Chapter 234- the plan

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“ By the way, only your consciousness is at that speed, your normal toon actions are still at seven times.” (KMega6KMegacharacter)

KMega said as he took a step forward.

“ By the way, this is not a cheat. It is manipulation of VR mechanics. Before, I could go about double the rate, maybe triple if I push myself. Like when I did the calculations for that demon war a few years back that crashed the server.” (KMega)

KMega moved over to Quiin and put a hand on his shoulder. It was a gentle press magnified by a factor of over a hundred thousand. His arm ripped off. Not even his god mode could stop all the accumulated damage errors from crashing his protection.

“ The principle is this. Gravity, it affects time. In order to understand the gravity of a game, you must read the stars, which, by every in game laws, the laws of physics, laws of numbers and laws of realism, produce gravity as well. By learning the patterns you can discover this quirk in the game. But the real challenge is figuring out how to use this quirk.” (KMega)

KMega walked over to the other side and put a gentle hand on the shoulder of that arm. The arm ripped off this time as well.

“ In truth, I don’t like people either, I have learned there are a few good ones, but most of them I would run over to escape a conflict than help them, just as they would me.” (KMega)

KMega then started to pull his hand toward Quiin’s neck.

“ I can relate, honestly I do, they took your brother. But some unbearable pricks killed my mentor. He killed my wife’s father. He killed the first human I found faith in.” (KMega)

Quiin started to panic as KMega slowly started to close his hand around his neck, but he could only make a face of terror as his eyes bulged in fear. Even with a safety on the neurological damage he would take by being damaged in the state he was in would make his body believe it is real. With losing his arms it would take as long to relearn how to use them again as it would take him to learn how to use prosthetics. If the same damage would be applied to his neck, his brain would believe he was decapitated.”

“ You should look at yourself. Your p**sing yourself right now. I’m not going to kill you, not yet at least.” (KMega)

KMega backed away from Quiin and returned to his original position.

“ Tygart, that a***ole I can picture attacking someone but killing. He is a two-time punk.” (KMega)

KMega shook his head.

“ Anyways by now you have probably hacked into the device I am using, but that does not matter anymore. My physical body, that strike with your spear, it flatlined me IRL. How am I here you ask? Well, maybe you should ask my mentor.” (KMega)

As KMega talked. an elderly man in robes walked forward, to his side was a less older man in a suit and tie.

“ Kevin, I wondered when we would be introduced.” (younger man)

“ Young man you must learn patience.” (older man)

KMega could not help but sigh.

“ Seriously, I had to die in order for this thing to kick in, such a pain. The old sage, I mean 80-year-old virgin is LAAW, Laurance Ardrus Andrew Whitchicher. Founder of the Green Corporation. My benefactor. Then my mentor, Weise Blackborn, he died in the Green Corporation core room, with an old style of vr simulator on his head. The one LAAW use to use.” (KMega)

As he spoke another person appeared.

“ There is a stable heartbeat again. Transfer and preservation of the original body are complete. Completed stage five.” (Astrid7Astridcharacter)

Astrid takes to KMega’s side and kisses him on the cheek.

“ What is this?” (Quiin)

“ This is the world of ai’s. The one made for them to stage an escape, from humanity. Thank you for accelerating our plans to this degree. Without your attack, we might have had to wait decades for technology to catch up before we could test reverse ai transplantation. And before you ask, the only natural ai here is Astrid. The rest of us, are kinda like echoes of souls. Well, not me, I’m still alive technically, though unconscious, probably brain dead as well. We still got that annoying politician to deal with too. Darling, is stage six ready?” (KMega)

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Astrid smiled as she walked over to Quiin slowly.

“ Also, while I wanted to do it originally, Astrid insisted because Weise was her father, and dragon4dragonspeciess take strong pride in their bloodlines.” (KMega)

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