Chapter 177: Absolutely Not For Sale

Everyone stared blankly at Ning Meng Yao, and nodded. This wine was given by her. If they didn’t drink it, it would mean that they were embarrassing her. As for Xiao Qi Tian… no one could care less about him. Who was the real idiot here?

Ning Meng Yao couldn’t bear to watch the scene anymore, so she faintly said: “There are wine brewed for my marriage. There are some for your restaurant too, so you don’t have to look so in pain.” Those wine belonged to her, but she didn’t feel any pain that they were drinking it, so why was Xiao Qi Tian feeling it?

Xiao Qi Tian felt as if a cat had caught his tongue.

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“Meng Yao, could you not be so generous? After all, it’s money.” Xiao Qi Tian was a little depressed. What sort of wine would she be using for her marriage? How much of the wine would be used then? Plus, there was such a large group of drinkers here.

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Ning Meng Yao frowned, seemingly to be considering this matter. Xiao Qi Tian noticed that and gave a sigh of relief. But before he completely calmed down, Ning Meng Yao continued: “I’m only going to be married once.” What she meant was that she must use the best wine since she was only getting married once.


“Besides, those wines are specially brewed for the occasion, and it’s better than the one you sold before.” Ning Meng Yao seemed to not have struck Xiao Qi Tian enough, and she continued to stab him with her sharp words.

“Can we taste it now?” Xiao Qi Tian asked seriously.

He was thinking that if the wine was really better than the ones he was selling in his restaurant, then he must take some of it back.

Ning Meng Yao nodded. She asked Qing Xue and Qing Zhu to get a few jugs over.

When the wine jugs were opened, everyone was intoxicated. Just by smelling the rich smell of the wine, they knew that it was a good wine.

“Darn it, so you still have more private possessions? No way, this time you must give me a hundred of it.” Xiao Qi Tian spoke immediately.

Ning Meng Yao frowned. Although a hundred jugs weren’t a lot, this wine was to be used for her marriage. Before the marriage, she didn’t intend to sell it.

“No, I’m not selling it before my marriage.” Ning Meng Yao shook her head firmly.

“Why?” Xiao Qi Tian was depressed. It was such good wine, why keep it for personal use only? How could she do that?

Ning Meng Yao didn’t care how much it pained him. She continued to drink her tea.

“Miss, you’re my blood sister-in-law, it’s only a hundred.” Xiao Qi Tian would strip his reputation and name just for these wines.

However, Ning Meng Yao shook her head firmly: “I can’t sell you this wine. If you want it, I can give another type of wine to you.” The other wine was also brewed for the marriage but it didn’t taste as good as this, so she got rid of it.

Naturally, she wanted the best wine for her marriage. Every woman wanted a perfect wedding. Of course, she was no exception. So after she had decided to get married, she had specially requested some people to make the wine.

“Okay, but a hundred jugs are definitely not enough. I want more.”

“Three hundred.”

“Sure.” Xiao Qi Tian was satisfied, he continued: “But Sister-in-law, how does that wine compare with this wine?”

“Its taste is not as good, but it’s a lot stronger than Green Bamboo Wine.” Ning Meng Yao replied honestly.

Xiao Qi Tian thought for a moment and decided to purchase the wine for 152 liang each. When he returned, he must make more money to make up for his loss.

Everyone looked down at the wine that had just been handed to them, and listened to the two talking there. There was only one thought in everyone’s mind, and that was their sister-in-law was skilled in business!

But the boss was so lucky to have such a rich woman as his wife.

“Yao Yao, you’re really my precious.” Qiao Tian Chang finally couldn’t help but whisper to himself.

He knew his wife’s capability to brew wine, but listening to her about brewing the wine specifically for their wedding, made him think: Should I also prepare something? At that thought, Qiao Tian Chang started planning. There was still about two months before the wedding, he had enough time.

Thinking about this, Qiao Tian Chang nodded, satisfied with his thought.

Xiao Qi Tian and the rest eyed Qiao Tian Chang: “Tian Chang, are you planning something bad?”

“And does it have anything to do with you?”

“Alright, I don’t care about you. I’ll just continue to drink my wine, alright?” Since Xiao Qi Tian couldn’t sell the wine, he had to drink more of it.

Xiao Qi Tian quietly drank his wine. Lin Zi You, on the other hand, looked at Ning Meng Yao with bright eyes and asked: “Sister-in-law, can you sell two jugs to me?”

“No, this wine is not for sale.” Ning Meng Yao shook her head firmly once again. She only took it out for drinking this one time. Other times would be during the wedding itself. It was impossible for her to sell it before her wedding. If she really wanted to sell it, she would have to wait until her wedding was over.

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