Chapter 1-10

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It is a third-person view chapter.

Dawn was approaching.

The dark sky gradually changed its color to indigo, then to crimson daybreak mixed with violet color.

The silent interior of the castle also had the number of various footsteps increasing little by little, and people’s voices could be heard as well. The people’s voices were faintly mixed with the horses’ neighing.

The cooking smoke was raised, it seemed that breakfast preparation had begun. The scent of the food started to mix in the clear air of the dawn.

Duke Leon Evangelista do Gladius left his living room’s window open, waiting for his aide to return while enjoying the dawn’s fresh air.

–It was an outrageous night.

Last night, he was appreciating the [miracle in the sky] where the stars were interwoven. The sky certainly brightened up as if it was in the middle of broad daylight although it didn’t even reach a full 10 seconds, the white light filled the sky, a spectacle that didn’t seem to be like something of this world. However, around the time the excessive brightness gradually made it difficult for one to open their eyes, he remembered that the distinguished lady who was boisterously noisy due to the fun atmosphere in the beginning and the invited musicians and acrobats were attacked by a fear of unknown nature, before they eventually fell silent as if water was suddenly poured on them.

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After that, the musicians seemed to have regained their senses back as they began their musical performance, but the place’s dampened atmosphere didn’t readily recover, and he—as one of the organizers and a top-ranking participant—decided to try lifting the mood up. As it would be good to have a free and easy celebration.

(…Then, once I returned…)

First, he went to the living room, completing two to three paperwork. Then, when he moved to the bedroom, he sensed a person’s presence. When he examined while being vigilant, there was an unknown woman sleeping like a log on his own bed.

In her birthday suit.

–Her lustrous straight black hair extended until a bit lower than her shoulders. A few strands of her hair were there around her slender neck, and the rest of it was flowing down behind. The woman was sleeping sideways, but her arms, legs, and back were curled up roundly, making her seem very young.

However, he naturally understood at once that it was a body of an obviously mature woman.

She had slender limbs that were surely long after they were stretched. It was regrettable that half of her breasts were concealed by the arms that were curled, but they were quite abundant. Her partly open lips were red as if they were red impressions. The bridge of her nose was thin and high, her eyelashes were deep black. As for the color of her pupils—

“I’ve returned.”

Leon came to his senses upon hearing his aide’s voice.

“Thank you for your hard work, Orgueil.”

As he expressed his thanks, Leon gestured Orgueil to take a seat, as he himself proceeded to sit down.

“Did she obediently promise not to leave her room?”

“Yeah, as far as it goes. She shouldn’t be awake until tonight.”

“…And the medicine?”

“Prepared just in case.”

“We can’t afford to make a blunder.”

It was a guest room that hadn’t been used for a while. Obviously, there was no arrangement for drinks there. Leon was about to spontaneously ask about how Orgueil could have her drink the medicine, but he stopped himself. It was a trivial matter. Time is precious.

“…The thing I told you before, could it be done by tonight?”

“It should be fine. The entry and exit record of the castle, the guest room usage record, the horse [that she rode on], or the arrangement for a carriage, falsification of the main road hotel register…”

“In short, does that include her origin? Have you decided on where she came from?”

“I haven’t decided that yet, but I have 2-3 ideas. How about saying that she came from the Evangelista duchy’s frontier? And that she visited Leon-sama’s castle for the sake of courtesy and appeal.”

“…Well, I’ll leave the circumstances of that matter to you.”

Orgueil do Karnak only addressed the duke as [Leon-sama] when there was no one there. But when there were other people, he’d call the duke as [His Excellency]. No matter how much Leon told Orgueil to stop addressing him with [His Excellency], Orgueil wouldn’t concede in this matter alone.

“Leon-sama’s grandfather should have been quite the ladies’ man, right?”

“…Well, yeah.”

“There were rumors about the nobleman’s illegitimate children here and there, but none of them caused quite a damage to us, and they disappeared without any proof. Let’s use one of the rumors now. Let’s create a real, fleshed out ‘illegitimate blood relationship’.”

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“That’s quite a high social position.”

Leon lightly opened his amber eyes wide.

“If that’s the case, she will consequentially have a considerable duty and responsibility…”

The Gladius household doesn’t allow one to be indolent. Even without saying anything about being indolent, anyway, one would want to do something in correspondence with their social position and authority. On top of her completely unknown ability, wouldn’t it be severe on her who was a [person of a parallel universe] in the first place? That was what Leon thought, but…

“…This is better if we were to think of the distant future, don’t you think?”

Orgueil calmly said.

It was a calm voice full of conviction that wouldn’t allow any objection, even if it was from the duke.

“I dare say that there is no problem regarding her ability. This is only my prediction, but one could extend their leaves and branches anywhere as long as they were given the place. If that’s the case, we should give her a social position that’s enough to get the stoneheads silent. There’s another reason.”

He slightly paused.

“…She is a young woman. If she has a social position on top of that appearance, it won’t become a hindrance to her and to Leon-sama as well.”


In response to the words which contained a hidden meaning, Leon narrowed his amber eyes, staring as if he was probing at what his fair-skinned aide said indifferently, but then he concealed his eyes so that he could avoid having his feelings read by Orgueil.

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