Chapter 2-3

It was very warm.

For some reason, I felt like it’s been awhile since I was last sound asleep. Perhaps my sleep was too deep that my head was still faint.

I stretched my body happily. No, I tried but couldn’t. My movement seemed to be restricted.

Upon opening my eyes, I could see the color of the flesh before my eyes. …Eh, this, skin…?

It was a naked man’s chest!!

“?! …Hya?!”

I was too surprised that my voice didn’t come out.

In exchange, I impatiently breathed in order to catch my breath. When I breathed using my mouth, my gasp was too excessive that I looked like I was aroused, so I using my nose and breathed as expected, I ended up becoming like a dangerous person whose nose breathing was rough.

As I was telling myself to calm down, I forced my befuddled head to move, trying to grasp the situation.

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–Leon-sama was sleeping.

The loose-waved glossy golden hair was spread around the bed sheet. It was just like a halo. The sleeping Leon=sama was as beautiful as he appeared divine. He was obviously beautiful when he was awake as well, and though he was a person with a good disposition, that flavor was lost when he woke up and spoke, and there was no leeway to appreciate his beauty, too.

Besides, since I spent my daytime with Orgueil whose facial features were way too divine-like, when I made a comparison between the two, Leon-sama appeared more humane.

And that Leon-sama was hugging me with his eyes closed.

…And naked.

When I tried to quietly see him until the tip of his feet, yes, he was stark naked. Speaking of which, he seemed to have said something about it when we first met.

On the first day we used the bed together, I slept ahead of Leon-sama, and on the next day, he woke up earlier than me, so I didn’t know what kind of pajamas he wore.

The next day, too, and the next day, as well. Could it be that Leon-sama did this on purpose? So I thought, but day by day, Leon-sama went to bed so late at night and woke up so early in the morning, and since I went ahead of him without reservation, I had never recalled until now that he once told me, “I sleep naked.”

What should I do? Should I stay like this until he wakes up?

However, I’d be wide awake while being hugged just like this by a naked man, well… Thinking like that, I tried to sneak away from his arms’ restraint, but the arms irrationally didn’t loosen up, and I thought of escaping his arms by sliding my body down—but I stopped midway. With this kind of method, even if I would be able to escape if things turned well, before that, my face would be at his crotch. That was a bit, no, very embarrassing.

Then, shall I stay like this? As I resigned myself to it…

“Are you awake?”


I sensed my head being pressed by his nose, and Leon-sama’s coquettish voice could be heard.

It was a direct hit to my waist. His voice as he just woke up in the morning. Although it was a bit hoarse, it was still a very lascivious voice.

I ended up shuddering. My body was trembling.

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What’s this sensation? As my heart was thumping, I told myself desperately that I had to keep my composure.

Then, there was a voice of someone sucking up their breath.

…This person, really…

The shuddering sensation and my thumping heart were rapidly cooling down. I didn’t feel like looking up, but I could bet on it. Leon-sama was sniffing my scent.

“…Please let me go when you’re satisfied.”

I calmly said.

“…No, I still haven’t had my fill yet.”

You’re satisfied, aren’t you?! If not, then is it because of the sensuality?!

(T/N: I think there’s some kind of a word pun here that can’t be seen in the translation. Starting from when Riviere mentioned ‘satisfied’, it uses the word 堪能 (kannou; satisfaction). The same goes for Leon’s “haven’t had my fill yet/isn’t satisfied”, and the last ‘satisfied’. Then, sensuality there uses the word 官能, also read as kannou, but the meaning is ‘sensuality’. Just a little bit of trivia and please excuse me if my interpretation is wrong ^^;)

“Anyway, your scent is comforting…”

Duke-sama, you’re such a disappointment.

I thought so as I abandoned the idea of escape.

Let’s leave this scent fetish as he is for a little while. He will surely be satisfied after he smells it for a while.

Today is the first day of my field trip around the castle. It’s divided into morning section and afternoon section, and I’m looking forward even to making the resume of the field trip. I don’t want to displease him, who has given me his permission.  

As I was thinking so indiscriminately, I was being absentminded in his arms, and for some reason, I felt that my body was shivering again.

–This was unmistakably, perhaps, the sensuality.

“?! …Leon-sama…”

Leon-sama’s big hand was gently rubbing my back as he rubbed down just as it was, then he slowly caressed my buttocks.

My body ended up jolting.

Leon-sama’s mouth formed a smile as he rubbed my buttocks silently just like that. His other hand was circling the front of my body, his hand was sliding from the side towards the upper side, touching my breasts.

He was rubbing my breasts gently, with the right amount of power that didn’t induce any pain.

“Uhm…! Leon-sama… Nn, kuu…”

As expected, this is bad!

When I was about to look up to protest, my mouth was blocked.

Leon-sama’s lips perfectly covered my lips, and in no time, his tongue entered.

He licked my palate, tasting the inside of my mouth, dragging out my tongue as he entwined it with his, slurping the saliva that was about to overflow, and the kiss turned even deeper.

Before long, he skillfully stripped my pajamas. What a quick work. His experience was clearly different from me, whose brain was already boiling just with a slight caressing and kiss.


I couldn’t give a decent resistance.

There’s something I have to do. I have to wake up and prepare for it. Leon-sama is supposed to have plans as well.

My head was desperately maintaining its reasoning power, but when there was a slight moment out lips separated, Leon-sama’s name occasionally leaked out from my lips. My body had already turned soft.

“…Riviere. Rivea.”

Leon-sama was looking down at me with his enchanting amber eyes that were overflowing with sweetness. Then, he immediately kissed me again, and I ended up swallowing my sigh back.

During this time, too, his gentle caressing hand was crawling all around my body, his leg was put between my legs.

My sensitive part was being rubbed by his leg.

A hard erection was rubbing against my body. The heat that leaked out from the tip was spreading.

The core of my body throbbed to the swelling, indescribable heat. However, somewhere inside my head, there was a part of me that thought, ‘I don’t like this perverted act’. I still don’t know much about this person. And this person still hasn’t known me, too. Despite this, at this rate—

“—Your Highness, Riviere-sama. It should be about time for you two to wake up.”

Along with a light knock, a very calm voice of Orgueil could be heard through the inner door of the living room close to Leon-sama’s room.

“…Especially Your Highness. You have a morning assembly schedule with the other dukes this morning.”

Leon-sama heaved a deep sigh. He clicked his tongue and added, “He must have chosen this timing on purpose.”

Leon-sama got up after dropping a single kiss on my forehead.

As an inexperienced person who just had an indecent deed being done to herself first thing in the morning and with the raising heat that was stopped halfway, I was still completely exhausted, so I could only look up at Leon-sama.

“Your scent is a problem. You have to take measures. It will drive men wild.”

Leon-sama, who looked fresh as if it was unthinkable that he was the person doing an indecent deed until just now, was showing a smile suitable to the morning’s refreshing air. Then, he said, “Today’s morning assembly was important, so let’s continue in the next opportunity,” before he gallantly left the room.

Although the absentminded me was also at fault…

I’d like you not to put the blame on my scent. You can be satisfied just by sniffing it! What a perverted duke!

After he left, I somehow managed to get up to pick up my disheveled pajamas that was put nearby. As I was wiping my body that was sticky due to the sweat or something, I called names on him.


It didn’t feel unpleasant. Rather, my body felt joy, and that was a fact I couldn’t help but admit.

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