Chapter 1-9

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“Don’t make that kind of face. People have their own suitable position and role. You aren’t suitable to become moth and dust collector. That’s all there is to it.”

Colonel Karnak said to pacify me who was feeling disappointed.

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Then, suddenly, without even saying a word, he circled his arms around my shoulders and behind my knees, and stood up.

…I was being carried in his arms.

If I reluctantly rounded up my age, then within 30 years of my life, this was my first time getting princess-carried!

By the person who was throwing punches at me without any word just now!

Isn’t this weird?!

“?! …W-wait, Colonel Karnak! What kind of grudge do you have against me to be harassing me like this…?”

I futilely flapped my limbs. Obviously as if it had no effect, Colonel Karnak’s both arms were firmly grasping me with no sign of letting go.

“It was quite vexing that you thought I was harassing you. Be that as it may, I apologize for what I did just now. I was simply doing my duty, so I hope you would accept my apology.”

Colonel Karnak said with a gentle voice.

Then, he elegantly stepped forward with his long legs.

Towards the bed.

Although I still hadn’t realized that at this point in time.

“I apologize for making you feel tired. You’re currently barefoot and I couldn’t bring myself to let you walk like this on the floor. For now, I hope you can take a rest.”

“It’s true that I want to have a rest, but anyway, put me down.”

“There is no need to be reserved. Although this room has always been taken care of, it’s still a guest room that hadn’t been used for quite a while, so just in case something happens…”

“I wanted to hear that when I just got out of the carpet.”

I absolutely don’t think that it’s bad for me to complain in no time.

“Colonel Karnak, just put me down at once.”

“…Now, we’re in the living room. …There are two doors here, right?”

Listen to what people say!

“I’ll see the doors after this, so just quickly put me…”

“The door on the opposite side leads to the dressing room. For now, there is nothing there. We will have it prepared later.”

What a splendid ignoring.

My objection and struggle were all ignored.

It seemed that those ears that were shaped like a fine work of art would shut out inconvenient things.

In the meantime, he stepped forward and said, “As for this side…” as he dextrously opened the door while still holding me.


I unintentionally raised my voice in delight.

It’s a bath!

After passing through a partitioned space that seemed to be used for hand-washing inside the dressing room, there was a bathroom made of a light crimson marbles.

There didn’t seem to be a shower, but on the wall next to the bathtub, there was some kind of a protuberance. There was even a knob(?).

Giving up objecting this involuntary posture, I bent myself forward and he briefly taught me how to operate it.

It seems to be a fixed-type shower with the principle of well pumps and water fountain applied.

It’s a bit inconvenient that the shower head doesn’t move, but since the bathroom doesn’t only have hot water, the point is still quite high.

The hot water seems to be abundantly out as well. The water temperature is being controlled every season by the water equipment inside the castle.

He also said that this water and sewage system wasn’t only there in the castle, but it was spread to approximately the whole territory of the Gladius family.

Apparently, this world’s infrastructure was more advanced than what I thought.

He then looked down at me who was in a better mood and feeling relieved,

“…You aren’t surprised, are you?”

So Colonel Karnak said without any offensive feeling.

“Is it an ordinary thing in the place you came from?”

“…Well, I’m from a ‘parallel world’ after all.”

“I have lots of things I’d like to ask.”

It wasn’t just a lip service, his tone was unexpectedly sincere.

“If there is time. It’s difficult for people to keep on living simply by doing the things they like, after all.”

He slightly cast his eyes down and added.

As I looked up at his inhumane beauty, I ended up thinking that his long and deep silver eyelashes won’t need any mascara. He was a man, though.

Leon-sama said that he was a [prodigy]. And in every field, too.

It was a remark unsuitable to such an excellent person.

No matter what, he should be able to choose. Wouldn’t it be okay for him to devote himself in the fields he wants to improve?

…Aah, but being Leon-sama’s [aide], it means that he should have a social position suitable for that.

Which means he might not be permitted to choose the path he likes to pursue on his own volition.

I wonder if he had something else he liked.

I wonder if he had something he wanted to do.

“…Don’t worry. I don’t think that I’m unfortunate.”

He said as if he was worried over me who ended up pondering about it.

Certainly, that’s natural.

“With such an appearance, it’s as a matter of course to be able to do whatever one likes. It would be ridiculous for you to say that you’re unfortunate.”

Unconsciously, I ended up saying that with a censuring tone.

“It’s rude for the people who are really unfortunate.”

“You could say that. –Now then, we’ve arrived.”

We apparently entered the next room after passing through the bathroom area. He brushed off my words lightly and gently put me down.

On top of the bed.

After stripping the gorgeous bed cover with just one hand, he laid me down.

And his breath fell onto my forehead.

“?! …Face, too close…?!”

“…It would be fine if you use the bathroom after you sleep, right?”

Colonel Karnak said at a point-blank range.

We were even closer than when he carried me in his arms, and the amethyst pupils were reflecting my figure.

He placed his hands on both sides of my face after putting me down, then he looked into my face.

“…After this, his Excellency and I will arrange your foothold. It’s only going to be dawn soon, but I’m afraid we’re going to need the time until around tonight—to work on various things.”

…It seems that just a bit more, our lips are about to touch. Please stop. I’m begging you. Please be conscious of your appearance. My head is going to boil. This is a ‘face terror’, in a sense…

“Please don’t step out of the room until we call you. It’s something you must do until around tonight, so please be patient.”

“…I… understand… It’s okay…”

“I’ll temporarily be bringing your clothes and meal later on. Anyway, until tonight, you absolutely have to…”

“…Understood, I understand, Mister Colonel…”

I obediently consented even while I was gasping, but for some reason, his pupils showed a trace of dangerous light in the twinkling of an eye.

Why, for what reason?

“Please stop calling me like that. Also, not ‘Colonel Karnak’. It’s too boorish.”


Leon-sama should have addressed him like that, too, and yet… Ah, but he also called him as ‘Orgueil’. But, but, Leon-sama and my position is completely different…

“His Excellency is his Excellency. You are you. I’m the one who decides on how you should call me.”

Having read my mind so perfectly, he said that decisively.

“Please call me ‘Orgueil’.”


“There’s no need to add ‘-sama’. Just ‘Orgueil’.”

It doesn’t matter anymore.


He smiled as if to say, ‘You did well,’ and then.

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“?! …Umuu…?! …N, nn…!!!!!”

The lips—which were unexpectedly softer and gentler than how they looked like—fell onto mine.

“Nn, kuu… Nnn, muu……”

When I tried to open my eyes in resistance, his tongue slipped in smoothly as if it was as a matter of course.

It slowly traced the row of my teeth as if savoring them, then entwining my own tongue.

I was so surprised by the sudden turn of events that my heart seemed like it could snap at any time. When I desperately tried to rearrange my posture and to draw my tongue back, something was dropped on top of my tongue.


A pill? It was so small that it ended up dissolving before I got to spit it out.

“…It’s a light sleeping pill. Aren’t you unable to sleep even if you’re tired?”

He whispered as he gently licked my lips, leaving me tongue-tied as I was too astonished.

“You aren’t a spy. I no longer doubt you. After all, there is no spy whose reaction is as lovely as this. If you’re only acting, then I’d be able to tell.”

‘Please take a good rest,’ he said as he caressed my cheeks. Then, he stood up.

I felt like he bowed before his presence faded away. Then, there was the sound of the door being closed quietly.

…Really. He’s way too rude. I’m going to tell Leon-sama…

Being unable to put any kind of protest into words, I was rapidly attacked by the drowsiness and I surrendered myself.

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