Chapter 219 – Virus

There is a price to pay for the pleasure.

They have all enjoyed the comfort of Dark Elves, as for the price…

Starting from the lowest Rank 1 metahumans, red spots began appearing on their bodies; those were itchy and unbearable.

Rank 1 metahumans were the most common, that was why the situation appeared on a large scale, everyone thought that a plague had appeared and quarantined the Rank 1 metahumans.

Next were the Rank 2 metahumans which have much better resistance. Therefore the symptoms seemed much slower than the Rank 1 metahumans, but it eventually surfaced. Especially the Rank 2 metahumans who were exceptionally active; other than having symptoms appearing their bodies, worms even started growing from the place that ‘enlarges’.

After the Rank 1 metahumans were quarantined and when the Rank 2 metahumans also had the same symptoms appearing, all three Great Families began to panic. Facing this sudden situation, the Wu Family Head had no choice but to seek Yang Tian out for aid.

“Young Master Yang, they have all caught the plague, will it be…”

“Rest assured, the plague is not contagious, just make sure no one comes into contact with the pus from the boils that broke and they will be fine. It is just that there is no complete cure at the moment.”

Yang Tian’s reply made the Wu Family Head feel slightly assured, but he was still concerned, so he continued to quarantine the Rank 1 metahumans. Moreover, the Wu Family Head thought that this would only happen to low-rank metahumans and not metahumans who Rank 3 and stronger.

But the situation soon gave Wu Family Head a vicious slap to the face. When Early Rank 3 metahumans started displaying similar symptoms, the Wu Family Head started to panic. If Early Rank 3 metahumans could be infected, won’t the entire family be affected? 

“Young Master Yang, are you sure it is not contagious? Even Early Rank 3 metahumans are showing the symptoms!”

“Of course it is not contagious, just that the physique of Early Rank 3s are better and delayed the symptoms from appearing.”

“Then can Young Master Yang tell me why this happened?” The Wu Family Head asked the most crucial question.

“Didn’t all of you have a great time over the past few days?” Yang Tian smiled.

Yang Tian’s words instantly led Wu Family Head to think of the Dark Elves; the Wu Family Head had initially thought the Dark Elves to be just ordinary human girls and did not know their background. 

“They are just humans, even if they are sick, our physique as metahumans should have protected us.”

“Who told you that they are humans?”

“What? You are saying…”

Not humans, then it was likely the sickness they carried came from another world. Wu Family Head thought of a few unhappy matters that caused his expression to turn ugly.

The Wu Family Head also had his fun as well, would she also give…

“Your ability is the High-Grade Fire Dragon. If you head back and give your body a round of thorough forging, you might still be in time to force out the viruses. If it has entered the bloodstream, you will turn out like them as well.”

Yang Tian gave Wu Family Head a reminder.

The Wu Family Head acted as though a lifeline was tossed to him and quickly left Yang Tian’s place. In the entire Wu Estate, other than the females, the only men who did not touch the Dark Elves were Yang Tian and Niu Chen. Niu Chen had nearly indulged in the pleasures as well, but Yang Tian gave a command and stopped him. Niu Chen did not know why he had listened to Yang Tian, he only felt that it was his innate nature to listen to Yang Tian’s command.

Shortly after the Wu Family Head left, Wu Ying Xue came.

“Why are you here again?”

“I am here for the soldiers, all the metahumans within the three Great Families are experiencing the same problem, yet the normal humans are fine.” Wu Ying Xue was much more detailed in her observation and noticed that the ordinary humans were okay.

To put it accurately, ordinary humans do not catch the eyes of the Dark Elves, or rather, ordinary humans are unable to satisfy them. However, there was still a small handful that had attracted the Dark Elves. Just that these people did not have the resistance of metahumans and mutated the moment they caught the virus, turning into hideous creatures that were no longer human. These infected humans would at most possessed Rank 1 power, when their peers noticed their anomaly, they would quietly hide them away. They were only ordinary people, if something went wrong, all of them might be killed from being implicated.

“Do you know that many people within the estate have been…”

Yang Tian made a gesture towards Wu Ying Xue, and she caught on immediately.

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“Their bodies likely contained several viruses contracted when they mated with other males.”

Yang Tian was very clear with his explanation, Wu Ying Xue understood instantly.

“Even so, it would not be such…”

“They are not humans, the viruses they possess is not from humans, but from mating with other lifeforms. The things they have contracted has now transferred to humans, that was why this situation happened.”

Yang Tian stopped Wu Ying Xue’s words, the former did not plan to hide what he knows and explained it to Wu Ying Xue.

“But, this is just too many of them, they…”

“You can’t handle so many, so that will mean that they cannot handle as well?”

Yang Tian looked at the delicate spot of Wu Ying Xue, causing the latter to blush.

“Then what are we supposed to do now?”

“There is no solution.” Yang Tian shrugged.

Wu Ying Xue thought of her father and could not help but to worry.

Just as Wu Ying Xue wanted to learn more from Yang Tian, an anxious voice broke their conversation.

“Young Lady, a group of… people came to cause trouble at our gates.”

The one messenger made a noticeable pause when the word ‘people’ was mentioned, did he meant that they were different from humans?

“Let’s take a look.”

Yang Tian moved before Wu Ying Xue could reply, she looked at Yang Tian’s back and knew that with him around, she would be able to handle the situation with better ease.

A strange group of seven individuals was standing outside the Wu Estate and one of them was an elf.

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The one leading was a large man that was not wearing any clothes to hide his burly figure. The clothing that the other seven were wearing were obviously not from Earth as well, more like clothes from ancient times.

The way they stood together gave others an impenetrable feeling.

Other than the large man who has High Rank 3 cultivation, the rest were all Mid Rank 3, but their formation gave a feel of being undefeatable to the three High Rank 3 Wu Family metahumans.

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