Chapter 175: What Are All of You Doing Here?

Qiao Tian Chang and the rest didn’t like people like Qiao Tian Yu, because people like him had lost their purpose and only knew to act according to Qiao Zheng Hong’s order.

Qiao Tian Chang eyebrows slightly wrinkled: “Qiao Tian Yu?”

“Yes. To be honest, we’re quite curious about how Qiao Zheng Hong managed to turn Qiao Tian Yu into a puppet.” Lin Zi You and Xiao Qi Tian both shook their heads.

Qiao Tian Chang sneered: “What’s impossible? There are many ways to control a person.”

He could use a drug, or any other methods, as long as it would allow him to achieve his purpose, he would do anything. 

Did Qiao Tian Yu really obeyed him willingly? Qiao Tian Chang believed that Qiao Tian Yu wanted to get rid of the hand controlling him.

“What do you mean?”

“What kind of person do you think he is?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at the two people and asked casually. He wasn’t worried at all about the fact that Qiao Tian Yu was coming for him.

Xiao Qi Tian and Lin Zi You both looked at each other, then they replied in unison: “He’s a very skilled person.”

“Right, he’s very skilled. So why did he, a skilled person, willingly submit himself?” Qiao Tian Chang asked sarcastically.

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Perhaps when Qiao Zheng Hong wasn’t aware, Qiao Tian Yu had already begun to rebel.

“I see… Then he coming this time…”

“He’ll follow Qiao Zheng Hong’s order and come here, but he’ll not act rashly until he hears from me. After all, Qiao Zheng Hong is useless, isn’t he?” Qiao Zheng Hong was no longer a general, and Qiao Tian Yu wanted to use him to climb up the status level. Truthfully, it was impossible to get rid of control by climbing up. Besides, Qiao Tian Chang also had a hunch that Qiao Tian Yu wasn’t Qiao Zheng Hong’s son.

Otherwise, Qiao Zheng Hong’s many children wouldn’t be incomparable to Qiao Tian Yu. And why was Qiao Tian Yu the only one who became Qiao Zheng Hong’s puppet in the end?

Of course, those were all Qiao Tian Chang’s assumptions.

Xiao Qi Tian’s face turned pale as he looked at Qiao Tian Chang. Hasn’t this person been away for a long time? How was he still so clear?

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“Tian Chang, you’re not worried?”

“I’m not too worried. What’s to come, will come. I’ve also said before, Yao Yao isn’t my weakness.” Ning Meng Yao had her own pride. When he became closer with Ning Meng Yao, he treated her equally. His worry only stemmed from his love and care for her.

On a thought, as long as Ning Meng Yao really wanted to, this small courtyard could become something like an iron bucket where no one could penetrate.

Xiao Qi Tian was speechless, but when he thought of Tong Bao Zhai, he instantly had nothing to say. There were many powerful people among the Tong Bao Zhai. And Ning Meng Yao had plenty around her. Perhaps it was her not wanting to be disturbed.

“I understand.”

Lin Zi You watched them speak to each other and suddenly felt very dissatisfied: “I say, you two.  I still don’t understand what are you guys talking about.” Wasn’t he worried just now? Why did he suddenly say he understood now?

“That’s because you’re stupid.”


“Boss, we’re here.” As the two were quarrelling, Lei An walked in with a couple of people. There were at least ten of them.

Qiao Tian Chang suddenly felt discontented seeing so many people stepping into his house.  Frowning, he said unpleasantly: “You guys have nothing better to do, is it? What are all of you doing here?”

Lei An smiled awkwardly: “Boss, didn’t you say you’re getting married? So we all came here to see if you need any help. You said that the marriage preparation is tiring, right? Surely, you’ll need some help, right?” They had all just arrived, he couldn’t possibly chase them away, right? That would be too unkind of him!

Qiao Tian Chang looked at them nonchalantly. “You are all too early.”

Lei An and the rest watched Qiao Tian Chang innocently: “You can’t blame us for coming early, right? Boss, you didn’t state clearly when you’re getting married.”

Qiao Tian Chang raised his eyebrows at Lei An: “So is it my fault now?”

Lei An quickly shook his head. How would he dare to say that it was Qiao Tian Chang’s fault? He still wanted to live to see tomorrow!

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