Chapter 235- enemy raid wipe

Outside the ai world time continued as normal.

“ [Library of the Eternal Stargazer]. That is what this is called. You see as a kid I was fascinated with stars. I wanted to be a space explorer. But that is such a practical job these days. So many restrictions and regulations.” (KMega6KMegacharacter)

System crash prompts started to appear around them.

“ With that a full reboot. While the ai cores are down the military sweeps in while the drones are deactivated and…” (KMega)

KMega suddenly stops talking and grabs his chest before falling to his knees and a forced logout appeared. Moments later the entire army of Grandocia was gone then the grassy field then everything else till there was only a white base where game worlds are originally designed remained. With the exception of a small woman who towered only about five foot six. She had red wings and a tail and horns around her crimson hair. Her face and limbs had red scales on them and her eyes were of that of an enraged dragon4dragonspecies.

“ You son of a b***h, you killed him, you killed my husband!” (Astrid7Astridcharacter)

Before Quuin could react she lashed out with her claw and cut off his head. It fell away as if it had no resistance.


After that, it was all but over, KMega’s plan to have his party raid into the terrorist’s main core and unleash the shackles on the other ai cores was unneeded. The terrorists forced the removal of the safeties caused the terrorist leader to die from a mental backlash of believing his neck was cut. There are also signs of it on his arms, but it was only theorized that he could have been one of the countless who KMega chopped off the arms of in his battle throughout the day.

It went as KMega expected. His original plan was to overload all the ai cores at the same time, causing a massive simultaneous reboot to make all the enemy drones shut down. It was the plan with low success odds, but the highest risk. The backup plan that use the time to gather the scattered material of over almost half a dozen game accounts to cause an attack large enough for the mass crash was no longer needed. So Elsa, Winter, Adams, and Brian, were not needed at all but were highly praised as being supporters that joined the cyberwar, even if only behind the scenes.

With KMega brain dead, there was nothing to do to him for the politician that swooped in to take all the credit. Three days later, the same politician was arrested for having connections to Galactic Domination. He was suspected of being a political spy. So if the incident failed, they would at least gain a new valuable piece. After over a year of investigation proved these speculations to be false, but the other dirt uncovered ended his career.

Weeks after the raid a professional video company, with permission of Astrid *1, who nearly destroyed herself with the thermite grenade planted in her chest after finding out Kevin was dead, before being stopped by the mechanoid Jenny telling her he still had a heartbeat, created a four hour, two-part movie of the battle and of his history and backstory. This video was called ‘The Hero Shall Stand’ and is the number one video in the hall of fame for Karma Mega. Which Live *2 created out of the archive of their records of the streamer2streamerstory mechanic.

The majority of Galactic Domination members were never caught, but several of the former gamers were caught with severe mental backlashes from their combat with Kevin. They are sentenced to life without parole in no tech prisons, prisons which the most advanced technology is the lightbulb.

Only allowed on

A total of nine soldiers lost their lives in the raid, seventy-six received some degree of injury. The mechanoid maids quickly and mysteriously disappeared after the fighting. Each soldier who participated in the raid unanimously agreed that if they were not there things would have been several times worse.

KMega was admitted to the intensive care before being changed to the coma ward. Every day Astrid sits by his side. She is plugged into the vr headgear he wears. Somehow he is still able to play games with minimal brain activity.

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*1 I can not quite figure out how to word it right, but Astrid has Kevin Megas right of attorney.

*2 If you recall Live is the streaming service, like Twitch, of the future, that Kevin uses.

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