Chapter 2-1

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*Ding* *Ding*… After making sure the bell had rung three times, I tossed the quill pen.

It was not my intention to toss a tool to study, but I was fed up with studying for a test day by day, or it could be said as a cram lesson. Being the person who received a favor, I could only barely endure myself from complaining.

“You must be tired, right?”

The person before my eyes who assumed the role of a teacher said with a voice devoid of emotion.

“I thought that we could continue until the evening, seeing how you seemed to be able to absorb the lessons easily.”

“Please give me a break.”

Feeling dejected, I lowered my head towards the teacher who just made such an evil remark.

He was Teacher Orgueil do Karnak whose unworldly beauty could be boasted day after day.

As his fine and slender fingers tapped the glittering yellowish-brown table, Orgueil glanced at the work schedule (it was my education schedule!).

“You’re doing extremely wonderful. Besides, it’s not like you’re requesting a specialist training in the highest institute of education, and even if you came from another world, you’ve already an adult, so I suppose it makes it easier for you. …Well, shall we get ready for tea?”

As I noticed something I hadn’t heard before, Orgueil rang the buzzer.


It was 10 days before the Karnak-sensei (Teacher Karnak)’s cram lesson.

After being forced to drink the sleeping pill (through a kiss!), I certainly woke up in the night, but around that time, everything was already decided. The preparation was flawlessly arranged. It completely demonstrated Colonel Karnak’s practical ability and the Evangelista duke’s authority.

My origin is a remote region in the Evangelista duchy, Tuura. I am Riviere Emil la Tuura. 

By the way, in this country, before one’s surname, there will be [do] attached for males and [la] for females. Depending on the situation, the surname’s end seems to be somewhat altered based on the gender.

…A long time ago, when Leon-sama’s grandfather inspected a territory, he laid his hands on the girl who became the guide, and the one born from that was [my] mother. My mother grew up beautifully and married an influential person in the region, giving birth to [me]. After [I] grew up, the village was roughly annihilated due to an endemic illness, and [I] was the sole survivor of it. At that time, I remembered about the jewel that my grandfather left for his parting a long time ago, that served as a proof of the Gladius household. It was a jewel that my grandmother and mother concealed all this time because they preferred to live quietly in peace, but having that jewel wouldn’t be able to rebuild the village and it couldn’t even appease hunger. Therefore, I paid a visit all the way to the Evangelista household, depending on that single jewel to seek help and as an official form of my courtesy.

That is the story of Riviere Emil la Tuura.

The two noble men’s delusion—no—their made-up story continued even further.

…The result after appraising the jewel revealed that it was a jewel that couldn’t be crafted by anyone other than the Evangelista family’s exclusive jewel craftsman, and I was recorded in the clan’s management register as a relative of [unknown whereabouts], then I was ushered into the castle as [the La Tuura princess was the relative of Evangelista ducal family]. I was given a guest room, but since the duke of Evangelista visited the room almost every day, the two’s intimacy was rapidly built up… that’s the summary of it all.


After ending my living at the guest room for a week, I was bestowed a room opposite of Leon-sama’s. There was a corridor between my door and the opposite side’s, but since it was actually our rooms that were on the end of the corridor, we could visit each other from the inner door. What an unabashed structure.

When I objected by saying, “Isn’t this the room for the duke’s wife or lover?” (because the beginning is important), the two of them responded with: “So what?”

It was designed to make everyone came to such a conclusion. It was so that nobody would look down on me as [the person who was bestowed this room] just in case I was deemed as an unskilful person. But in case of an unavoidable situation where I had to leave, well, let’s just think about it when the time comes (one wouldn’t be worried about something one hadn’t thought about or asserted).

I was treated really well to the extent I ended up feeling embarrassed. But, for some reason, it felt very suffocating. Perhaps it’s due to the heavy pressure of ‘work until the outer moat is filled up, or more precisely, work in correspondence to your treatment!’

…As I neatly put the quill pen I tossed back to the pen holder, I looked towards the scenery outside the window.

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Reddish brown roof, honey-colored buildings, developed main street, a lively road which ran vertically and horizontally. The vast, luxurious residential areas of the nobles and influential people were put together at the feet of Leon-sama’s castle, but the street was generally lively, and areas that looked like the commoners’ residential areas could neatly be seen. There were waterways here and there, and towers of various sizes could be seen here and there within the street, making it a delight to one’s eyes. Far in the distance, there were mountains covered in perpetual snow. According to Karnak-sensei’s lecture, this area was called as [the Water Capital] or [the Tower Capital], and it wasn’t only popular for its wealth, but also for its scenery.

“—Here you go, Riviere-sama.”

A teacup was handed out from the side.

Karnak-sensei, but since we were in the middle of a break, then Colonel Karnak-dono?—seemed to be making the tea himself. This person ends up doing most things himself. I came to understand it gradually, that he was a prodigy in martial arts, needless to say in studies, and it seemed to be the same for tea; [the tea he brewed himself was more delicious].

“The snacks?”


The snack today seemed to be a pound cake using plenty of honey. A dense fresh cream was added. I think that before long, it will be the developer of [ice cream] that hasn’t existed yet in this world.

“You’re not eating today, too, Orgueil?”

“I’ll give mine to Riviere-sama.”

“I’ll be troubled, then. I end up having to eat two people’s portions every time. And I’ve been doing a classroom learning, so I’ll get fat.”

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I stuffed my cheeks with the snacks. The cooks in the duke’s castle were extremely skilled. The snacks and the meal that came out were mostly favourable compared to those of my original world. There seemed to be some unknown living things getting a whole roast here, but it couldn’t be helped since this was [another world].

“I’ll only eat one and a half, so I’ll leave the rest to you.”


Orgueil elegantly sat down in front of me. As he casually brushed up his pure silver hair, he put his cup to his mouth. No matter what he does, it’s as beautiful as scroll pictures.

I didn’t know what kind of discussion they had, but Leon-sama ended up attaching his important aide, Colonel Karnak, to my side. I turned pale, as it was so far away from appointing the right person in the right place, and tried to appeal for the worst human resource, but I was curtly dismissed, which led me to this current situation. Then, as a result of being together from roughly the morning until evening, I think it’s quite amazing even if I say so myself, the screws in my head haven’t flew off despite looking at his outrageous beauty. It was simply to the extent of looking at him in a spellbound fascination. It’s only been 10 days since we first met, so it’s quite a considerable development. I was also used to calling his name (for some reason, I only realized yesterday that I was also being addressed by my name).

“…Uhm, Orgueil.”

As I appreciated this beautiful god who was tasting the tea, the one who didn’t want me to attach any suffix to his name, I put the empty cake plate to the side and straightened myself. I had a request to make for the sake of my health and figure, as I was in a house arrest similar to a pasturage.

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