Chapter 964 – Overjoyed At Unexpected Good News

He brought a hundred Feather Guards and headed to the direction indicated by the Fifth Elder.


Bai Chen Feng has been laying in stealth around a desolated mountain for a day.

He was in his Lion form that specializes in hiding and he has been in stealth for a day, yet no one discovered him.

That’s Little Yan’s scent!

He could not get it wrong!

Just that the scent seems to be obstructed by something, and he was unable to pinpoint the location, all he could confirm was that it was somewhere within this mountain.

He did not dare to act recklessly, a person who dares to mess with the likes of Ji Mo Ya would not be simple. Therefore, he would not take action until he identifies the people and organization that kidnapped Huan Qing Yan.

Even though his heart was extremely anxious.

He had circled around this mountain quietly and noticed that it possessed a natural formation, and there were guards as well.

Moreover, the guards’ cultivation was quite high, their tracks were strange and also unpredictable.

Bai Chen Feng did have an impulse to charge in alone and use the quickest method possible to rescue Little Ya, but he endured it in the end.

If he fails, not only would he not be able to rescue Little Yan, it would also startle the enemy. If Little Yan were to be moved to another location because of that, it would be harder to find her again.

He silently moved from that mountain…

He needs to find more calvary.

This location was not far from the Demon Lands, it might be closer to seek help from the Lion Emperor.

However, he must first send a spirit crane to the people looking for Little Yan and inform them of her whereabouts. If he was unable to seek assistance from the lion demons in time, Ji Mo Ya and Nan Gong Bei Chen could still come and rescue Little Yan.

Sending a spirit crane to require him to be in human form, after turning back into a human, he sent a spirit crane to Nan Gong Bei Chen first.

This fella went back to the Holy City to seek a Half-Sage for help, I wonder if he had succeeded or not.

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Next, even though Bai Chen Feng really did not want to send it, he still sent another letter to Ji Mo Ya.

After sending the spirit cranes, he turned and left.

There is a cooldown period when turning to his demon form, he would not be able to transform within the next hour.

Bai Chen Feng used his Flying Magic Equipment to travel instead, after less than ten minutes of travel, he detected a powerful energy approaching quickly…

Bai Chen Feng instantly went on alert and he hid amongst the shrubs.


Nan Gong Bei Chen benefited from the Crazy Sage and rode on the Crazy Sage’s spirit treasure.

There was a saying by people, traveling a thousand miles in a day, but this speed was simply going a thousand miles in a breath. Despite being a Mystic Spirit Master now, Nan Gong Bei Cheng was still finding it hard to endure the monstrous speed that was about to cause him to vomit.

However, he did not show any signs of wanting to complain; the faster they move, the better. 

“Brat, the Spirit Treasure Continent is vast, we cannot simply search aimlessly, right? Unless you want this old man to take you on a trip around the Spirit Treasure Continent?”

Bai Li Feng has covered his entire body, deeply worried that someone would recognize him.

(Cuppa: Dear elder, your giant hairy dog spirit treasure would have exposed you before you even see it coming…)

Because, *coughs*, should the person they were looking for was not a member of the Bai Li Clan, and others found out that a Half-Sage had wrongly brought back a random person, it would be very disgraceful.

Therefore, he agreed to help in the search but also made the request to hide his identity. It would not be too late to reveal himself if the person they were looking for was really a member of the Bai Li Clan.

Nan Gong Bei Chen was very anxious, Bai Chen Feng has been searching for a long time, yet not a single spirit crane was delivered. It would have been good if he could give him a general direction as well, it was much better than letting a Half-Sage move about randomly.

Just as Nan Gong Bei Chen was silently cursing Bai Chen Feng, a spirit pulse suddenly appeared.

It was a message from Bei Chen Feng!

After Nan Gong Bei Chen read it, he was overjoyed at the unexpected news, “Lord Sage, the location has been found!”

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