Chapter 2-2

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Orgueil silently placed the cup and fixed his eyes on me. He purposely tilted his head to the side, as if urging me to continue.

“—I want to go out.”

First, I tried to state my request concisely.

“Where to?”

“To the town, but if the security is difficult, then I’m fine with it being saved for another day. In short, I want to go to somewhere other than this floor!”

“So, you want to suspend the study?”

“…Please don’t put it as nasty as that.”

After faltering, I continued my words.

“Of course I’ll continue my study. Please guide me well. However, I also want to move my body. You tested my ability around 10 days ago, didn’t you? You landed a hit on the poor me who was wearing Leon-sama’s baggy robe immediately after I transmigrated to another world, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I remember that.”

He calmly disregarded my manner of speaking that was full of censure.

“I haven’t moved my body sufficiently after that. It couldn’t be helped for my body to grow stiff. It’s going to affect my study performance.”

“Your performance.”

Orgueil pondered. Just one more push.

“I’ve forged my body to a very great extent. However, I remained motionless these days. If I don’t move, my reaction will grow dull, and though I don’t know what’s waiting for me hereafter, things might turn badly if I were to mess up.”


Orgueil quite readily nodded.

Thank goodness!

There’s a limit to my being confined to study!

“Let’s ask for Leon-sama’s permission. Is there any place you’d like to go to?”

“The soldier’s training grounds.”

“…I apologize, but a sparring won’t be allowed. If it’s just a visit, then…”

“I’ll just quietly watch.”

Orgueil was looking at me with eyes that seemed as if they were saying, “I can’t trust you.”

Although he seemed to be fundamentally expressionless, his purple eyes were surprisingly full of expressions.

Somehow, there were lots of interesting things I discovered, like during lecture, when he talked about the all ages’ history and events, the present social conditions and the likes of it, he showed his disgust and contempt when there was a time for those emotions to show.

He seemed [somewhat] humane that way, and it was a nice thing.

“…Well, I believe that you might be allowed to walk around the castle soon.”

He whispered as he seemed to be expecting it for some reason.

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“You’d like to see the soldiers’ extent of ability, wouldn’t you?”

“That’s right. As I want to work as a civil official or make a living by becoming a military officer, I’d like to have a comparative assessment of my own ability.”

–such being the case, as long as Leon-sama’s permission is given, I’d have a field trip within the castle as long as circumstances permit.

…In the distant future, I will recall this moment many times over.

I wonder if it’ll be better if I were to bring snacks and drinks along? Such was the carefree thought of mine, imbued by the excursion mood. And numerous surging meetings awaited after that.

As for me, I genuinely intended to have a field trip within the castle. However, being [the princess inheriting the blood of the Gladius family who finally came from the frontier], [I, who was bestowed an adjoining room with the Duke Evangelista], walking around inside the castle along with [Colonel Karnak] who was the duke’s right-hand man, his foremost confidant, it was nothing but a seed of riot.

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