Chapter 988 – Elder Snow

One would know how important the celebration was to the Bai Li Clan just from how busy their people were.

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As it was also the Chef Sage’s birthday celebration as well; the Holy Court, academies, empires, and other Great Clans had sent people of importance to participate and represent them as a sign of respect to the Chef Sage.

The Bai Li Clan’s guest houses were mostly occupied, yet there were still people rushing to attend the event.

The Shang Qiu Clan had sent Shang Qiu Meng Qian, the Nan Gong Clan was represented by Nan Gong Bei Chen personally; while Bai Chen Feng was the representative of the Hanging Cloud Empire.

The three of them were individuals being closely monitored by the Ink Guards and they have arrived in the Bai Li Clan over the past five days.

Compared to the indifferent treatment towards the Ji Mo Clan, the Bai Li Clan was much more passionate about the other three families.

Ji Mo Ya locked his brows as his gaze revealed a trace of pondering. Shang Qiu Meng Qian… this trio had all arrived at the Bai Li Clan, yet there were no traces of Yan Lass beside them; so where had the lass gone to?

Everything was unknown, the feeling of being out of control was a first for Ji Mo Ya and that caused him to feel slightly frustrated.

After getting Mo Si to leave, Ji Mo Ya looked outside the window; the Bai Li Clan’s buildings were built exquisitely and filled with beautiful sceneries, but he was not in the mood to look at them.

His heart slowly sunk deeper, he felt that Yan Lass was moving further and further away from him.

Surging Wave Academia.

After the Spirit Spring of the Holy Court was opened, the Spirit Spring Holy Grounds of the Four Great Academies were also affected.

The Holy Grounds were all connected to the Holy Court’s Spirit Spring, the moment the Holy Court’s Spirit Spirit was activated, the Holy Grounds would also start shooting out spirit energy with a density equivalent to the one at the Holy Court.

The Holy Court had notified of their intention to open their Spirit Spring to the Four Great Academies earlier on.

When Surging Wave Academia received the news, they immediately went to report it to Elder Snow.

Elder Snow was a hero of humanity and was gravely injured for the sake of humanity, forcing him to spend the rest of his days in Surging Wave Academia. Now an opportunity had presented itself to him for his recovery and so it was only natural that he was excited.

On the day the Spirit Spring was opened, the spirit energy within the Holy Ground had experienced a qualitative change as expected.

The people did not dare to enter the middle of the Holy Ground as they were worried that they would disturb Elder Snow’s healing, so they only stayed outside the Holy Ground and guarded the area.

Even when outside the Holy Ground, the spirit energy that leaked out was also extremely rich as well.

Those people waiting did not waste it and quickly sat down to absorb the spirit energy.

Within the Holy Ground, Elder Snow displayed a peaceful expression. He gathered all the spirit energy absorbed onto his chest area and circulated it with a mantra; the spirit energy quickly started turning, condensed, and emitted traces of ice energy.

It ultimately transformed into a heart made of ice and snow, it slowly settled into his chest and started beating.

Elder Snow opened his eyes, he sucked in all the spirit energy around him and cycled it through his body, a layer of frost started to form on his brows and hair.

The Spirit Spring only opened for a day, after it closes, Elder Snow slowly walked out of the Holy Grounds.

There was already a large group of people gathered outside the Holy Ground. Seeing the energetic and healthy-looking Elder Snow, they knew that he had completely recovered.

They went up to congratulate him.

Having recovered from his injuries, Elder Snow was naturally feeling refreshed.

He was on the verge of growing moldy for having to stay in Surging Wave Academia for so many years, now that he was out, he could not feel as though the world was there for him to travel and enjoy!

After thanking Surging Wave Academia for their years of care, Elder Snow decided to first look for his little disciple. He wondered if his disciple was fine and had not been cursed by him.

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Hmmm, let’s hope she’s still alive!

A short moment after he left seclusion, a spirit crane landed on his palm.

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