Chapter 966 – Call A Thief Mother

“No, I am asking for that uncle to hypnotize me so that I will not feel pain. I heard that hypnotizing can cause the person to develop non-realistic feelings… you can ask the uncle if you don’t believe me.”

Huan Qing Yan was going all out now, asking an unknown man to enter the room despite being at a crucial moment of childbirth.

However, she could not care about such details when her life was at stake.

She was depressed and heartbroken earlier but that did not mean that she did not want to live.

She was about to be a mother, her child would call a thief as a mother if she dies just like this; she was also worried about what sort of life her child will have.

For the sake of her unborn child, she must take a final gamble.

Auntie Ma hesitated for a moment before going out, the mother needs to cooperate during childbirth or they would lose both lives.

Very soon, an expressionless middle-aged man walked in with Auntie Ma.

He saw Huan Qing Yan’s bloodied lower body and sullen eyes; her expression was pale and her breathing was weak.

The middle-aged man said, “How do you want to be hypnotized?”

“Stay close to me and tell me that this is not painful, that everything is fake, giving birth is not painful at all… and I will be able to muster enough strength.” Huan Qing Yan weakly said.

The middle-aged man was feeling slightly awkward, but Auntie Ma urged, “Old Third, just do as she requested, it is enough if her heart feels settled. If the child does not come out, we will not be able to fulfill madam’s request.”

The middle-aged man approached Huan Qing Yan and took out a strange picture that looked like a mix of a five-pointed star and heptagon, it seems to be some sort of hypnotizing magic equipment.

“Look at my magic equipment… you are no longer feeling any pain, focus on delivering the child…”

The corners of Huan Qing Yan’s mouth untraceable curled up. Coming so close just like that, excellent! 

As Old Third was chanting, Huan Qing Yan’s right arm suddenly threw a black mass towards Old Third, mixed within the black mass were three shining beads!

Old Third’s reacted quickly and retreated, but his vision blurred as a sharp pain assaulted his head, followed by his legs turning weak.

The three beads struck him and exploded, turning the shocked Old Third into an ice statue.

The round beads were Huan Qing Yan’s Ice Shatter Beads, while the black mass was the Killer Bees.

“You…” Fat Auntie and Auntie Ma were shocked, they did not expect the weak Huan Qing Yan to suddenly become so ferocious.

Only a word was said before the Killer Bees pounced at them.

Huan Qing Yan’s hatred for the trio was as high as the sky.

Especially that middle-aged man who knows hypnotism; Huan Qing Yan struck him with the Immemorial Cauldron immediately and caused him to go unconscious.

As his cultivation was higher, a Mystic Spirit Master, the duration of the freezing would not be long. So she used the Immemorial Cauldron to make him faint.

The Immemorial Cauldron was doing its job well, despite the layer of ice, it still managed to effectively make the middle-age man unconscious.

The other two aunties were not much of a threat to her, so she just froze them.

The mute maids hid in fear, they were just small fries, Huan Qing Yan did not want to waste her time on them.

The child might die if she continues to delay the delivery.

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth, she took the small knife that the aunties have prepared since the beginning and bit on a piece of wood.

She forced herself to focus before drawing the small knife across her tummy with acute precision…

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Her belly suddenly burst out, causing blood to flow everywhere!

Extreme pain!

Huan Qing Yan had only seen cesarean deliveries being done in dramas and had no experience regarding this procedure; she relied solely on her gut feeling without using any anesthesia or any medical tools.

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