Chapter 223 – Puppet

Only after Yang Tian finished refining did he noticed that Lina was looking at him. Yang Tian did not know why he had made such a mistake or why he was unable to display hostility towards Lina.

Lina noticed Yang Tian had woken up.

“You refined that Sister Rain’s spirit plant.”

“It is now mine.”

“Then when will you bring me to visit them?”

It took Yang Tian four hours to refine the Soul Bond Flower; the purity of his Mental Power had increased 8% like he had guessed, bringing his Mental Power closer to the Captain level.

“Let’s go find them now!”

After so much time, the members of the Novelty Hunting Team should be completely drained, he wonders what happened to the females.


Lina excitedly followed behind Yang Tian, she had no idea the scene she was about to witness later.

Yang Tian found Niu Chen and got him to lead the way. 

“What happened to the two women?”

“Something strange, Old Li and the others would usually have fun several times with women, but they only did it once and stopped playing.” Niu Chen said.

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It was actually because their bodies have started to feel weak after spending several nights the Dark Elves, it was already admirable that they could even go through with it once. On the contrary, Niu Chen who had been holding it in over this period went on it several times.

That was why the two women went to join their teammates earlier than Yang Tian had expected.

The seven of them were locked up in an underground prison naked and bounded, infected Rank 2 metahumans would be sent into the prison in batches every ten minutes. The Rank 2 metahumans were covered in boils and red spots, they were already disgusting visually, leaving aside the fact that they were infected with viruses….

When the seven first entered the prison, cries of pain and agony could be heard, but as time went by, their stamina could no longer support their ability to shout. Their gazes were now lifeless; as they waited for their deaths to arrive.

“That’s them?”

Yang Tian nearly could not recognize them, their bodies were covered in scratches while their lower parts were also included in injuries. Be it the men or women, none of them had light in their eyes any longer.

“Brother Kirk, Sister Rain, what happen to you?”

No matter how Lina called out to them, they had no reaction.

“Light Cleansing”

The healing ability of Light Elves was extremely powerful, speckles of light flew out from Lina and landed on the Novelty Hunters and healed all their injuries.

“How did they become like this?” Lina anxiously asked Yang Tian.

“Because they have lost their hope to survive in this world.”

“Impossible, Sister Fish taught me that we must hold on to the hope of surviving no matter what happens.”

Lina’s resolute expression caused Yang Tian’s cold heart to feel slightly pained.

Light Cleansing

Sacred Light

Illuminating Light

Lina cast Healing Skills continuously but was not effective, on the contrary, she became severely weakened from overusing her ability.

“I have not felt pain here… for a long time.” Yang Tian placed his hand on his heart.

When Yang Tian saw the light of despair surfacing within the eyes of this strong-willed Light Elf, his heart started trembling.

“Why is it not working.”

“Why can’t I revive Sister Rain.”

“Why is Brother Luffy not looking at me.”

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Lina hugged her legs as tears rolled down her face.

“I hate you, I hate you for turning Sister Rain and the rest into this state!”


Yang Tian took a deep breath to adjust his state of mind. Yang Tian did not know why he was able to endure the insult of this Light Elf and felt softhearted towards her. They were the losers! So why did he have such a feeling now?

Is it because my body is an elf and started feeling empathy towards another elf? Yang Tian was unconvinced about this explanation.

“This is the Post-Apocalyptic Era.”

After Yang Tian said the five words, the energy of death and evil flowed out of his body.

Undead Magic – Puppetry 

Yang Tian’s modus operandi was to never leave harmful loose ends. Therefore he would never allow them to recover, the only method left was to turn them into puppets.

Yang Tian would have killed them if it were usual times, but for some unknown reason, Yang Tian felt unbearable when he saw how heartbroken Lina was and decided to use this method.

Seven sinister energy flowed into the seven of them, an energy similar to Yang Tian was soon felt from them. The puppets made from the Undead Magic Puppetry and from Smiths have a distinct difference; the puppets made from Smiths were all animated objects, while the puppets created through Puppetry used living objects and was considered as Half Undead.

Puppetry would destroy their souls and leave only their fighting conscious behind. Yang Tian’s Elite Mental Power had an upgrade earlier on, making it easy for him to wipe away their souls.


A shattering sound was heard as greyness replaced their eyes.

Using Puppetry was very demanding on Yang Tian’s Mental Power, after nearly using up all of his reserves, seven puppets were successfully created.

Yang Tian took out seven sets of grey clothes and toss it to them.

“Wear it.”

“Yes, master.”

Their emotionless voice caused the weeping Lina to lift up her head.

“Sister Rain, you guys are okay, that’s great!”

Lina wiped off her tears and happily approached them. However, the puppets no longer remember Lina, they only continue to stand blankly after wearing the clothes while awaiting for Yang Tian’s orders.

“Why are they not speaking?” Lina asked Yang Tian.

“Why are you not thanking me, I used up a large amount of my Mental Power to restore them.” Yang Tian smiled wryly.

When did he start to act for the sake of making a girl happy, he even used his ability to achieve that.

“Thank you! But why are they not talking?”

“It will be okay after a few days.”

Yang Tian had just consumed a large amount of his Mental Power and was unable to muster enough to control them to engage a conversation.

“How long will it be?”

“They will be fine here, why not you support me back.”

Yang Tian had Niu Chen beside him, he could always call the latter to assist him, but Yang Tian wanted Lina to do so. Yang Tian did not know why, as all he felt was that he wanted her to do it.


Lina approached Yang Tian, and Yang Tian leaned his body against Lina.

“You are so heavy.” Lina grumbled.

Yang Tian smelled the fragrance from Lina’s hair and suddenly said:

“I hate the energy of light, but I like the fragrance coming from you!”

“Sister Fish said before that only bad people will hate the light.” Lina mumbled a reply that caused Yang Tian’s face to freeze.

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