Chapter 229 –Light Cross Shield

No Dark Creature is that simple, there must be a reason why the Dark Elves did not wipe out the Wang Family.

Just as Yang Tian thought the Dark Elves would be leaving, they stopped in front of the Radiant Church. The Light Attribute was the most hated by Dark Creatures, this was the same for the Dark Elves as well.

The Dark Elves and Light Elves were warring for the longest time amongst the elven tribes, they have never stopped before. 

The Dark Energy from the three Dark Elves started enveloping the Radiant Church after standing in front of it for a short moment.

The Radiant Church began to emit a glow at the same time to repel the Dark Energy.

“Get out!”

A Dark Elf released a loud shout, one that shook the entire A City.

An amiable looking middle-aged man came out from the Radiant Church, the Light Energy he was emitting was not weak as well.

He should be the Radiant Pope.

His expression was solemn when he faced the Dark Elves. He has yet to become a true Radiant Pope. Thus, the dark energy suppression he felt from the Dark Elves was much stronger than other creatures.

“If not because of… your life would have ended by our hands long ago.”

After the Dark Elf spoke, the three of them started to gather black light in their palms.

Dark Divine Light

The Radiant Pope was already prepared, a golden shield with a cross carved on its surface appeared in his hands.

Light Cross Shield

Dark Divine Light landed on Light Cross Shield and created a series of energy pulses as Light and Dark collided.

The grade of the Light Cross Shield was not low; it was able to block the three Dark Divine Lights without breaking apart, but the power of the attack still pushed the Radiant Pope back.

On the other hand, the white glow on the waists of the Dark Elves was becoming increasingly faded. The Spatial Rope was expiring and would soon be forcefully pulling the Dark Elves out of Earth.


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Dark Divine Light slowly pushed against the Light Cross Shield, the Radiant Pope hiding behind the shield was wavering while the corner of his mouth was starting to leak blood.

At this rate, even if the Radiant Pope survives, he would still at least be severely injured.

A suction force came from the sky and pulled the three Dark Elves, the three Dark Elves also took the females with them as they left.

However, they forgot that the Radiant Pope could still attack despite being injured.

Radiant Flash

The Radiant Pope did a throwing action and a ray of light shot towards the Dark Elves.

Light restrains Dark, it would feel terrible if the attack landed. However, the Dark Elves used the females as a shield to block the Radiant Pope’s Radiant Flash.

After seeing that his attack has succeeded, the Radiant Pope immediately ran back into the Radiant Church. He was still injured from earlier.

As for Yang Tian, he quickly rushed to the Liu Family’s base after the Dark Elves left Earth.

The Brother Powerless trio also followed Yang Tian. Having lost all their Rank 3 metahumans, the Liu Family was in chaos, the remaining metahumans were all raiding the Liu Family’s warehouse for food. The Liu Family had accumulated quite a large amount of food inside their warehouse, but it was being emptied.

Yang Tian arrived and saw the chaos.


T-Rex unleashed a roar that shocked the metahumans and ordinary humans within the Liu Family, the powerful T-Rex made them stop moving as they did not dare to act recklessly. Those who were raiding all paused as well.

“Put the food back into the warehouse.”

Yang Tian’s cold voice reached their ears.

“Im, impossible.”

“Why must we listen to you?”

“We are many and can run away with the food. I do not believe you can catch all of us.”

The next second, they started running away towards all directions with whatever food they have in their arms.

“Go, kill all who ran away.”

The tamed beasts and puppets acted at the same moment. As none of the metahumans within the Liu Family were Rank 3 or higher, the situation became a one-sided massacre.

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One, three, ten… by the time the hundredth was killed, none had dared to move again as no one managed to successfully escape. The bloody lesson was displayed in full in front of them.

“Know your limits, return all of them!”

The seven words were like magic as they started to obediently put back the food they got from the Liu Family’s warehouse, including the food dropped onto the floor.

Not a single morsel of food could be found on them now.

“Liu Family? That is no longer true.”

Yang Tian looked at the signboard that contained the words Liu Family underneath his foot and crushed it with a stomp.

“From today onwards, all of you are no longer people of the Liu Family, but… Ji Family.”

That’s right, because Brother Powerless’s last name was Ji. Yang Tian had no desire to build an organization within A City, he has been taking action with Brother Powerless in mind all this time.

Brother Powerless was stunned for a moment, he looked calm on the surface, but his excitement in his eyes had betrayed his emotions. Brother Powerless only has one thought in his mind: No matter what is your motive, I will remember this favor.

“Brother Powerless, do you know how to manage?”

“I know, but my strength…”

“No matter, you can use the seven of them.”

“Thank you.”

Now that the overall situation has been contained, next was to tidy things up. Brother Powerless quickly went to gather and consolidate all the remaining Liu Family Forces under his control.

As for what to do next, Yang Tian would let Brother Powerless handle it and would not interfere.

Yang Tian’s actions were self-evident, this caused Xiao Zhang and Sister Ting, who was having hidden intentions, to become diffident. Especially the gaze that Yang Tian gave them, it made them feel terrified.

Yang Tian headed to the Liu Family Head’s room; being the head of the family, the Liu Family Head should have collected several treasures, so Yang Tian decided to go treasure hunting.

Lina has been following behind Yang Tian all this time, and suddenly spoke when they entered the Liu Family Head’s room, “There is a hateful item over there.”

Yang Tian looked at the direction where Lina pointed, there was an unremarkably-looking plant hidden between a crack. Even Yang Tian nearly missed it.

Desire Grass

It was a type of plant that induces a male and female to mate and the effect was very potent. Any creature below Rank 4 that eats a small amount of it would “explode” for three days and nights.

When Yang Tian heard Lina’s comment, he thought it was a Dark Attribute treasure, little did he expect that it was this thing. Although it was not a good thing, Yang Tian still kept it inside his ring.

It might be useful in the future; better have it when needed than, needing it when the time comes.

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