Chapter 231 – Driving A Wedge


A Peak Rank 3 High-Grade Beast Metahuman will be a good fighting power if Yang Tian has one in his control.

Night soon arrived, the temperature dropped sharply during the night; it was at most 38℃ during the daytime, but it became 4℃ during the night. Just the difference in temperature would have killed many normal humans.

Yang Tian left Lina in the Ji Family’s base camp with the seven puppets guarding her. This also gave Lina the chance to catch up with them, just that only Sister Fish alone was able to converse.

Yang Tian entered Venom form and reduced his energy signature to the lowest.

Ten Early Rank 3 metahumans were on sentry duty at the Wu Family’s camp, while Wu Tian, the three High Rank 3s, and some Mid Rank 3s were inside a large tent discussing the day’s event.

“Family Head, I think we should just charge our way in!”

“No, just those four beasts would be enough to wipe up half of our forces, it would be our losses even if our attack succeeds. Family Head, I have a better idea.”

“Go ahead.” Wu Tian looked at the metahuman and replied.

“Didn’t Family Head have several storage bracelets? We might not be able to win those beasts, but we can still restrain them and sent a small team with excellent movement abilities to sneak into the Liu Family’s warehouse.”

Wu Tian felt that it was pretty logical, storage bracelets have high holding capacity, and Yang Tian might not be able to notice their plan.

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“If it’s speed. That would be you, Tang Shan.”

“Yes, Family Head.”

Li Ji was a Mid Rank 3 Shadow Assassin who can hide inside shadows and perform assassinations. Stealing food would be easy for him. 

Unfortunately, Yang Tian had heard everything.

Yang Tian had used Examine to observe their every move.

After Wu Tian confirmed the mission plan, they went back to rest while Yang Tian went to the tent of one of the High Rank 3 metahumans.

Venom was now Peak Rank 3, and Yang Tian himself was an Early Rank 3 Martialist, his physique was equivalent to a Mid Rank 3. The moment he entered the tent, Yang Tian used his Peak Rank 3 power to grab the throat.

“Wu Jin, remember me?”

“Yes, yes!”

Wu Jin’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, he believed that Yang Tian could easily crush his throat and end his life anytime.

Wu Jin was a High Rank 3 metahuman from the Yi Family that was captured after the battle and he was a Water Elementalist. Moreover, it was said that the Yi Family Head had bestowed his water ability with the ability to possess neurotoxins, giving his ability greater destructiveness.

The Water Attribute possessed the trait of accepting other attributes, just like how Wu Jin’s Water Attribute had an additional Poison Attribute that increases its destructiveness; adding the Wood Attribute would give the Water Attribute the ability to heal. The trait of the Water Attribute allows different Water Attribute metahumans to vary from each other.

“You should know why I am here, right?”

“Yes, yes, I will definitely coordinate with Sir.”

“But I do not really trust you.”

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“This… Sir….”

Just as Wu Jin was about to give an explanation, he saw a blue flash diving into his body before a heart-piercing pain was felt. Wu Jin wanted to shout out in pain, but his mouth was firmly covered by Yang Tian.

Only after the pain disappeared did Yang Tian released Wu Jin’s mouth.

“How do you feel?”

Wu Jin thought Yang Tian was planning to kill him, but it was apparently not the case. Hearing Yang Tian’s question, Wu Jin sensed that his power had significantly increased and was on the verge of reaching Peak Rank 3.

“How mysterious.”

Wu Jin blankly stared at Yang Tian, did the latter gave him this new power?

“This power is my gift to you, and at the same time, it is also a bomb. If you fail to follow my command, you will suffer a fate worse than death.”

Wu Jin did not dare to doubt Yang Tian when he heard Yang Tian’s cold voice.

Since he was working for someone either way, following Yang Tian might be better; at least he could obtain higher power from him. This was what Wu Jin thought in his mind.

“Bring your ear closer.”


Yang Tian whispered some instructions to Wu Jin before leaving that tent.

“Family Head, it is not that I have wronged you, it is just that your luck is bad.” Wu Jin mumbled to himself.

On the second day, Wu Tian brought his subordinates to the front of Ji Family’s base camp.

However, Yang Tian had deployed the puppets inside the warehouse ever since he returned last night. If the Shadow Assassin enters, only death would await him.

Since Wu Tian only planed to pin them down, the four beasts would be more than enough for the fight.

“Yang Tian, this is the last time I am asking. Are you willing to split the food equally?”

Wu Tian stood at the front of his group and spoke in a tone that was much more confident than yesterday.

“Only a night has passed, and the Wu Family Head seemed much more confident.” Yang Tian coldly replied with a smile.

Yang Tian’s tamed beasts stood in front of him after he spoke and blocked the vision of the Wu Family Head.


Wu Family Head waved his hand and a few dozen metahumans charged towards the four beasts. Three High Rank 3 metahumans fought against T-Rex as it possessed the strongest fighting power amongst the four beasts.

Against the other three beasts, the Mid Rank 3s were the main fighting force with the Early Rank 3s supporting them. They were focused on avoiding the attacks of the beasts.

Wu Family Head had already got the Shadow Assassin to act. The latter had gone around Yang Tian and headed straight for the warehouse.

Once they got the food, Wu Tian would immediately call for a retreat.

The fighting only just started, and some Early Rank 3s were hurt.

Wu Tian had wanted to join the fight but retreated when he saw Yang Tian watching him from the side.

Half an hour went by, but the Shadow Assassin has not returned, Wu Tian started to feel anxious. On the battlefield, all the Early Rank 3s were severely injured, with five of them dead already.

“Wu Jin, have you gone crazy?”

The other two metahumans shouted in anger as Wu Jin’s attack nearly landed on them when they were avoiding T-Rex’s attack. Both of them knew very well that Wu Jin’s water contained lethal poison. If they were struck, they would undoubtedly be in danger!

“Mistake, it was a mistake.” Wu Jin quickly explained.

Of course, Wu Jin did not make a mistake as his actions were deliberate. Just that he did not grab hold of the opportunity well enough and nearly got exposed. However, T-Rex managed to find an opening.

Fire Dragon Claw struck one of the metahumans and the powerful attack slammed that metahuman onto the ground.

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