Chapter 230 – Invading

Lina’s expression was slightly vigilant when she saw Yang Tian keeping the plant.

“Don’t overthink.”

Yang Tian continued to search but he found nothing wanting. The Liu Family Head had collected many Rank 3 treasures, yet none of them met Yang Tian’s needs.

Yang Tian soon lost interest in his things.

When Yang Tian returned to the main camp, Brother Powerless has sorted out the remaining metahumans of the Liu Family and gotten things in order, those who held positions in the Liu Family previously were told to continue holding that post.

The ones with authority were mostly all Rank 3 metahumans, now that they have died due to the Dark Elves, these positions have been emptied and became an opportunity for the Rank 2 metahumans to rise up the pack.

Although the Ji Family was just established recently, they have four powerful tamed beasts, and seven puppets, this level of power was not weaker than the Liu Family.

Brother Powerless has arranged and recorded all the information on a piece of paper and handed it to Yang Tian when he saw the latter.

“Brother Powerless, I trust you, just do it as you see fit.”

Yang Tian did not take the paper from Brother Powerless; this was the former’s trust towards Brother Powerless.

Brother Powerless’s hands were trembling with emotions, he did not understand why Yang Tian treats him so well but Brother Powerless had silently carved this kindness in his heart.

Within the post-apocalyptic era, some people focused on how to survive, while some worked hard to rescue others; only a few would develop the ambition of becoming someone great in this era. Brother Powerless belonged to this small group of individuals and had once shared his dream to Yang Tian but he lacked the ability to realize it. However, now that Yang Tian has the ability, he would naturally give Brother Powerless a hand.


Brother Powerless did things very efficiently, Sister Ting and Xiao Zhang also helped. The chaotic base camp slowly recovered, but the portion that was damaged by the Dark Elves would require more time before it could be restored.

Brother Powerless has pretty good management abilities, but the lack of Rank 3 metahumans helping still makes a big difference. The puppets and tamed beasts were all Yang Tian’s fighting power, Brother Powerless was worried that after Yang Tian leaves, their survivability would sharply decline.

“Family Head, the Wu Family’s people are here.”

Brother Powerless was having a discussion with Yang Tian when a Rank One metahuman came to report.

The Liu Family Head and all the Rank 3 metahumans within the Liu Family has been killed, turning the Liu Family into a big pie, especially the food within the Liu Family warehouse.

“Let’s go take a look.”

It was within Yang Tian’s expectations that the Wu Family would come because the latter had fewer casualties. It was expected that the Wu Family, wandering metahumans and various small forces would set their sights on the Liu Family’s warehouse after witnessing the Liu Family being exterminated.

Wu Tian had brought the Rank 3 metahumans under him to surround the Liu Family’s base camp and saw the neat row of Rank 2 metahumans. He did not expect that someone managed to capture the Liu Family this quickly and gotten their Rank 2 metahumans to submit under them.

Wu Tian did not think that they were from the Wang Family as the Wang Family Head had just lost an arm and a leg to the Dark Elves.

“Who can it be?”

When Wu Tian saw Yang Tian, he mostly understood what has happened. Putting the three largest organizations aside, only Yang Tian would have the ability to do this.

“Long time no see, Wu Family Head.”

Yang Tian’s words were like a slap to Wu Tian’s face. Wu Tian did not see Yang Tian over the past few days and had thickened his skin to look for Yang Tian for a chat. Only to discover that Yang Tian was no longer in his room and even his tamed beasts and puppets have also disappeared.

Wu Tian thought that Yang Tian only left temporarily and did not expect that the latter would take over the Liu Family’s territory; the fact greatly exceeded his expectations.

Niu Chen was standing amongst the Wu Family’s Rank 3 metahumans, he felt his heart trembled for a moment when he saw Yang Tian, the feeling of defecting well up in his heart.

“Why am I feeling this way?”

Niu Chen thought this was an illusion and shook his head, but the feeling remained.

“It has indeed been a long time.” Wu Tian gritted his teeth slightly as he replied.

Wu Tian knew what Yang Tian was capable of and understood that they would not be able to force their way in. Even if he has to fight with Yang Tian, he might not be able to overpower Yang Tian; he still clearly remembered the horror of Yang Tian’s Death Mark like it had happened yesterday.

“Young Master Yang, let’s be straightforward! I will take ha… one-third of the food stored inside the Liu Family’s warehouse, the rest is yours. How about it?”

Wu Tian felt that he has taken a big step back as he initially wanted to take half the food but changed it to one-third now.

“No! I want all.”

Yang Tian rejected Wu Tian’s request. He took down this place himself, yet the other party wanted to take a third away just because they requested, this was obviously impossible.

“If we fight, you guys might not be able to win.”

“You can always try.” Yang Tian replied in disdain.

Yang Tian’s four tamed beasts and seven puppets appeared behind him. This was not the first time the Wu Family’s metahumans have seen the beasts and puppets, they know clearly what terrible outcome will await them now that they were on opposite sides.


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Wu Tian truly did not dare to fight Yang Tian, but he was unwilling to give up the Liu Family’s food.

“Do you really want to fight?”

“Enough crap.”

Yang Tian lifted his hand, and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf leaped out. It shot a jet of blue flames that forced the Wu Family’s metahumans to retreat.

The spot where the blue flames landed became an obstruction that blocked the Wu Family’s metahumans.

“This is the dividing line. We will start the fight if anyone of you crosses it.”

Yang Tian pointed at the blue flames and slowly said.

None of the Wu Family metahumans dared to cross that line.

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Wu Tian said unwillingly, but he must pull back his subordinates first.

They did not return to the Wu Estate, but establish a camp near the Ji Family’s base camp. It was apparent that Wu Tian was unresigned and looking for an opportunity to make his move.

After they left, Brother Powerless said:

“The Wu Family is not easy to handle. If it is not possible, we can give away some of our food…”

“No need to worry, Brother Powerless.”

Yang Tian patted on Brother Powerless’s shoulders and assured the latter.

The reason Yang Tian was confident was that Violent Corpse Worm Queen had woken up and provided him with nine Peak Rank 3 Violent Corpse Worms.

“The nine Violent Corpse Worms are all Water Attribute.”

With the Violent Corpse Worms, Yang Tian obtained an additional means of operation. It was a pity that the Wu Family Head was a Fire Dragon metahuman. It would be not very useful if the Water Attribute Violent Corpse Worm was to be planted inside him.

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