Chapter 435 

A couple of blisters had chafed her skin, revealing a layer of light pink skin underneath. Spraying on some antibiotics, she then wrapped the bandages around her hands and continued with her training.

The Political Commissar told the instructor to notify Ye Jian through the earpiece and then left to discuss with Regimental Commander Liu. With how much little lass Jian’s driving skills had improved over the last week, it was enough to compensate for her lack of experience.

It was Lunchtime except for Ye Jian, who was busy training and, all of the other soldiers, including those, were in charge of car maintenance, were resting. There was only a car ‘vrooming’ on the track, and it was sticking out like a sore thumb.

“What background does this little lass have? She puts all of her efforts into training as if she was going to go to war tomorrow. I get goosebumps whenever I watch her.”

“She’s probably a precious daughter from some leader’s home that enlisted into the army. Why else would she train as if her life was at stake?”

“B*******. That girl isn’t even eighteen and still in high school; what do you mean enlisted into the army? Which leader would want her precious daughter to suffer alongside all of us male soldiers? Didn’t a senior official bring his daughter here last time? I’ve seen her ask her guards to bring her a cup of water to drink.”

“Shh! Quiet! Do you want to be punished? You even dare talk about the leaders behind their backs.”

A couple of soldiers huddled together, were chatting with a low voice inside the break room. They watched the car on the tracks that still hasn’t stopped training and couldn’t help but comment on it.


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Most of these men were soldiers who had enlisted last year and were assigned to the Motorized Company this June. Not all of them were comparable to the motorized infantry who were about to travel to Zhongnanhai. Instead, they were soldiers who were responsible for repairing and overall maintenance of the company’s cars.

They had arrived on Friday, and coincidentally, Ye Jian was also there. It was hard for them to avoid secret debates like these because they were not informed about her.

However, the most definite feeling that they had towards her was envy. In the company, only the best soldiers could have a go with the cars, and only those that started their training here could be considered a distinguished soldier.

“You bunch, you like to sit around and chat like idle aunties, huh.” A baritone voice that seemed to carry prestige came from behind them. It startled them so much that the couple soldiers stood up in a single file, they stood straight and turned around, 

“Regimental Commander!”

Passing by behind them was precisely Regimental Commander Liu. Standing in front of the men, he swept a glance over them with a stern expression, immediately causing the soldiers to feel an oppressive force on them. Even with the oppressive power, they had to stand straight with their chests out and heads up, gazing directly in front of them without any movement.

“All of you must have nothing to do, huh! I want all of you to take care of that pile of tires ahead! And I want all of those wheel hubs to be oiled and painted! Do you hear me!” Regimental Commander Liu had quite a high reputation among the troops. Every sentence he spoke represented military power, and so the soldiers could only obey and never dared to argue.

Since they had an obligatory duty to obey all orders; as long as they were correct, they did not have any reason to object.

For example, right now. The Soldiers were caught by the Regimental Commander while gossipping around, and he only ordered them to do what they were responsible for doing. Who dared to claim that they didn’t want to do it? If they didn’t want to do it, then only punishment awaited them!

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The group of soldiers didn’t dare mutter another sentence. In unison, they replied: “Sir, yes sir!” and immediately turned and jogged towards the pile of tires that were as tall as a small mountain, and started carrying out their orders.

The tires were all stacked neatly one after the other, and each one had to be taken care of carefully. Some tires had worse wear and tear, and so they were to be scrapped. This was because of rookies, like Ye Jian, who had just started driving; Whenever they braked too hard, it caused tire tracks on the ground. However, that wouldn’t happen anymore. The steering wheel was like an obedient child in Ye Jian’s hands, where she willed it to move, it went.

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