Chapter 232- what is a hero?

As KMega6KMegacharacter was cutting into the terrorist army for the dozenth time today with ease. It almost caused him to lower his guard as a random soldier appeared before him and dodged his attack. In the next instant, he was counterattacked and he was thrown away into an open area with a loss of over ten percent of his hp. Which naturally began to regenerate. For good measure, he took a potion.

“ You’re quite a different one aren’t you?” (KMega)

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As KMega flapped his wings to regain his balance the soldier who struck him gained altitude. After a quick equip change animation someone who appeared to be in demon armor was before him.

“ These generic pawns have been good at slowing you down and wasting your power, but this time I feel it is not going to work. There is something different about this character. The others, they seemed focused on maximum power, but this one is a tank.” (???)

KMega smirked as he took an honor pose.

“ Quick for you to notice. I am the Mythic Hero Unyielding Liberator, Karma Mega of Eastguard!” (KMega)

The other took up a similar pose.

“ I am the Mythic Emperor, Demon’s Dominator, Han’ds Si.” After a moment more the two charged at one another.


The world seemed to be focused on this fight save a small place where a firefight was occurring. By now the compound has become sieged, tens of thousands of mass-produced drones were surrounding the property. Any attempt at breaking through from the outside resulted in losses and a waste of resources. Worse still ammunition was starting to run low and the soldiers were starting to get tired from being in high alert mode for hours on end. The only saving grace was the energy shield that prevented missile attacks from over a hundred meters away. In addition, more and more soldiers were starting to get hurt. Taking rounds to limbs or anywhere else they might have exposed. Such as the head. More than one body bag was to be filled already.


A consecutive ten minutes of combat commenced. This was the level of combat one would find in a esport tournament for a large prize against two ace players. This was however more important than some trophy as Han’ds Si used another powerful attack to send KMega flying backward.

“ You can’t use your ace stat booster can you?” (Han’ds Si)

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KMega stabilized in the air again and smiled with a large grin.

“ Yea, after the game got discontinued the limiter canceled out. All the stats saved were applied thou so there is that. I probably would not have survived that first strike of yours if not for that fact. It is a stockpile skill that trains my stats and stockpiles the earnings at the expense of lowering my stats. The higher my stats the harder they are to train, but because tournaments do not save that change in stats. It is a good exploit. Seriously, I am not the only one that does it, just that my boost is so high because my base is so low when I started. I mean think about how hard it is to do a level 500 raid with stats of a 250. By the way Quiin, why haven’t you killed me yet?” (KMega)

KMega could not help but explain this as he started rubbing the back of his head with his formly shield equipped hand. When he came to the end where he had a question he caught the other off guard and managed to hit him with a sacrificial blow with his great sword he equipped with his hand behind his head. As KMega thought the blow did not do enough damage as the instinctive counterattack sent KMega flying. KMega lowered his hp to the very limit with that attack, not in an attempt to do more damage but to lose as much health as he could. This time he did not stabilize over the clouds but crashed through them, and landed in front of the army of Eastguard.

“ MY QUEEN!” (Lazar)

“ KMega!” (Yirk and Kieser)

As the three rushed toward him and the leadership of Eastguard including his friends in the nobles, military commanders and religious officials, KMega said a few words that seemed to be amplified for all to say.

“ Anyone can be a hero…” (KMega)

After saying that he coughed a few times. Blood did not only come from his game avatar’s mouth but his IRL one as well. Still, he fought through the pain and raised with great difficulty. Several times almost falling over.

“… As long as you have the will to…” (KMega)

As he spoke those final few words a demonic spear entered through his chest and his heart. It was at this moment Astrid7Astridcharacter, who remained unmoving the entire firefight, twitched. Even in a full dive she felt the change in KMega and reacts physically to it.

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