Chapter 221 – Light Elf

Yang Tian landed beside the Spectral Assassin and took the storage bracelet on his arm.


The remaining seven were angered when Yang Tian took away the Spectral Assassin’s bracelet.

“The Novelty Hunting Team might not be powerful but we are not to be trifled with as well!”

The captain of the Novelty Hunters was the large man from before. Each of them wore a storage bracelet on their arms, only the large man had two on his arm.

“You can always come and try.”

Yang Tian kept the storage bracelet in the Archaic Bronze Ring before turning to face the Novelty Hunters.


The large man snorted before the seven of them scattered and surrounded Yang Tian in a semi-circle formation.

Yang Tian gathered power in his legs and leaped ten-meters; Brain-Eating Terror Hog appeared underneath his legs and when Yang Tian landed, it immediately used Rage Boost.

The speed and strength of Brain-Eating Terror Hog had undoubtedly reached Peak Rank 3 after its limbs received a tremendous boost; its tusk even cut through the air as it charged.

“Crap! Luffy, careful!”

By the time the large man finished the warning, Brain-Eating Terror Hog had already arrived in front of Luffy.


The tusks looked like huge long spears, and it stabbed through Luffy’s body and created two bloody holes. Once again, Yang Tian went to pick up the storage bracelet.

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After severely injuring Luffy and Yang Tian obtained what he wanted, Brain-Eating Terror Hog swung its tusk and tossed Luffy away.

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The Light Elf shouted out with eyes filled with worry. The Light Elf was the healer of the team and in-charge of healing the injured in their group. Seeing the Luffy was severely wounded, he required immediate treatment or else the loss of blood will be causing further problems.

“Don’t mind him, focus on getting rid of that guy first or it is pointless to rescue Luffy.”

The Novelty Hunters looked at Yang Tian who was sitting on top of Brain-Eating Terror Hog. Yang Tian snapped his fingers and the Wu Family’s metahumans also took action; they had the Novelty Hunters surrounded thus cutting off their path of retreat.

They have forgotten that they were in Yang Tian’s home ground.

Yang Tian did not allow T-Rex to join the fight due to its large size. Moreover, there was no need to activate T-Rex to deal with the Novelty Team as well.

Three-Headed Yin Insect also took action; despite its sluggish appearance, the Three-Headed Yin Insect was extremely agile in battle.

Black Mist

It was the Three-Headed Yin Insect’s Dark Attribute Skill, Black Mist.

A bundle of corrosive black mist quickly surrounded the Novelty Hunters and within the black mist, their meta-energy would expend at five times the regular rate.

Yang Tian leaped off Brain-Eating Terror Hog and entered the Black Mist, he wanted to target that Light Elf. The Light Elf’s importance was undoubted amongst the Novelty Hunters, that was why they formed a circle with her in the center.

Sacred Light

Golden light started to emit from the Light Elf and dispersed the Black Mist nearest to the group, it removed the negative status of the team and restored half of their meta-energy as well.

However, using Sacred Light was also very demanding on the castor, at least half of the meta-energy reserves of the Light Elf has been consumed. 


Yang Tian suddenly disappeared while he was charging at them; by the time he appeared again, he was behind the Light Elf.


Before the Novelty Hunters could react.

Rock Spike

Rock spikes started to appear with Yang Tian at its center. Facing against the sudden attack, they could only protect themselves and were unable to help the Light Elf.

All of them scattered apart. The power of their formation was powerful, but once separated, their fighting power became distinctively reduced.

With their strongest only at High Rank 3, the Wu Family metahumans grabbed the opportunity to act. The three High Rank 3 metahumans quickly surrounded the leader of the Novelty Hunters; with their abilities, they had no problems capturing him. The rest were in situations that were worse off as the Wu Family has many Mid Rank 3s, one of them was Niu Chen who possessed terrifying strength.

“Your teammates seem to be losing.” Yang Tian softly mumbled to the Light Elf beside him.


A figure was thrown in front of Yang Tian, it was the Dark Elf, Jasmine.

She tried to escape during the fight but was stopped by T-Rex. After a one-sided struggle, she was sent flying with a slap by T-Rex.

A bundle of black liquid jumped off Yang Tian and quickly turned Jasmine into a mummy with only her head exposed.

“Can you let us go, we will give you all of our storage bracelets.” The Light Elf’s cute question caused Yang Tian to be at a loss of words.

“The storage bracelets will also be mine after I captured all of you.”

“You… then can you let me heal my teammate?”

Yang Tian discovered that the Light Elf was actually stupid instead of cute.

“You should just shut your mouth!”

Yang Tian used a palm-size black liquid to seal the Light Elf’s mouth.

And went to the Dark Elf.

“A very familiar power.”

Yang Tian could detect the Dark Energy from the Dark Elf and also released the Dark Energy on his left arm, this action caused the Dark Elf to become excited.

“Since that’s the case, you should just let me go!”

“But I do not think that you are worthy of the power of Darkness.”

Yang Tian’s voice suddenly turned frigid.

Jasmine started to feel afraid; she could not understand why Yang Tian had said so but she was terrified when she looked into Yang Tian’s eyes.

Yang Tian placed his left arm on the Dark Elf’s face, the power of Darkness can mutually devour each other. Yang Tian wanted to devour the Dark Energy inside the Dark Elf. The power of Darkness that Dark Elves possesses was mighty by default; just that Female Dark Elves chose to immerse themselves in their carnal desires, resulting in the power of Darkness becoming extremely messy. This caused them to be hated by most other Dark Creatures, even the males of their species also distanced themselves from them as much as possible.

The amount of Dark Energy Yang Tian could devour from Jasmine was also very limited despite Jasmine being a Mid Rank 3 Dark Elf. This was because the Dark Energy comprises less than half of the energy in her power; that was why Yang Tian would not be able to obtain much of it.

“What happened?”

Yang Tian noticed a peculiarity, even if Jasmine’s Dark Energy was low, it should not be so little?

If Yang Tian’s Dark Energy was currently a water droplet, the Dark Energy he absorbed was only a small vapor.

“So that’s the reason.”

Yang Tian noticed that it was due to the grade of the Dark Energy, despite being categorized as Dark Energy for both, the grade of Yang Tian’s Dark Energy was obviously higher than the Dark Elf’s. That was why there was only a small vapor of the Dark Elf’s Dark Energy to satisfy his needs.

As for the Dark Elf, her rank took a sharp drop to Rank 2 after her Dark Energy was devoured. Yang Tian retracted the black liquid binding her, revealing a shrunken body that was no longer as voluptuous and curvy as before.

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