Chapter 239 – Wang Zhong

Wang Yi tried to regain control of his body, but his struggle was pointless in front of the Necromancer.

“Okay, you can withdraw!”


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Wang Yi only regained control of his body only after he left the Necromancer.

Wang Yi could not help but feel regretful. This body was obviously not as strong as his previous power; moreover, the energy he was emitting now was very similar to the Necromancer.

“Young… Young Master, what happened to you?”

The person who asked was Elder Pang, his ability had fallen to Mid Rank 3 after a large amount of it was devoured by Yang Tian; he was currently still recovering from that decrease. When Elder Pang saw the preoccupied look on Wang Yi, he approached Wang Yi, concerned. However, the energy Elder Pang felt coming from Wang Yi shocked him.

Death Energy, Elder Pang even sense a trace of danger coming from Wang Yi.

“Nothing.” Wang Yi waved his hand and replied.

His mood was currently very low; although his lower body was healed, he was unable to feel happy at all.

Wang Yi wandered within the estate and thought to find his father several times, but every time he reached the door, he was unable to knock on it.

“Yo, isn’t this the cripple of the Wang Family?”

A sharp voice entered Wang Yi’s ears, Wang Yi turned to the source of the sound.

“Wang Zhong, don’t take it too far.”

Wang Zhong was a bastard that the Wang Family Head had outside; after the Apocalyse, Wang Zhong came to seek help from the Wang Family Head. The latter was still the child of the Wang Family Head, so he was naturally accepted in. However, Wang Yi has always treated Wang Zhong as a thorn to his side, Wang Zhong also treated Wang Yi with hostility as well.

When Wang Yi returned with an injured lower body, Wang Zhong knew that his opportunity had arrived. As expected, there was a distinct shift in the Wang Family Head’s attitude towards Wang Zhong, this was something that the members of the Wang Family had noticed as well. It was also because of this that Wang Zhong’s position within the family had become much more conspicuous.

However, this was an insult to Wang Yi. That was why Wang Yi’s killing intent surged when Wang Zhong appeared in front of him now.

The Death Energy around Wang Yi suddenly rose sharply and enveloped Wang Zhong inside.

“What… what are you trying to do?”

Wang Zhong’s voice was shaking; he could detect danger coming from Wang Yi, this was something out of the ordinary. Wang Zhong was a Mid Rank 3, possessing the Mid-Grade Beast, Icesoul Bird.

In terms of fighting, Wang Zhong was stronger than Wang Yi and had always held the advantage when they fought, causing Wang Yi to suffer small losses. That was why Wang Yi’s current state was obviously not right.

Wang Zhong quickly released his ability after being enveloped by Death Energy.

The surrounding temperature dropped sharply, but the energy of Death continues to surround both of them. Wang Yi’s fighting power significantly increased under the influence of Death Energy, allowing him to ignore the debilitating effects of ice energy.

“Since you want to die. I will fulfill your wish.”

Wang Yi was shocked when he spoke the words, although he was not on good terms with Wang Zhong, he would not emit such strong killing intent towards the latter usually as well.

Wang Zhong jumped in shock, he was on high alert when he saw the berserk Wang Yi.

A fist covered in Death Energy struck towards Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong brought his wings in front of him to defend his body.

Ice Shield

A shield made from ice appeared in front of Wang Yi and even though Wang Yi knew that his strike could not break the shield, he could not shake away the feeling of giving it a try.

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As expected, Wang Yi’s fist started to freeze after his fist landed on the shield.

The fight between the two had also attracted the metahumans within the Wang Family. Elder Pang was one of them; he and the other metahumans immediately tried to separate Wang Zhong and Wang Yi when they saw the two of them fighting.

“Young masters, the Family Head’s cultivation room is just beside here. Please do not affect the Family Head’s training.”

Elder Pang pointed at the place where the Wang Family Head was training, hoping the prestige of the Wang Family Head would make them stop.

“Sure, tell him to apologize and I will let him off.”

Wang Zhong had a surge of confidence after seeing that he could block Wang Yi. Wang Zhong’s words caused Elder Pang’s brow to slightly frown because Wang Yi was the Young Master and the other was only a bastard.

However, Wang Yi’s injury had caused their positions to become complicated, this caused Elder Pang to be at a loss of what to do.

“Dream on!”

Wang Yi’s killing intent did not fall, he looked at the right fist that was frozen.

Under the gazes of everyone, Wang Yi gave a powerful tug and left his right fist permanently on Wang Zhong’s ice shield. Blood dripped out of Wang Yi’s hand.

However, Wang Yi did not display any painful expression, he only spoke with a tone filled with hatred:

“Consider yourself lucky today, else I will have killed you.”

Wang Yi walked away while holding his bloodied arm.

At that moment, Wang Zhong felt terrified, he had never felt so much fear before. Elder Pang and the rest were also shocked at this outcome, they have seen the brothers before, but this was the first time it developed to such a state. Elder Pang suddenly felt a deep hatred towards Wang Zhong when he saw the bloody fist on the ice shield.

Elder Pang turned and left.

“Elder Tang, I only wanted to teach him a lesson, I had no intention to cripple him.”

Wang Zhong grabbed an elder whose position within the family was similar to Elder Pang and it was an elder who liked Wang Zhong more than Wang Yi. However, as a family retainer, he was also speechless about this situation. Even if he did not really like Wang Yi, he had watched the boy grow up and felt displeasure towards Wang Zhong along with a trace of hatred when he looked at the fist stuck on the ice shield.

“We will talk about this matter after the Family Head is out!”

Tang Shan left with the rest. Leaving Wang Zhong standing alone.

Just as Wang Zhong was blanking out, the fist on the ice shield started sizzling and rotted under the disbelieving eyes of Wang Zhong. The fist that Wang Yi left behind disappeared right in front of Wang Zhong within a short while, not a trace was left.

As for Wang Yi, who has left, he suddenly sensed an itch on his stump and watched as a new hand grew out of his injury.

“This… is the power he bestowed me.”

Wang Yi tightened his hand and slammed it onto the ground. He did not feel any discomfort, as though nothing had happened.

A trace of excitement flashed through Wang Yi’s eyes, this ability was even more powerful than his father’s regeneration ability. His gaze became determined as Wang Yi seemed to have made a decision in his heart after knowing that his body was not as weak as he thought.

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