Chapter 167: Temptress

Yang Cui gripped the arm of the servant beside her whose clothes were frail. Yang Cui’s dug into the servant’s arm, causing her to furrowed her brows in pain: “It hurts.”

“Pain is the only way. That vixen, how dare she seduce my man. I’ll make her die.”

The servant girl saw Yang Cui’s vicious sight and was scared stiff, not daring to move.

Seeing the terrified servant girl, Yang Cui threw her out in disgust.

Madame Chen saw her angry daughter and could not help but furrowed her brows: “What happened?”

“Mother, I’m feeling really vexed.”

“What is it? Why did my son-in-law leave? Didn’t he say that he’ll be staying here for a few days?” She even planned on showing off. Who knew that he had left already?

When speaking about what happened, Yang Cui scolded furiously: “Mother, it’s all Ning Meng Yao’s fault! That vixen!”

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“En? What does it have to do with Ning Meng Yao?” Madame Chen frowned and asked.

Yang Cui bit her lips and told Madame Chen of her plan.

Madam Chen became silent before sending a poke at Yang Cui’s head: “What were you thinking? You haven’t make Li Wei fall for you completely, and with no child to rely on, why did you do something like this. It will only make him stop pampering you. How can you be this foolish?”

This foolish daughter was really going to be the death of her. If she was pregnant and did this, then Madame Chen would not have said anything. But this girl actually went ahead without getting pregnant. Madame Chen was furious.

After Yang Cui saw Li Wei’s obsession in Ning Meng Yao, she had already began regretting her actions. And now, she regretted it even more.

How could things turn out like this? She had not thought it through before and it was already too late to regret.


“Mother, what should I do?” Yang Cui asked with uncertainty.

“You only know how to be worried now? Then why would you even do that?” Madame Chen glared at her daughter angrily.


“Enough, I know that it’ll be impossible to stop Li Wei now. He’s already obsessed with her.” Madame Chen helped Yang Cui analyze.


Yang Cui knew this, of course. What she wanted to know was how to resolve this problem.

Madame Chen mulled for quite a while before she spoke: “We’ll spread the word to the villagers. But you must stand in the spot of the victim when speaking about this. Understand?”

Yang Cui thought it over and understood. This way, aside from making the villagers feel that Ning Meng Yao was shameless, it would also make Ning Meng Yao feel more disgusted towards Li Wei and not like him. In that case, she would not easily follow Li Wei. And during this period, she would get pregnant and receive Li Wei’s love once more. Even if he wanted Ning Meng Yao in the end, she would help him obtain her. Who knows? Maybe she would get even more of Li Wei’s appreciation.

With such a thought, Yang Cui nodded in agreement: “Then, Mother, we’ll do that.”

“Come with me now.” Madame Chen pulled Yang Cui out of the house.

After leaving, Madame Chen went on wailing without tears, saying how Ning Meng Yao was shameless, to still seduce her son-in-law even though she was engaged, and what a temptress she was.

Yang Cui bit her lip and her eyes were hazy with tears, looking as if she had been wronged. Only those ignorant would think it was so.

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The people passing by saw them making a ruckus and could not help but said: “You say that Meng Yao seduce your son-in-law. How strange. No one saw Meng Yao in the village today, so did she seduce your son-in-law?”

Madame Chen’s tearful complain halted. She did not know how to respond.

Seeing that, Yang Cui became worried that their plan might get ruined, so she immediately explained in a low voice: “My husband made me take him around, and then…..”

Yang Cui did not finish to allow her words to carry some ambiguity.

It would give the meaning that Ning Meng Yao deliberately walked up to them and seduced her husband.

The people looked at one another. They did not believe that Ning Meng Yao would do something like this.

Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang arrived at the village together and brought meat to Yang Zhu’s house. On the road, they heard someone speaking bad about Ning Meng Yao and the voice was very familiar.

Qiao Tian Chang’s gaze turned cold: “Yao Yao is always with me the whole day. You say that she seduced your husband, show some proof.” 

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