Chapter 986 – Heaven’s Punishment

Mo Si saw Ji Mo Ya’s expression turning dark after he spoke, causing his back to break out in cold sweat. Mo Si did not dare to continue talking and lowered his head.

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Ji Mo Ya was feeling angry because this incident was ultimately caused by Bai Li Zi Xi; if not for her, there would not be such a great misunderstanding with Yan Lass.

Causing the situation to reach this point?

The Bai Li Clan was after all one of the Eight Great Clans, yet they did not even know that one of their members has fallen and attracted by the sky devil, now they were being thick-skinned to show pettiness towards the Ji Mo Clan?

It would have been fine if it was only a hundred-year clan celebration, the various entities could just send someone. Yet this time, the Chef Sage’s birthday was involved, the candidate to be sent must be carefully considered.

No wonder the Ji Mo Clan Patriarch wanted Ji Mo Ya to go, it was also because of the Ji Mo Ya’s status, the number one genius of the Ji Mo Clan’s new generation.

Ji Mo Ya visiting the Bai Li Clan personally would give them the opportunity to soften the relations between their two clans which was affected because of the incident regarding Bai Li Zi Xi

Yet Ji Mo Ya has no mood to attend the Bai Li Clan’s celebrations; his wife and child were currently separated from him and this was closely related to the Bai Li Clan.

He even has to endure his pain and hate to participate in the celebrations, not even a saint could do that!

Ji Mo Ya tossed the invitation onto the table and said to Mo Si: “Return that to the Clan Patriarch, tell him that I am not free and get someone else to attend.”

Mo Si bowed before quickly taking the invitation and left.

A short while later, Mo Si quickly came back with an awkward face, he respectfully took out the invitation and placed it on the table: “Young Master, the Clan Patriarch says that you must attend, this matter was decided after discussing with Sage Cai.”

Ji Mo Ya was startled: “Sage Cai wanted me to attend as well?”

Mo Si nodded.

Ji Mo Ya waved his hand: “Go down then, continue to surveillance the three places. Report to me immediately once there’s news!”

Mo Si acknowledged the order and left.

Ji Mo Ya pondered for some time before reading the invitation on the table several times again, he considered once more before keeping the invitation and he headed towards Sage Cai’s place.

Sage Cai had already given the order that no one was allowed to enter his residence except for the Clan Patriarch and Ji Mo Ya.

A barrier was established outside that prevented anyone from entering.

Before Ji Mo Ya could enter the place, Sage Cai’s voice entered his mind: “Represent the Ji Mo Clan for the Bai Li Clan’s event. It is said that the event is to celebrate Chef Sage’s birthday, to bless the Chef Sage, the Bai Li Clan will be taking out their clan treasure, a bottle of Heaven Sage Dew as a return gift for the participants. You are to acquire at least ten drops of it for this trip.”

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The tone was very solemn.

Ji Mo Ya’s heart shook and took a deep breath, he asked in a slightly trembling tone: “Ancestral Uncle, this?”

Sage Cai no longer said anything.

The Crazy Sage has convinced Huan Qing Yan to return to being herself after much effort; the old bag of bones was also bored and had a natural tendency to protect his own and besides that, he was also impatient.

He wanted to settle the request from Huan Qing Yan before the hundred-year celebration.

That was why he left the clan in a hurry.

Before that, he had used the Bai Li Clan’s information network and obtained news that Madam Ru had ran back to the Mu Rong Clan after the incident.

When the Crazy Sage heard it, he immediately charged towards the Mu Rong Clan.

Only to hear from the Mu Rong Clan that the Ji Mo Clan Patriarch had issued an arrest order and got the Ji Mo Head Elder, Ji Mo Kai Yuan, to personally capture and escort Madam Ru back to the Ji Mo Clan.

Moreover, it looked like she had been locked within a Spirit Lock Prison and was unable to come out.

Crazy Sage coldly laughed when he heard the news; the Ji Mo Clan’s juniors often did things hesitantly due to their reliance on their oracle techniques and were always fearing heaven’s punishment for every small little thing. Where is the fun in living so cautiously and prudently?

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