Chapter 231- big boss

Tygart blinked in surprise. KMega6KMegacharacter caught him off guard with his response.

“ Not fun? You can have all the fun you want with enough power!” (Tygart)

KMega shook his head.

“ My parents were negligent, I was tested high to have higher ethics and lower in math to my older brother, and that caused him to create a superiority complex and bully me. Still, I was given the basic standard minimum required by law. I had tutors naturally, but they were strict cold people. Then one day I was offered one escape from a dreary life. It was when my older brother got a vr pod for his birthday and I got the hand me down. A model older than me that he used perhaps twice in his life.” (KMega)

KMega could not help but pause and smile.

“ My first game was a space one. My older brother was an unbearable prick. That excuse that he told me that little girls get more sympathy than boys…” (KMega)

KMega tightens the grip on his sword and his face began showing signs of anger.

“ I was a scared lonely child brand new to vr games. I was too trusting and abused…” (KMega calmed down a little after a moment and continued.

“ It was an NPC, an old man you could find in any game. Like an adventurer who use to be great. This NPC was the one that gave me a dream. He told me to look to the stars.” (KMega)

KMega then lowered his guard and head.

“ The old man was a former space pirate, retired for decades, but he still had a bounty, and some players killed him like a mob for mere pocket change.” (KMega)

He takes another moment to compose himself.

“ But his dream lives on and I made it my own. I joined an NPC crew and quickly made my way up to being a captain. I started learning about astrophysics and theoretical space transportation. It was not really hard actually. My tutors were paid to teach me and well, I was a young boy thirsting for knowledge. Before I knew it, I had gained the loyalty of over ten thousand pirates through my knowledge and my steadfast heart. And then it ended.” (KMega)

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KMega sighed.

“ Reality sure is a b**ch.” (KMega to himself)

After another moment he took to a ready stance.

“ Each character I used today had a similar backstory. Each was important parts of my life. All in accumulation for this day.” (KMega)

KMega then charges and Tygart, half bored by this point thought the monologue went on a little long. With mace in one hand and a round shield on the other, he charged as well with his army.


Tygart left his pod again furious. He was a former pro player and he was just upstaged yet again. It was clear his character had superior stats and abilities, but he still lost. Worse off the secret of the hackers ability has still not been revealed.


The cat girl cosplayer comes up to him with a new document.

It did not take long before Tygart threw this one away.

“God D**n It! You still haven’t figured it out yet?” (Tygart)

He was about to hit the cosplayer as a voice called to him.

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“ Tygart, take a break, I’m joining the fight.” (???)

Tygart turned around and smirked. Tygart was one of the best vrmmo character players in Galactic Domination. He was recruited for his cheating before he was fired from the Green Corporation, even though he entered as a money launderer business owner at first. So he made a decent watchdog, but clearly, the burglar had made it past the dog at this point. So the homeowner has to step in.

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