Chapter 985 – Days Felt Like Years

If not for the incident harming the Bai Li Clan’s reputation, Bai Li Jia Bao would have raised a glass and celebrated.

When she followed the elders back to the clan, an unexpected surprise was waiting for her.

The elders in the clan no longer nagged at her to accommodate Bai Li Zi Xi at one point or praised Bai Li Zi Xi at another.

Making the air feel much fresher than before.

Especially a few days ago, the Clan Patriarch announced a banquet to mark another hundred years of their clan’s formation; though it was unknown if he did it to bring up the solemn mood within the clan.

Due to that, the slightly depressed Bai Li Clan instantly became spirited.

Everyone from top to bottom; all in various posts, started to become busy.

The elders would perform some form of worship daily and would occasionally grab a junior member to perform tasks for them.

Bai Li Jia Bao found a rare opportunity to escape the demonic claws of the Head Elder and she fled to the Clan Patriarch’s courtyard to get some peace.

That’s when she saw the Clan Patriarch sitting within his study and personally writing spirit crane messages to be sent out as invitations.

Bai Li Jia Bao knew that only when an event reached a certain level of scale would the Clan Patriarch write spirit crane messages personally.

However, wasn’t it just a hundred-year celebration plus, at most, celebrating the birthday of the Chef Sage? What’s special about that?

Why is the Clan Patriarch placing so much emphasis on it?

This was not logical!

Bai Li Jia Bao wanted to ask but remembered that she was hiding in the courtyard to avoid working on tasks, it would be akin to turning herself in to be punished if she were to go out now.

Just as she was hesitating, Bai Li Ren had finished writing all the spirit crane invitations.

The people that he would write letters personally to would only be the Holy Court, Academies, and the other big clans.

The process would not take much time and he also knew that Bai Li Jia Bao was hiding within the courtyard; he just decided to close an eye on that.

When he sees that child, he would recall how Jia Bao’s father had sacrificed himself for a fake Saintess and that softened his heart.

He waved his hand to indicate to Jia Bao to enter.

Bai Li Jia Bao hesitated for a moment before obediently entering the study. She looked at the table full of spirit cranes and asked: “Grandfather, it is only our hundred-year clan celebration; why are you so prudent about it?”

Bai Li Ren inserted his spirit energy into the spirit cranes, the spirit cranes glowed for a moment before disappearing in an instant.

He replied in a profound tone: “There is naturally a reason to be prudent, why are you not returning to do the tasks? Are you planning to continue lazing around?”

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Bai Li Jia Bao stuck out her tongue before running away.

Not putting her previous question to heart.


Ji Mo Clan.

Ji Mo Ya felt the passing of days to be like years.

The Ink Guards he had sent out have all returned with their reports, no new of Huan Qing Yan was obtained from the Shang Qiu Clan, Nan Gong Clan, and even the Hanging Cloud Royalty. 

It was unknown if she was still alive or were dead as not even her whereabouts were known!

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Ji Mo Ya clutched his fists tightly despite his calm appearance; except for the Ink Guards that he nurtured personally, he was unable to trust anyone within the Ji Mo Clan at the moment.

The incident that happened to Yan Lass has reduced his trust towards the Ji Mo Clan by another level.

Just as Ji Mo Ya  was about to summon someone after pondering patiently for a moment, he heard Mo Si entering to give a report: “Young Master, the Clan Patriarch got someone to deliver an invitation, please have a look.”

Ji Mo Ya took the invitation and read the three lines in one glance, it was from the Bai Li Clan, it was an invitation for the Ji Mo Clan to attend their hundred-year clan celebration.

Ji Mo Ya asked in a solemn tone: “What did the Clan Patriarch say?”

Mo Si replied: “The Clan Patriarch says that the Bai Li Clan’s hundred-year celebration this time is different from the past ones, it seems to match the birthday of the ascended Chef Sage, and is much more magnificent than before. They have also invited the Holy Court, other great clans, various academies, and empires. Our Ji Mo Clan developed some estrangement with the Bai Li Clan because of the incident regarding the Saintess, this celebration is a good opportunity for the Young Master to attend and improve our relations.”

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