Chapter 965 – Labor Dystocia

Madam Ru knew that Ji Mo Ya’s subordinate was following her.

As expected, Ji Mo Ya really did not believe her.

The resentment within her heart grew stronger.

The heart of her son was no longer with her; after several years of a hypocritical show of affection, any form of reconnecting with him has been lost from the moment she sent someone to assassinate Huan Qing Yan.

Ji Mo Ya would no longer listen to her orders, it would be impossible to acquire any benefits from him any longer.

If she did not have a Ji Mo Clan descendant beside her, her standing within the Ji Mo Clan would be insignificant.

So she could only make the decision of raising her grandchild well and to carry the plan through no matter what happens.

A spirit crane appeared, Madam Ru read the message and revealed a comforting smile.

Very good, the baby is about to be born.

After randomly moving in a circle, she quickly increased her speed and got rid of the person.

After that, she hid her energy and went to her destination.

This cave had been discovered by accident and went a hundred meters deep. It contained its own ecosystem and after some simple setup, the interior was able to isolate the divine sense and prevent ordinary people from probing.

Why did she choose to come with the elders? It was not because she was kind-hearted, but to take away Huan Qing Yan’s baby while acting as though she came to rescue Huan Qing Yan so that no one else would suspect her.

As for the adult, a dead person cannot testify.

She would just deny everything, Huan Qing Yan was just a nobody with no backing, no one would suspect and fight for the truth even if they suspected Madam Ru.

Would Ji Mo Ya kill his own mother? He was only a Mystic Spirit Treasure while she was a King Spirit Treasure, would he have the ability to kill his mother? When her grandchild grew up, you would also find a chance to make this son of hers, disappear…

It saves her the trouble of always being reminded of her husband’s death and becoming lonely and without support whenever she saw him.

Madam Ru coldly snorted, after checking her surroundings and discovering nothing strange, she silently entered the cave.

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Yet she did not know that a pair of golden predator eyes were looking at her entering the cave from the shadows, not even a King Spirit Master like her managed to detect it.

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Huan Qing Yan was in so much pain that she was having thoughts that she might be dying!

The child was about to be born; the contractions have been ongoing for an entire day and night already, yet there were no signs of the child coming out.

The two aunties were covered in sweat, “Lady Huan, stay awake, use more strength, more strength!”

“It is common to experience difficult labor during one’s first time, it is nothing much. Lady Huan, hang in there, the child will suffocate inside you if this continues…”

Huan Qing Yan was feeling too much pain to reply.

The pregnancy has been unstable and she was forced to spend a significant amount of time sleeping and eating only. She was not even able to take a stroll and was continuously fed highly nutritious food, it would be strange to have smooth labor.

Were not already a Late-Stage True Spirit Master, she would have died from the pain.

“Aiyo! Aiyah!”

She could only cry out.

This was also the only opportunity for her to escape if she wanted, using the opening when everyone was focused on the child to secretly attack…

The labor dystocia was an excellent opportunity for her.

“So painful, I think I am dying. Can you get that uncle specializing in hypnotism to hypnotize me…”

“How can we do that!” Auntie Ma objected, “You need to focus your attention on giving birth, how would you be able to give birth if you are hypnotized?”

Huan Qing Yan hugged her tummy and shouted in pain, her lower body was bleeding heavily while her malevolent expression was terrifying.

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