Chapter 2-2.5

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The strategy was a success.

The village was liberated, the terrorist group was 90% destroyed, and all that was left was for them to surrender.

The refugees started to return. The people who didn’t evacuate and remained in the village also began to regain their composure little by little.

It was the night before the departure from the village, while leaving behind a few troops in order to maintain the security.

A small house at the outskirt of the village. It was a house of three: that girl, her little brother, and their grandmother.

They just returned from the evacuation site. She was the girl who cooperated with out allied forces to guide and take the initiative to encourage the villagers who were exhausted and who were raging.

Once things calmed down, she wanted to return to school. So that she could study and become a doctor who could examine everyone in that village.

She was a girl who was fond of various stories, especially about me and about the foreign countries.

And, that girl.

She was eaten by a beast.

By the beasts. Pressed down by the beasts wearing the arm bands of our allied forces.

The beasts’ rough breathing. ‘Pan, pan,’ the sound of meat colliding with meat. A man’s groaning, cheering vulgar voices. The girl’s screaming, in a hoarse voice that could be heard in pieces. That voice too, suddenly changed into a muttering voice.

“…! Fu, u, guu…”

“Hey, hold it in deeper! …Ku, awesome, it hits the spot…!”

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“Hurry and do it, so you can serve the others, too!”

“…Guu, her lower lip is the best, and to think that she’s only a kid, amazinggg…!!”

“I told you, hurry and come, you bastard!!”

“Shall we use her ass too?”

The bursting cheers of joy. The girl’s muttering voice was mostly inaudible.

Finally, the realization of the meaning behind the scene before my eyes hit me.

Six men with their bare lower bodies. The men’s waists were repeatedly striking her sweet mouth and the gap between her delicate legs. Her still-immature breasts were rubbed and clawed by their nails until the forms changed, and her small hands were grasping the men’s lust. The room was enveloped in the smell of sweat, semen, and—the choking scent of the blood.

My head turned blank. Just as I was about to rapid-fire the rifle to kill the men, I was stopped by my subordinate.

The scent of the blood was from the girl’s little brother and grandmother who were abruptly killed when they were trying to protect the girl.

–The allied forces’ soldiers who were supposed to protect the villages were violating a girl and killed her family.

It would be a serious affair if the media noticed it. Furthermore, if the head of the village and the remaining villagers were to know of it, it would affect the execution of the strategy from now on.

This incident was set up by the remnants of the terrorist group. It was done as a revenge towards the allied forces.

My demand to try them in a court-martial was rejected by the superiors’ adjudication and the six men received treatment for their injuries that were caused by my shoots. However, in public, they were [forced to repatriate to their own country because of misbehavior], and this incident came to an end.

Speaking of the girl.

She surely resisted before being gang-raped. Her stomach was beaten, kicked, and her internal organs were damaged. She continued to slowly bleed.

It was too late by the time her external wounds were being treated, and she passed away.

I’m glad we met. Thank you for coming.’


She didn’t say any word of grudge or rebuke…

Could it be that she didn’t have any stamina or willpower left to say them?

She passed away after telling me thank you and that she liked me—the man who was in the same allied forces, the man who was the forces’ commander.

Despite the fact that I couldn’t save her. It was my fault for not being able to lead the soldiers.

Everyone told me that they were notorious ruffians, and that it wasn’t my fault, but that wasn’t true. It was because I couldn’t clean up properly after the victory.

It was my fault. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. How should I make up for it? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry………

—Again, huh?’


Leon woke up from his light sleep, turning towards a woman who was sleeping next to him.

Riviere continued to shed tears in silent. She faintly whispered many times over. That she was sorry.

From the night she was admitted into an adjoining room with Leon, the two of them began sharing a bedroom.

During the seven days that the Duke Evangelista frequently visited the guest room more or less on purpose in order to spread around his attachment to her, he came to understand that Riviere was a soldier that could make a man embarrassed and the one who would be frank to say what she wanted to say, but she was unexpectedly weak to pressure. Or rather, it was as if she couldn’t handle a bargaining between a man and woman.

She seemed to be consciously thinking that she was indebted. Furthermore, perhaps due to the fact that she was honest or tactless, although she expressed her objection and dissatisfaction regarding the draft of sharing a bedroom on the eighth day, she did little to no resistance after being cajoled that it was important to [put into form] of [the duke’s favor]. Thus, they’ve arrived at this moment.

She, who possessed a first-rate appearance and scent (← The second factor was essential), was immensely fascinating, but as expected, the duke wasn’t that unripe that he’d devour her greedily, he didn’t feel any thirst, and the bed was spacious that each of them only slept there. And the comfortable bed sharing according to the duke began, but,

(…You, what are you carrying? What are you shouldering?)

In the middle of the night during their first day of cohabitation, he opened his eyes to an unusual presence.

He was originally a light sleeper. His sleep was shallow, short, but in exchange, he’d take a short nap during the day. He considered it similar to a considerable sound sleep.

That was why, he opened his eyes when he realized her unusual behavior in the spacious bed.

A faint weeping. Her muttering ‘sorry’.

On the first day, he was only watching her attentively. He thought of waking her up if she made a noise during her nightmare, but that didn’t happen, and before long, her tears calmed down and she slept again. She also didn’t talk about it in the morning.

Thereupon, on the second night—that is, now—it began. She was apologizing while crying.

He slightly moved on top of the spacious bed to slide his body next to hers. Then, he gently held the sobbing woman in his arms.

A sweet and fragrant scent tickled his nose. Heat spontaneously gathered in his lower extremities, but that couldn’t be helped, so he bitterly smiled and combed her black hair. He brought his lips close to her ears. As he nibbled her soft ears, he continued to whisper softly so she wouldn’t wake up, “It’s okay, you’ll surely be forgiven, it’s going to be alright,” while wishing that it would reach her heart.

When her muttering could no longer be heard and a calm and regular sleeping breath could be heard, his tongue gently crawled her cheeks that were wet with tears, and he planted a kiss to her eyelids.

Let’s embrace her like this until morning comes. She smells good and warm, it doesn’t feel bad at all… Although this kind of posture will somewhat cause an uproar when she wakes up. I wonder what kind of reaction will she show me?


He decided to sleep again.

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