Chapter 413: Walking The Rest Of The Way With Her Hand In Mine

Last night, she didn’t go back to school. Was it possible that she was not going to return to the dorm tonight as well?

That’s impossible. She definitely wouldn’t have agreed to leave with him. The dorm-keeping teachers would be making their rounds tonight!

But since he had said that he was coming, based on her understanding of him… Captain Xia, who always kept his word, would come here!

Could it be that he would enter the school to look for her? That was quite improbable.

First Provincial High had very strict regulations placed on the boarding houses and student management. How was it possible for the school security to let a random person enter the campus at night?

… Was he going to scale the wall?

Suddenly, the thought of that happening popped into her head. Ye Jian couldn’t hold it in and almost laughed out loud.

However, it was also due to that hilarious imagination that her distant mind was starting to come under control.

The special ops soldier, who carried elegance in his bones… The all so impressive Major, scaling a wall to look for her? The more Ye Jian thought about it, the more she wanted to laugh.

She didn’t know that Xia Jinyuan was currently by the Swan Lake. But he wasn’t alone; Principal Chen was also there.

“We might return slightly later tonight. There is a rare chance, so I thought that I should bring her over and take a look.” if Xia Jinyuan wanted to come, of course, he would’ve done it boldly.

But besides that, if he just wanted to spend some time with Ye Jian, the Major had considered scaling the wall!

However, unexpectedly, even the old matriarch was on his side, who had allowed him to leave with his little fox straightforwardly.

How can Principal Chen deny things that would be beneficial towards Ye Jian’s training? He smiled, “I can leave a backdoor open for you guys. But, Captain Xia, the lass must still attend the self-study period tomorrow morning; she cannot be given special treatment.”

“Uncle Chen, rest assured, I will bring her back before 1:30.” Xia Jinyuan laughed calmly. Facing one of the world-class sniper’s evaluation, he said calmly and with ease, “This training is prepared as a ‘replacement’; it will last for a duration of 6 months. Uncle Chen, can you see if it’s possible to arrange some time such that she’ll be able to practice possibly every night?”

Uncle Chen glanced at the young major, who was fighting for opportunities to be with the little lass wherever he could. He teased, “Captain Xia, you are investing in her, right? There are always risks in investing. Be wary that you might not get something in return in the end.”

Inside the no man’s land, he remembered the words that the young major had said. He said that he was going to shape the little lass during the next few years; when she attended school to become somebody who didn’t fall in love easily,… he wanted to shape her boyfriend-choosing standards… to reach a point where he would be the only person who could attain them.

However, love is something that can never always be planned exactly to our thinking. Sometimes, it’s clear as day that the person one is fond of is inferior to everyone around them, but unexpectedly, one still tends to like that person.

After a brief moment of silence from Xia Jinyuan, he beamed, “Uncle Chen, I do not think that this is an investment. This is courting. I am using my way to court a decent girl.”

“The only thing is that she is not old enough, and she is also a girl that dislikes receiving help from others. Meanwhile, I’m suitably pointing out a brightly lit path; now, she has to depend on herself to explore it, to move forward.”

“Don’t you think that I have always been holding her hand, and always walking forward with her? When she needs help, I won’t leave her side; when she slips and falls, I will guard her; when she can soar high up in the sky, I still can fly by her side. Uncle Chen, do you think this type of courting is bad?”

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Bad? It was so good that he was rendered speechless!

His passion was deep and his desire had weight. The only thing that he was afraid of was whether the little lass would flee after she understood this!

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The little lass was used to solitude. Suddenly, a man had appeared, who could walk by her side, and was also her comrade,… Principal Chen seemed to have realized how tough the Major’s future was going to be.

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