Chapter 222 – Lina

Her seductive face had aged by several decades.

After Yang Tian devoured the Dark Energy, the battle on the other side has ended with the capture of all of the Novelty Hunters. The Wu Family metahumans brought them in front of Yang Tian.

Yang Tian first took away all their storage bracelets. Yang Tian’s mental power easily broke through the defenses on the storage bracelets.

“Quite a lot of weapons.”

Yang Tian took out eight High Rank 3 weapons from their storage bracelet, ten Early Rank 3 defense equipment, and some Rank 2 equipment. Yang Tian gave them away to the Wu Family metahumans, there were also other items within the storage bracelet but Yang Tian did not bring them out.

The Wu Family metahumans also did not ask about the storage bracelet after getting the weapons, they were satisfied with being able to obtain some high-grade equipment.


The two females of the Novelty Hunters cursed, it was not loud but still heard.

“Oh? Is it?”

Yang Tian sent a palm of wind and shattered the clothes of the two women.

“Throw the two… no, throw all seven of them in there.” Yang Tian grinned, not only the Novelty Hunters, but the Wu Family metahumans who knew about Yang Tian’s method all shuddered.

Yang Tian wanted to throw all seven of them into the group of Rank 2 affected, everyone knows how the women would get infected, but for the men… they did not dare to think about it.

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“Of course, you guys can have the first go as well.”

“Thank you, Sir!”

The two women looked pretty decent, they did not mind enjoying their bodies.

Except for the Light Elf beside Yang Tian, the remaining seven Novelty Hunters have all been dragged away.

“I forgot about her.”

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Yang Tian looked at the Dark Elf on the floor before tossing her out of the Wu Estate.

While he tossed the Light Elf onto Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s back, Yang Tian wanted to bring her back to his room.

The Light Elves represented Saintliness amongst the elf race, they rarely accept other creatures as companions; for the Novelty Hunters to become her companions, there must be something exceptional about them.

But Yang Tian wanted them to experience pain first and he wanted to trample on their pride.

After returning to his room, Yang Tian kept Venom, the black liquid covering the Light Elf’s mouth has been kept long ago.

“Where did you send my companions to?”

That was the first question that the Light Elf asked.

“Why would a proud Light Elf choose to team up with humans?”

Every Light Elf that Yang Tian had met were arrogant and proud, yet the one in front of him did not display such characteristics at all, and could even be said to be pure and simple.

“I do not understand what you are saying, I am not a Light Elf, I am a human.”

The Light Elf vigorously shook her head and replied seriously that she was a human. Yang Tian was extremely sensitive to Light Energy which he finds disgusting; that was why he was sure of the Light Energy being emitted by the Light Elf.

“Then why did you form a team with them?”

“Brother Luffy and the rest saved me, I followed them to repay the gratitude.”

The Light Elf started tearing after speaking, one can see that she had some sorrowful memories.

“Then tell me your name.”

“I am called Lina, how do I address you?”

“I am Yang Tian.”

“Then can you release my companions?”



“No means no, there is no why.”

“Then can I visit them?”


Yang Tian confirmed that this Light Elf definitely did not have the arrogance of elves but was continuously nagging at Yang Tian and he was becoming impatient. However, the Light Elf Lina did not felt that way, she felt close to him. Although Yang Tian answered very impatiently, Lina could not help but want to speak more with him.

Yang Tian initially wanted to torture Lina, but he found that he was unable to do so when he saw her character.

“Then, Yang Tian…”

“Don’t speak, I will bring you to them after a few hours.”


Lina had stopped speaking as requested; Yang Tian sat in lotus position on the bed and looked at the silent Lina, enjoying the moment.

What am I thinking? Yang Tian slapped his head before taking out the items within the storage bracelets.

Yang Tian did not know why the first storage bracelet he checked belonged to Lina as well. Except for some clothes, there were only some energy crystals and spirit plants inside.

Yang Tian also checked through the remaining seven bracelets and took out the precious spirit plants.

These spirit plants could help Martialists; Energy Condensing Herb, Subliming Leaf, as well as a spirit plant that could improve attributes, like the Blood Reeking Grass. However, the Blood Reeking Grass has a side effect, the Speed Attribute will reduce in proportion to the increase in Strength. Except for Tank-type metahumans, most metahumans would not use it.

There was one spirit plant that happens to be what Yang Tian needed the most, Rank 3 Spirit Plant, Soul Bond Flower. It improves Mental Power.

It can increase the purity of Mental Power by 5 to 10%. Despite its low numerical value, its impact was not small at all, and could even be said to be extremely difficult.

Moreover, there was a difference in the results between different tiers of Mental Power, the lower-tiered the Mental Power, the higher the increase in purity and vice versa as it was harder for the Soul Bond Flower to affect stronger Mental Power.

The Soul Bond Flower was only a Rank 3 Spirit Plant, but its effect could be considered to be very good. With Yang Tian’s current Mental Power, he could at most obtain an 8% increase in purity level. 

The higher the purity of Mental Power, the easier it can be to rank up. Mental Power was similar to Inner Energy, if someone learns a random mix of various cultivation skills, it would be difficult for them to reach a high level as a Martial Artist; on the contrary, those who focus on learning one single cultivation skill would achieve greater heights. Mental Power was the same, the purer the Mental Power, the higher it could reach.

For professions that rely on Mental Power like Beast Tamers and Summoners, they must work on their Mental Power, else they would be destined to become mediocre.

The Soul Bond Flower was slowly absorbed by Yang Tian under his manipulation. Lina was also observing Yang Tian, but she only blankly looked at him.

If it were Yang Tian’s usual style, he would only start refining the Soul Bond Flower in an absolutely safe environment; while Lina could be said to have some form of animosity towards Yang Tian, he still felt safe enough to refine the Soul Bond Flower in front of Lina.

It might be their sense of familiarity that they were feeling towards each other that caused Yang Tian to overlook Lina’s presence.

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