Chapter 235 – Burst Flame Fire

Yang Tian was circulating the domineering Lion Roar Inner Energy throughout his entire body.

Huo Pao covered his body with the violent Burst Flame Fire, especially around his fists. Huo Pao leaped towards Yang Tian and threw a right punch.

Yang Tian returned with his right punch as well.


The two of them were pushed backward after the exchange.

Yang Tian was slightly startled, the violent Burst Flame Fire managed to pierce through Venom and hurt his fist and covered it in burns. Huo Pao was even more shocked than Yang Tian, the domineering energy of Lion Roar wrecked his entire arm, causing it to be damaged internally.

“You are a Martialist?”

Yang Tian did not reply to Huo Pao’s question and threw his right fist at the latter again.

Raging Inferno Body

A large amount of Burst Flame Fire came out of Huo Pao’s body. Raging Inferno Body is a skill that combines physical and magical attacks into one.

When Yang Tian’s punch met Huo Pao’s right fist, the temperature had at least doubled from the previous exchange. Venom started to emit a charred scent while Yang Tian’s fist was also hurt.

Fortunately, Yang Tian’s right arm contained the Light Attribute that significantly increased the healing rate of his injuries.

Yang Tian turned his arms into blades.

The black blades faced off against Huo Pao’s attacks, but the Burst Flame Fire was melting the sharp edges of the blade; which prevented Yang Tian from optimizing his attacks and gave him a feeling of being restricted.

Blazing Spear Strikes

Eight flame spears appeared around Huo Pao, the explosive temperature made the surrounding air felt as though it was burning.

“Not good.”

Yang Tian used Mental Disruption and Windwalk the moment the flame spears shot towards him.

This double insurance allowed Yang Tian to avoid the Blazing Spear Strikes. Mental Disruption caused Huo Pao’s attack to be slightly delayed and it provided Yang Tian with enough time to escape using Windwalk.

Bang Bang

The flame spears exploded when they struck the floor; the powerful firestorm killed all nearby Rank 2 metahumans, they were either killed by the explosion or by the high heat.

The Burst Flame Fire was truly powerful.

Yang Tian was shocked about the Burst Flame Fire and not Huo Pao’s ability; an ordinary fire would not have been able to produce a level of damage, not even if Huo Pao awakened a good fire skill.

Yang Tian equipped Golden Silkworm Gloves and significantly increased the defense of his fists.

He appeared in front of Huo Pao again and maintained close combat. Huo Pao did not expect that Yang Tian would dare to fight him up close, the former increased the temperature of his fire as he fought Yang Tian

However, the longer they fought, the more apprehensive Huo Pao became as he noticed that Yang Tian was not much affected by the temperature of Burst Flame Fire. Except for his charred fists, Yang Tian basically did not appear to have any problems. Thanks to Venom, Huo Pao did not discover the Early Rank 4 weapon, Golden Silkworm Gloves, on Yang Tian’s fist.

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“I don’t believe you are not afraid!”

Huo Pao suddenly grabbed Yang Tian’s arms and stuck his body firmly to Yang Tian, he wants to use the high temperatures of Burst Flame Fire to roast Yang Tian

However, Huo Pao noticed Yang Tian’s mouth slightly curled up and that was when Huo Pao felt threatened; he tried to back away but it was already too late.


Lion Roar was used at maximum capacity, catching Huo Pao at a moment without any chance to react and Huo Pao entered a state of dizziness.

After shaking off Huo Pao, Yang Tian transformed his hands into dragon claws and used his most powerful Dragon-Claw Hand move. Being a Rank 3 Martialist and having Venom boosting his physique, Yang Tian’s current attack was undoubtedly Rank 4 level.

Yang Tian’s claws looked like real dragon claws as they headed towards Huo Pao’s chest.


The attack pierced through the Burst Flame Fire and struck Huo Pao’s body.

Huo Pao was sent flying with three lines of blood on his chest and he vomited blood the moment he landed. The flames covering Huo Pao was also much weaker than before.

Huo Pao stood up with a slightly paled face.

“Now you are injured, do you still want to continue?”

“Stop fighting? Where will my brothers and I stay?”

“What about your brothers?”

Yang Tian’s side had the advantage in the other areas of the battlefield. T-Rex’s Fire Dragon Claw was causing a hard time for the High Rank 3s; although there were six High Rank 3s in the Cheetah Squadron, three of them were being held up by T-Rex alone while the remaining three were fighting against the seven puppets. Despite it being a three versus seven, there was only one High Rank 3 amongst the seven puppets.

The remaining Mid Rank 3s were up against the remaining three tamed beasts, of which, Brain-Eating Terror Hog was High Rank 3 while the Yin Energy of Three-Headed Yin Insect was causing severe casualties amongst the Mid Rank 3s. What made them feel the most helpless was Dark Crimson Fire Wolf; it would not fight them directly, but anyone who was injured amongst them would be targeted by the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Dark Teleport was like a godly skill that allowed Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to suddenly appear near them, and when combined with its ability to deal great damage within a short period, the number of people dying under Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was no less than that of Three-Headed Yin Insect’s.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog might have killed the least, but most of the severe injuries were caused by Brain-Eating Terror Hog; its existence thus allowed Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to find opportunities to attack.


Huo Pao knew that their situation was not good as well, but there would be a considerable price to pay if they retreat now.

“It looks like you guys can no longer escape.”


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Huo Pao took a deep breath, they should have the advantage, but the results were contrary. Although Wu Tian told the truth, he had obviously held back on the details because the tamed beasts and puppets could not be measured using usual fighting standards.

“Can you let us go, I… will compensate you.” Huo Pao knew that his words were naïve, but he still wanted to give it a try.


Hmm? Huo Pao thought he had misheard. However, when he saw Yang Tian ordered the tamed beasts and puppets to stop attacking, he confirmed that he heard correctly.


Before Huo Pao could finish his sentence, Yang Tian said:

“I will not believe you just like that, you have to eat this.”

A blue capsule appeared on Yang Tian’s hand, it was actually a Violent Corpse Worm.

The Water Attribute Violent Corpse Worm would not be beneficial to the Fire Attribute Huo Pao, it would cause the latter’s power to drop instead. Moreover, if it were injected into Huo Pao’s body forcefully, the Burst Flame Fire would incinerate the Violent Corpse Worm.

“Deactivate your Burst Flame Fire.”


Huo Pao looked as though he had made a big decision as he took the capsule from Yang Tian and swallowed it.

Without activating Burst Flame Fire.

The Violent Corpse Worm entered his heart and caused a heart-piercing pain. Different from previous times when the Violent Corpse Worms entered a metahuman, the aura on Huo Pao went through a sharp reduction. Although he did not reach High Rank 3, he no longer possessed a fighting power as terrifying as before.

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