Chapter 987 – Too Narrow-Minded

If the old man went by his usual method, such a venomous woman’s cultivation and her spirit treasure would have been crippled by him before he sent her to the underground dungeons and never to be allowed to see the daylight ever again.

It was only the Ji Mo Clan who always worry about everything; delaying and hesitating on what to do.

And that Ji Mo Cai, staying in seclusion all day long, is he hatching eggs?

Crazy Sage heard that Ji Mo Cai had gone to the location where Yan Lass was captured before withdrawing and sitting in the Ji Mo Clan again.

People like them who have reached such a height in cultivation, yet still unable to do whatever they want, they might as well suffocated themselves to death!

After complaining about the Ji Mo Clan in his heart for a while, the Crazy Sage was out of methods to do something as well. He would not mind checking the Mu Rong Clan as no one would be able to detect him.

But the Ji Mo Clan has Ji Mo Cai that cunning old fella and Ji Mo Cai was not to be trifled with. That old fella might cast some sort of curse on him if he stepped on their tails; Crazy Sage felt he was too old for such things and decided not to push it. 

However, the monk can run but not the temple. As long as she was still in the Ji Mo Clan, he can always think of a method after the sensitive period has passed.

The discontented Crazy Sage returned home and was embarrassed to appear in front of Huan Qing Yan.

He had patted his chest and agreed to do something about the matter, yet he was unable to do anything; what a significant loss of face!

He knew all along that the Ji Mo Clan has always been their clan’s source of misfortune! When the Crazy Sage thought about this, he only had great frustration towards the Ji Mo Clan.


The journey to the Bai Li Clan from the Ji Mo Clan using Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage took half a month.

The Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage slowly landed on the square in front of the Bai Li Clan’s gates, as the Ink Guards have all been sent to search for Huan Qing Yan, only the Feather Guards were brought this time.

Except for Mo Si and Mo Wu acting as close aides.

The Feather Guards have already notified the Bai Li Clan in advance.

Someone from the Bai Li Clan had arrived to receive the guest and to bring the entourage into the clan. There was no exchange of words during the walk.

Their attitude was indifferent.

Even the slaves and servants of the Bai Li Clan were not as attentive and solicitous as before.

Mo Si was the first to speak: “Young Master, what is the Bai Li Clan implying? The Young Master came from afar to give well wishes, yet they are giving us such an attitude?”

No one knows if the Bai Li Clan has eaten some wrong medicine as well.

He had come to the Bai Li Clan several times with the Young Master before; the Young Master was seen as the son-in-law to-be by the Bai Li Clan at that time and was always warmly taken care of wherever he went.

They were all vying to shower the Young Master with praises; at that time, Mo Si had also silently commented that they should be more reserved and stop sucking up as the Bai Li Clan was a member of the Eight Great Clans after all.

Yet today, they have indeed become reserved, extremely reserved! So reserved that they were indifferent.

Each of them was expressionless, as though they were owed eight million spirit stones. Moving slightly only after speaking a sentence.

When did the quality of the Bai Li Clan’s servants become so poor?

Was it because the Bai Li Clan was loathing that their Young Master had exposed the fallen Saintess; but they dared not face him directly, so they use such small acts to make their Young Master uncomfortable?

Too narrow-minded! To think that a great clan like the Bai Li Clan was so lacking in bearing! Mo Si silently cursed!

Ji Mo Ya had detected the cold attitude of the Bai Li Clan the moment he alighted from the carriage but he had no wish to form any good relations with the Bai Li Clan in the first place; he was neutral towards their cordial attitude in the past and could not be bothered with their indifference now as well. 

To him, this was not worth wasting energy on.

Although he did not know why the Bai Li Clan expressed their attitude so distinctly, he did not care about what they were thinking as well. He only stopped Mo Si from grumbling and ordered to guard their premises properly before heading off to rest.

Mo Si and Mo Wu arranged the Feather Guards before sending someone to investigate the situation.

When Ji Mo Ya finished washing up, Mo Si was waiting outside to give his report.

The Bai Li Clan has invested substantially for the celebration this time, it was said that it has never been as lively in the past.

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