Chapter 233- all out, all in

Before KMega6KMegacharacter could finish his catchphrase for this character his hp bottomed out and even his immortal skill did not activate. In fact that activated when he was sent flying. That did not matter as it was the plan. It was now just past four in the afternoon. Over six hours have at least passed. By now they should know who he is. He even told them. As KMega entered his final character and the armies of Eastguard reset one last time an army even larger than that of the terrorists appeared. An army larger than the size of all the armies the terrorists had sent against KMega combined appeared. He did not expect it to be that big honestly. It had dragon4dragonspeciess, half-dragons, demi-human and humans flooding its ranks. This was the full army of the Guardocia Republic. The first ever npc country to survive the life of a game, and in the sequel, it grew. With a player as a legendary hero to follow and the backing of normal players just wanting to have fun. This country grew in power. Building on the relationships KMega himself started. A simple farmer stood at the base of the demon spear that was sticking out of the ground. This character did not even look like he was level 50, but there was a presence you could feel from it you could not even feel from a level 1000. It was one of respect.


The player Quiin landed and took his spear without resistance and backed away.

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“ How did you know my name, we could not have met more than once.” (Quiin)

KMega nods to the comment.

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“ You were very memorable. With a younger brother, why do this? You could earn money easy by becoming a pro.” (KMega)

Quiin relaxed a moment.

“ I worked myself to the bone earning the money for my brother a pod. Afraid of leading him to the path I followed, yet I had no choice but to leave him to his own devices as I worked for more money. While you were winning tournaments and having fun, he joined unknowingly a large guild scam team. Debts from unknowingly small loans and fees with massive interest soon swamped him without him knowing about it. By the time we were confronted about it, it was too late.” (Quiin)

KMega remained silent. He has almost fallen into those types of groups multiple times before himself. He only got out of them with luck and experience.

“ When we could not keep up they got the government involved threw dirty dealings. The foster house he was given to was a dirty child sweatshop operation. It took me months to find him again, by then they had worked him to the bone. To top it off they had it look like I took their dirty money to keep quiet then tattled anyways.” (Quiin)

KMega truly felt sorry for Quiin. It was almost a reflection of what he could have been. If not for Astrid7Astridcharacter and the GSP, it was entirely possible KMega would have been scouted by the organization. He could even have been a founding member.

“ I see, I guess it is over for both of us.” (KMega)

Quiin pulled back his spear to attack but stopped.

“ A book?” (Quiin)

KMega smiled as he started looking through it.

“ I bet your dying to know about the exploit. In truth, I discovered it when I was nine, and these books have all been my research into it. My explosive destructive power, you want to know what it is, don’t you?” (KMega)

KMega closed the book and the world around the two changed into a star-filled abyss.

“ [Library of the Eternal Stargazer]. That is what this is called. You see as a kid I was fascinated with stars. I wanted to be a space explorer. But that is such a practical job these days. So many restrictions and regulations. By the way, we are now in one hundred thousand times reduction of IRL time. Well not exact, as it is hard to be precise, but it is about twenty-eight hours here for every IRL second, so about four hours every normal in-game second. Without Astrid, I could not maintain such numbers for more than an IRL second.” (KMega)

Reflexively Quiin went wide-eyed in very slow.

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