch never told me that she had contacted you!” Xia Yiwei rubbed her temples as if she had a headache. If the old matriarch back at home wasn’t that passionate about the arts and craft business, she could very possibly have become the 5th Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Indeed, even if they were old, as long as their IQ was there, none of the younger generations would’ve been be a match for the old matriarch.

Xia Jinyuan glanced at Xia Yiwei, who was ‘tricked’ by the old matriarch, and showed up willingly to hear about a wedding prompt from him. He calmly and unfazedly repeated the words of the old matriarch, “… ‘You’re already thirty-four, and if you don’t get married anytime soon, then Xia family would have the first granddaughter who didn’t marry.’ The old matriarch said that she might not have the face to retire in the capital, so she might have to do that back at our native place.”

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After hearing his lecturing for five minutes, Xia Yiwei could only feel her head beginning to explode. It was even more tiresome than working continuously for a week!

Her mind was tired.

She waved her hand, she was tired to the point that she had no strength left. She stood up, dragging both her feet, “I never saw you, nor did you see me.”

“And then?” Xia Jinyuan also stood up, looking at his cousin, who was about to flee. The grin on his thin face seemed a bit profound,  “Sis, have you forgotten that there was something you wanted to say?”

“And I also won’t mention the thing about that high schooler.”

Xia Yiwei finished her sentence with raised brows. She extended her hand, “I hope that we can cooperate happily.”

“It’ll be a pleasure.” Xia Jinyuan extended his hand. Both of them had harbored secrets that they did not want their family to discover. Only by cooperating with each other would they be the happiest.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have rushed back to the hotel in his car. Instead, he would have waited for his little fox by the school entrance.

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“I still have something to take care of at 9 o’clock. If its not urgent, please remember not to phone me.” Xia Jinyuan folded the newspapers nicely and spoke elegantly to the strong woman, with whom he had reached an agreement with, “Now, I need to leave, so I’m not going to wait for Miss Xia, goodbye.”


Burning the bridges after crossing the river… It actually described him, right?

After walking two steps, Xia Jinyuan suddenly turned around and gave a warm smile at the expressionless Xia Yiwei, “Even good guys are afraid of fiery girls. Sis, sometimes it’s good to lower your status, there’s no need to act serious.”

“Like me…” Straightening his clothes, there was an inward meaning hidden in the smile on his handsome face, “From time to time, I have to make the little fox that I’m raising feel guilty, and occasionally show her my mature side, diligently making her… feel that I am the only person who fulfills the pre requisites for a boyfriend whose perfect for a girl like her. This is what’s called courting a girlfriend.”

Chasing after a little fox was a war of attrition, and he had made all the necessary preparations. 

Inside the classroom, Ye Jian, who had glanced multiple times at her watch, flipped through her revision material with an uneasy mind,… Captain Xia said that he would come to look for her tonight, was he really coming?

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