Chapter 220 – Spectral Assassin

“It is for your own good to hand Jasmine over, do not treat our kindness as a weakness.” The large man said.

The Jasmine mentioned was the Dark Elf that the Wu Family Head brought back previously. Many of the metahumans within the Wu Estate knew who she is, but what they did not know was that the plague happening now was due to Dark Elves.

“Just you guys? It is lucky that you are even alive still and yet you still want someone from us?”

“Ha, you are already looking like that, and you still dare to keep her? You really do not fear death.” The large man had obviously noticed symptoms appearing on many Mid Rank 3 metahumans and so he mockingly said.

“You are looking to die!”

The High Rank 3 metahumans were the first to act, but their opponents were in a formation and it was apparent they were experienced with working together as each of them moved with excellent coordination.

Therefore, it would not be easy to defeat them.

Their unique fighting method was perplexing to the Wu Family Metahumans, this was their first time encountering such a fighting method.

When Yang Tian arrived, he was able to identify which plane they came from by looking at their fighting methods and clothes.

Berserk Plane

It was also a post-apocalyptic plane, but they have already experienced the hardest period of the era and was starting a new age. That was why their fighting methods were much better than the Wu Family Metahumans.

Although this team might just be a typical unknown team within their own plane, their fighting method was powerful compared to the people of Earth. Also, the style was well suited for the post-apocalyptic era’s fights.

“Wait a minute.”

Yang Tian’s shout stopped the Wu Family Metahumans, the team of eight also heave a sigh of relief. Despite their advantage, it was still stressful to face against, be surrounded and attacked by so many metahumans.

“You people want that Dark Elf?”


The large man confirmed.

The team of eight was made up of five men and three women. One of them was also an elf and Radiant Angel.

“Bring Jasmine out, I will be responsible for anything that happens.”

Since Yang Tian has spoken, they did not dare to go against his orders and brought Jasmine out.

The Dark Elf Jasmine came out, her body was currently emitting thick Dark Energy, creating a sharp contrast against the Light Elf from the team of eight.

“You guys actually chased all the way here?” Jasmine calmly said.

“The bounty on you exceeds your actual strength, what does it matter where we chase you to?” the large man smiled and replied.

However, a viciousness was hidden within that smile.

“Then you can try!” Dark Elf Jasmine did not bother to talk anymore.

As it was within the Wu Estate and Jasmine had felt a sense of pressure from Yang Tian when she first arrived in the Wu Estate. Therefore, she did not believe that the other party would really dare to attack her in Yang Tian’s presence.

As expected, Yang Tian’s four tamed beasts appeared and stood beside Yang Tian, the T-Rex especially, it gave the team of eight enormous pressure and deterred them from taking action.

“Do you think your Wormhole Teleport Rune could be used to leave this place?”

Yang Tian knew that many lifeforms from different planes used Wormhole Teleport Runes to arrive on Earth, but there was no Wormhole Teleport Rune that could send them back to their original plane.

This was not a secret in his previous life as literally all humans knew about it, but in the current state of affairs, only Yang Tian knew.

The Dark Elf and team of eight were startled by Yang Tian’s words.

“You people had only just entered the post-apocalyptic era, even if you have heard of the Wormhole Teleport Rune, how did you know about the mysteries surrounding it?” a man that looked as skinny as a monkey asked while looking at Yang Tian.

“Haha, you can always try.”

“Why must we listen to…”

“If you don’t try, I will kill all of you.”

Yang Tian’s cold voice rang in their ears, but what they were terrified about, was the pressure given by the four great beasts.

“What a powerful beast tamer.” The leader, the large man, commented.

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Just the mental power released by Yang Tian was already raising many questions in him.

“Don’t think about running, I have many ways to deal with Dark Creatures.”

Yang Tian’s voice reached Jasmine’s ears and seem to possess a charm that caused her to stand at her spot.

In fact, all of them had thought to escape using their Wormhole Teleport Rune when they felt the pressure emitted by Yang Tian. When Yang Tian had turned to speak to Jasmine, they had shattered their Wormhole Teleport Rune to leave.


The rune was broken, but no wormhole appeared to bring them away, they remained at their original spot.

“What happened?”

“How could the Wormhole Teleport Rune lose its effect?”

The eight of them revealed terrified expressions, they have experienced a post-apocalyptic era within their own plane once and knew very well how terrifying a post-apocalyptic era could be. Moreover, Earth was obviously just starting its post-apocalyptic era, they did now want to experience the post-apocalyptic era as one may die anytime within it.

‘As expected, it is the same as my previous life.’ Yang Tian silently thought.

Wu Ying Xue and did rest did not know what happened to the team of eight, but their shock was indeed genuine.

When Dark Elf Jasmine heard the conversation of the eight, her face froze. She came to Earth to avoid being hunted, but the reality was telling her that she could only remain on Earth, she was unable to accept this outcome.


The large man struck the floor angrily. The odds of surviving in the post-apocalyptic era was extremely low, if he could choose again, he would never come to Earth no matter how high the bounty becomes.

“One more thing. Do it outside if you want to settle personal scores, if anyone dares to cause trouble here, I will teach you what cruelty is.”

Immediately after Yang Tian spoke, someone within the group of eight had ignored his words.

“It’s all because of you bitch! I am going to kill you!”

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Mid Rank 3 metahumans, Spectral Assassin

The Spectral Assassin could hide within shadows and launch an assassination instantly, it was an assassin-type ability ranked at the forefront of assassin-types.

Spectral Strike 

Jasmine was also a Mid Rank 3 Dark Elf, a thick layer of black fog hid her body; she was not confident that her body could handle the explosion attack of a Spectral Assassin.

“Did you not hear what I said?”

Since that’s the case, Yang Tian would not hold back as well. Venom was released and sharply increased Yang Tian’s fighting power.


Yang Tian’s Windwalk made him extremely fast, allowing him to appear behind the Spectral Assassin instantly. The power of a Peak Rank 3 was not something an assassin could handle. The domineering inner energy of Lion Roar gathered on Yang Tian’s fist and struck the back of the Spectral Assassin.


The Spectral Assassin was pinned to the ground, a huge indentation appeared on his back; a mark of Yang Tian’s fist.

The assassin-type were known to have a weak defense, having received Yang Tian’s destructive blow, the Spectral Assassin would at the very least be severely injured and will not be able to fight for some time.

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