Chapter 218 – Dark Elves

Yang Tian was suspecting that the Insect King within the forest might be the Insect King of Myriad Poison Insect City. If it was true, Yang Tian now knew of the real identity of that Insect King.

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A pity that A City was surrounded, else Yang Tian would have liked to visit Myriad Poison Insect City while the Insect King was not around.


If the otherworld creatures that came to Earth through the wormholes before came in like tidal waves, it has now turned into a continuous small stream.

Currently, Earth would have otherworld creatures from other planes arriving every once in a while. The strength of these creatures was random, the weaker ones could be Rank 1 skeleton soldiers or Red Carapace Beetles. While the strong ones could be Rank 4 creatures, like the Undead Juggernaut that appeared in F City. Similar situations like F City would happen globally, but the Undead Juggernaut was undoubtedly the most terrifying type.

Yang Tian discovered several otherworld creatures over the past few days. Such as the Rank 3 Succubus that would suck the blood of humans dry, or the humanoid Ghost Ape that like torturing their enemies till they die…

Yang Tian was meditating when he heard a huge commotion within the Wu Estate.

Moreover, Yang Tian also detected familiar energy in the air… Dark Energy.

This was what attracted Yang Tian’s attention and it made him stop what he was doing to head to the source of the commotion.

It was an argument between two Mid Rank 3 metahumans, the source of their conflict was a female… Dark Elf.

Male Dark Elves were famous for having high fighting power due to the powerful Dark Attribute, allowing them to suppress opponents in the same rank as them, ranking them in the front when compared to the other elven types. Female Dark Elves were different, they did not pursue power, all they wanted is to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh by mating with male creatures. Even if the other party were the Greenman Race which was famous for being extremely ugly, the females would also have no problems with it.

The appearance of this Female Dark Elf within the Wu Estate was something that even a peak goddess-like human beauty would not be able to compare to. Moreover, this Female Dark Elf was also emitting unique seduction energy from her body that could even ensnare a Rank 4 metahuman, let alone Mid Rank 3s.

When she saw that more and more male humans were gathering, a sense of greed welled up in her eyes. She unconsciously touched her lower body, significantly strengthening the seduction energy she was emitting.

The approaching metahumans were obviously attracted by the Dark Elf as they stare at her seductive body.


Yang Tian cannot let this continue, the conflict of two might expand into an estate-wide war.

Yang Tian could not be bothered if they want to do things with the Dark Elf, but he cannot allow them to kill each other just for a single Dark Elf.

“Sir Yang!”

“Sir Yang!”

Seeing Yang Tian’s arrival, the gazes that were on the Dark Elf shifted away while they respectfully greeted.

“What are you guys making a ruckus about?”

“Sir, it is like this. Old Li and I went on a patrol and encountered Miss Noni here. We saw that she has no one to rely on and decided to bring her to the Wu Estate. However, Old Li kept wanting to bring her to his room, but I objected, that was why we started arguing.”

“Old Xi, you are spouting b*******, you should know very well what you are really thinking about.”

The people around them were looking at them with disdainful eyes. The two must have been attracted by the other party’s looks when they were patrolling and had forcefully dragged her back with them. Although such matters were widespread in the post-apocalyptic era, coming from their own mouths give people a very different feeling.

“Just that? Why not just take turns, one person per day?”

Morale coercion was not effective in the post-apocalyptic era, accompanying a person per day has also become acceptable, the question now was who will be the first? From the looks of it, both sides were unwilling to back down.

“Let’s decide by a vote” since Yang Tian has spoken, the rest could not object.

Each metahuman on the scene has one voting right.

“It starts now. Stand behind the person you want to vote.”

After Yang Tian spoke, the crowd started moving. Yang Tian could distinctly sense a heated gaze coming from the Dark Elf, the Dark Power within Yang Tian might have attracted her attention. However, Yang Tian would never play with her, only heaven knows how many male creatures she has mated with, it was likely that her body was infected with various viruses. There was currently no cure on Earth for the viruses.

After three minutes, Old Li got slightly more votes than Old Xi. So the first night with the Dark Elf was Old Li, the latter’s face was blooming like a flower.

The others looked on with envy and jealousy as they watch Old Li taking the Dark Elf away.

“You guys will have your chances as well.”

Yang Tian said when he saw their expressions. The Dark Elves have a voracious appetite, one Old Li would not be enough to satisfy her. Yang Tian would not be surprised even if she ate up all the male metahumans within the Wu Estate.

Over the next few days, three more female Dark Elves appeared for unknown reasons. One of them had even been brought back by the Wu Family Head, Yang Tian also remembered the gaze that Wu Ying Xue used on the Dark Elves. 

“How come there are so many Dark Elves?”

Yang Tian knew that wormholes would open in various locations around the world, so it was not surprising to see Dark Creatures. However, what Yang Tian felt strange about was that so many female Dark Elves had appeared at the same location and all of them encountered the Wu Estate metahumans.

“Is it because the Wu Estate was the furthest from the Radiant Church, that’s why all the Dark Elves that landed in A City came to the Wu Estate’s territory?”

Yang Tian felt that this was the best possible reason as all Dark Creatures hated the Light.

One Dark Elf was more than enough for the Wu Estate to handle, now that so many appeared, all the male metahumans within the Wu Estate were starting to display unhealthy pale complexions. It was a prominent display of weakened essence.

Yang Tian was also approached by the Dark Elves several times, but Yang Tian did not dare to do anything to them; a healthy body is more important.

The number of insects appearing had significantly decreased over the past few days, even the insects in the Central District was not very active as well. Only if humans were to enter the Central District would they be attacked, else it would be peaceful at most times. On the contrary, many different types of creatures have appeared in A City. Some of them were easy to kill, while some were extremely difficult to handle.

Over the past few days, the organizations within A City all have their gains and losses. They had it easy against these new creatures, as it can be considered a blessed matter as compared to facing against powerful insects.

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Also, Yang Tian had obtained some good news; female Dark Elves have appeared in the Liu Family and Wang Family as well. The Radiant Church aside, all three families would experience the same problems caused by the Dark Elves now.

Of course, Yang Tian would not interfere in such matters.

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